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3 days ago

This hike was great! We went clockwise as others have said, it definitely helps as your legs might get tired at the end.

The Park Service had to reroute some of the trails because of the landslides last year, so Creamery Meadows trail is closed. You will cross the knee-deep river and continue on Beach Trail for ~.75 miles. Take a left Bluff trail. Bluff trail will come to a fork and you should go left to take the Ridge Trail. From there everything is the same.

You'll welcome the wind at the peak of the hike when you get there! :) It was so gusty we lost a hat when we went.

Definitely some Posion Oak, mostly lower down, so make sure to wear long pants.

gorgeous views!

Took this Bluffs Trail up to the Ridges and Back down. One of my favorite hikes. Barely any traffic and just beautiful absolutely stunning views. Big Sur ought to be on everyone’s list and Andrew Molera does a wonderful preservation job at keeping wildlife and flora in comfort.

Loved it!!! If you have hiking boots I would definitely grab them as you’re going down a trail that is a little steep with loose dirt and rocks. The waterfall part is very short walk at the bottom of the main part of the hill. Very pretty. After that stay to the left and go over the bridge to a beautiful trail that leads you to a fun tunnel and out into a beautiful water outlook. You need to come back the same way unless you are very agile to go over a fair amount of rocks. Once you’re back to the main trail go on to the ocean outlook, so beautiful!!! Now time to go back up the hill. Take it slow and it will be over before you know it

18 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike. Start by crossing knee deep gently flowing river. Water felt great. Took clockwise route to get all the uphills out of the way early. Had a nice breeze and the ascension grade seemed steady but fair with flat sections to catch your breath. Beautiful redwood forest at the top with nice views on all sides. Coastal portion is overgrown but beautiful and full of color from flowers and plants. Can mostly avoid the thorns but tread lightly on the way down. Reminds me of coastal hikes I've done at Pt Reyes. So refreshing and highly recommended. Not many people early on a Saturday, mainly people coming to beach

on Bluff Trail Loop

18 days ago

Amazing hike! Went clock-wise as many suggested. The uphill portion was tough, but worth it with all the breathtaking views. Nice conditioning! Took us a little over 4 hours, but we stopped several times for pictures and lunch. Encountered a few people on the trail (on a Saturday) but for the majority of the time we had the trail to ourselves. Would highly recommend this trail! Bring a jacket for the top.

5/2/18: The beach trail was closed due to a fire, you can still go to the beach by going through creamery.
First stop, you get to cross a small river (you will get your feet wet during that time of the year). After the first “obstacle”, it’s a really casual walk. Flowers and birds on the way with the beach at the very end of course!
Parking is $10.

Took the inland loop up. Rolling uphill after another uphill and yet another uphill. Then down along the coast with gorgeous views. Trail a bit overgrown on the downward and coastal side. Watch out for poison oak everywhere. A nice long hike.

You can park on Highway 1. Went on a weekday around 11-12 and had no trouble finding a spot right in front. 200 steps and I was at the overlook spot. Good for kids. No dogs allowed!

Easy to miss. highway 1, going south. if you get to Julia Pfeiffer State park you' ve missed it. easy to miss as there are no signs but youll notice all the cars park on both sides, curve to the righr going south...beautifull hike. we did it with three kids (2,13,15) and they all loved it. you cant foresee its beauty from the road but absolutelly worth it. do both paths once you are almost at the bottom, to the right to see the beach and the end of the creek, and to the right, through a wooden bridge to see the mine type tunnel and the beautiful ocean view

Incredible beach. Hard to get parking so get the early. The sunset through the rock formations in the water is epic. Busy and popular beach but for good reason.

1 month ago

I wouldn’t miss this again. Pretty easy hiking and incredible views of a river to a waterfall to the ocean. Beautiful.

lovely flat trail on a gorgeous bluebird day. Fording the creek was a fun adventure, lots of kiddo's doing it. Creamery trail was closed but driftwood beach at the end a fun goal, will be putting in 50hikeswithkids.com!

Tried to go yesterday and the trail was closed. You can walk out to a bluff above, still allowing for great photos since it's empty below so I still recommend walking out, but if you're looking to hike down, it is currently closed.

1 month ago

Did the trail clockwise, however agree with Chris Lingle's comment below about both ways having advantages and disadvantages. Clockwise you are going downhill on uneven paths and uphill on stable ground, but it was nice to get the brutal uphill portion out of the way on the first half of the loop. Would recommend wearing something you don't mind getting wet while treading through waist/thigh high water, hiking boots and lots of water+sunscreen! Very beautiful hike! Took us closer to 5 hours, kept getting distracted by nature!!

Partington Cove is a great, albeit heavily trafficked, easy stop, right off ofthe 1 on the north end of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park which offers an introduction to Big Sur’s rugged coastal beauty and charm. There is also a riparian environment here, as the cove serves as one of the steep mountains of Big Sur’s thousands of drainages. Although it is short and good for children, the hike back up is steep. Definitely not the kind of place one would ever get in the water, and be careful of breaking waves if you decide to wander out on the rocks, especially on the far side of the tunnel. There are some great spots to explore, but the ocean is no joke! Keep your wits about you, and always make sure you can get back from where you are venturing out to!

Super easy and quick trail w amazing views

Amazing nature walk. Cross a river, walk through a meadow, carve some gnarly paths and end up on a wide open beach! It's cold but worth it.

One of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen.

Awesome view of the falls. Easy hike. Was crowded on a Saturday afternoon as one would expect.

Great views here and only a mile or so to get there from trail entrance

If you want to pay $10 to sit on the beach go ahead.

Beautiful hike!!! Well worth the drive! Can’t wait to go back! Bring a towel to dry off your feet at the beginning of the trail (or bring water shoes).

2 months ago

Side loop on Spring Trail takes you down to ocean near junction of Bluff Trail and Panorama Trail. Last bit of Spring Trail involves fun scrambling over tangle of driftwood logs, before reaching a very secluded beach tucked in between two headlands. Good for lunch or a snack. We were unfortunately a bit rushed to finish entire loop, which we did in counter-clockwise direction. Although others recommend clockwise, I'm not sure. It's often the downhills that can cause problems, and clockwise you are going downhill on more loose rock and rutted paths, while on the other it is essentially a more continuously sloped road. Advantages and disadvantages either well, but great views in all directions. Entire loop, including lunch on the Spring Trail loop was around 3 hours 15 minutes.

Crowded but sublime.

3 months ago

Go Clockwise if you want to get the hard part out of the way. Strenuous inclines but well worth the effort. You won’t be disappointed at the views of the crashing waves. Bring snacks and water to enjoy along the way!

3 months ago

The views are amazing. I did it clockwise and thankful I read the review prior. A must do hike if in the Monterey area.

Crowded... but a very nice, iconic view, definitly worth the stop...very friendly to non athletic types...sidenote: you can just park on the hwy instead of going into the parking lot...fyi

3 months ago

A nice, quick little stop, I was lucky enough to have the cove to myself during sunset, and it was just barely misting and full sun...absolutely beautiful...do not climb the rocks too much like I did, I realized after climbing to a point that I was in a pretty remote spot and could have easily fallen off a cliff into the ocean with no safe way back out...hopefully people are wiser than me

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