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Big Bear Lake, California Map

great view, totally worth it

My husband and I hiked this trail after it snowed. The trail was well marked from previous hikers, otherwise it would have been difficult to navigate through with the snow covered paths. Most of the incline is at the first 1/3 of the trail but then tapers off. Once we got to the top to overlook the lake, we took the opportunity to climb on the boulders at the top to get a better view. It was absolutely stunning!! The hardest part of the hike was parking and avoiding being hit by oncoming traffic on the road! I highly recommend this trail for its surprise once you reach the top!

Amazing hike with beautiful scenery. Could be challenging for some but the view is well worth it. I plan on doing this hike again very soon.

This is an awesome trail great all year round. Beautiful scenery of the lake. Amazing during the snow. Parking is a bit of hassle, but it’s well worth it once you find parking.

This is a great drive for scenic views. Sometimes it gets a lot of traffic.

1 month ago

Parking is an issue because this trail is very popular and you have to park in a turn out, which depending on the time/day you go will most likely be full. I went on a Saturday around 10 am and there were so many people hiking this trail it was a bit overwhelming. If your intention is to simply reach the view then the hike is short are relatively easy, it is fairly steep but not for long. If you are continuing the hike there are more trails to do so.
We had to wait about 15-20 minutes to get a chance to take a photo on the rock with the best view of the lake, but it was totally worth it the view is amazing and we got some pretty cool pictures.

I absolutely love this trail. It is so peaceful and beautiful all the way through especially the view at the end. I started the hike in the early morning and there weren't that many others until I was on my way back down.

only made it to the castle rock and climbed up it due to the sun coming down, but this is a cool trail really can't wait to get to the meadow next time.

Beautiful and brisk. Poor Big Bear has no snow but it allowed for a beautiful hike and views that were beyond compare!

1 month ago

1. Parking: To park you need to pull into a turn out off the highway. There are about 6 spots or more depending on how people park. Some people also park right off the highway. You have to cross the highway to make it to the trailhead. We arrived at 9:00 am and found parking without a problem.

2. People: There are a lot of people on this hike. There are many families and people with dogs. People seem to be responsible about picking up dog poop and keeping them on leashes.

3. The trail: The trail is a bit steep in the beginning and was tough for me with my asthma. It lightens up a bit. In the beginning there are clear signs and then there are contradictory arrows making the trail difficult to follow. We ended at a dead end. We asked four separate groups where the trail went and no one knew. Everyone we saw was lost. People begin to wander off the trail which is still nice because it is scenic and there are tons of photo opportunities.

Overall it's a nice hike. You get great views and there are many boulders to climb for cool photos. It's a busy busy trail so if you are looking for a peaceful hike this is not for you. To be fair, we went on a Saturday.

Happy hiking!!!

loved this trail did this during the santa Ana's when it was 90 in the valley but up here a cool 60 and hardly a breeze beautiful trail through forest and boulders and an absolutely stunning view at aptly named grand view

Awesome trail! Has everything you’d want - inclines, views of the lake, dig friendly, decent distance and not crowded. Will do this one again and again.

2 months ago

Quick hike, had a great time, especially taking in the view and climbing on the rocks along the trail. Early Jan, not much snow quite yet!

on Castle Rock Peak

2 months ago

Great trail, moderate incline, fairly easy

wonderful view!

Was a good walk

Real short hike with an awesome view of Big Bear Lake

easy enough to hike and with a little simple rock climbing at the end, a great view of the entire lake from the top of the rock. We have brought kids as young as 12. ideal time is just before sunrise. we have also seen people camp in the crevasse at the top - pretty hard core, but to wake up to the sunrise would be amazing.

2 months ago

Love this trail-- a good challenge-and-reward for kiddo's, scrambling up the final rocks to get that view of the lake is a must! Went in December and no snow and caught a pretty sunset.

Take your time hiking this trail. Elevation is high.

Absolutely love this trail! Very pretty, scenery is awesome.

2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful! The view on top of Castle Rock is amazing.

2 months ago


2 months ago

Moderate trail with a good, rewarding view at the end! I'd do it again when I go back to big bear.

Great trail! It's very pretty, and it's definitely worth it to go the extra 1/4 mile (one-way) from the junction to the Grand Viewpoint.
Note that you need an Adventure Pass to park in the parking lot at the trailhead, which is $5 for the day pass (or an Interagency pass). They do not sell them at the trailhead, but do have a list of local vendors posted. The closest store that sells them is Abbey Rose, at the junction of Mill Creek Rd and Big Bear Blvd, but they only take cash for the passes. The local 7-11s also sell them and will take cards.
On a Friday in December, I only saw a handful of people on the trail, including mountain bikers.

Super fun hike! A little challenging in the beginning but it gets easier as you go, perfect for families!

Great views! Initial climb not as bad as expected, leads to some amazing forest views and rock structures.

Lots of rocks, lots of views. Pretty stuff

We didn't see a soul on the trail until we were half way down. Great hike!

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