1 day ago

This trip was beautiful. We went for an overnight from Saturday to Sunday. We parked at the cone peak trailhead, which you have to go for a while on a dirt road to get to, but it's nothing crazy. Stayed at Goat Camp for the night, which was gorgeous with easily accessible water. I would suggest parking at the Vicente Flats trailhead instead (about 1.5 miles behind Cone Peak trailhead on the same dirt road) because it splits the trip into more even halves. We thought Goat Camp was midway, but it isn't where it shows up on the all trails map. It's actually a mile or two before that, which made our second day longer than we would have thought.

Also, the loop says on the website that it's 13.9 with 4900 feet of elevation. According to my brother's garmin, which is normally very accurate, it ended up being 16 total with 7200 feet of climbing. Not too much more, but definitely would have been nice to know about beforehand.

Other than that little issue, the trip itself was gorgeous. Sweeping views of the forest and ocean abound with a delightful view of the sunset at Goat Camp. Be sure to avoid all the poison oak, and you'll have an amazing trip!