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Best hike in the area

Great hike! You do get winded going up so be sure to go slow and take a break. Once at Castle Rock, the views are awesome! We had intentions of hiking to Bluff Lake Reserve as another reviewer recommended but we couldn’t find it. So we explored more around the area and that was fun.
We were able to park right at the trail head, arrived at 8:30 on a Saturday. By the time we headed out, 2hrs later, there were a lot more people on the trail. I suggest you start early.

Short hike definitely moderate you’re going up hill for a good part of the hike, amazing view once you get to the top.

This is a great trail, with lots of shade along most of the route and loads of beautiful vistas. Take a lunch and have a meal at Grand View Point before heading back down.

Lovely trail. Fantastic views

Lovely trail

The view is a valley..for such a harder trail. Shade and peaceful on the way though

17 days ago

Nice hike great views , dont miss the lake in the end.

My son and I did Pine Knot Trail and really enjoyed it. The trail was well marked and the shaded. The views are amazing! It was a great way to start the 4th of July!

Fun hike. Not hard but it’s up hill most of the way so you definitely get a workout. The views of the lake at the top are incredible!

23 days ago

Nice short hike. Beautiful view from the top of castle rock

28 days ago

I think it was a bit harder then moderate.
Had to take up slow.
Somehow I found a really quick way down.

1 month ago

Really beautiful views at the top. It started off a little challenging but after the first mile or so it levels out. The trail splits off in many places, but there are blue trackers to keep you on path. Beautiful view of the lake from the top of the peak.
If you keep going you will end up at a small lake. It took us about 2.6 hours round trip going from the main road to the lake and back. My Fitbit counted 6 miles and 13,050 steps. The trail is dog friendly but make sure you check their paws because there are a lot of small rocks and sharp pine needles.

Use this trail to go on pacific coast trail.

Nice view at the top. Well marked trail and and fair amount of shade. We started the hike at 8 am on a Friday and saw about 20 people total during our hike. It took us about 1.5 hours up and 1 hr down. There is a campground about half way up with a vault toilet which was a pleasant surprise. The ascent was easy but I would say this trail was moderate due to the length which we clocked at over 7 miles. Would go again.

great lakeside walk. love taking my dog.

great hike. once you're at Grandview, beautiful view of the big bear valley.

This trail was really nice. A lot of switchbacks at the start but levels out towards the end. Really nice high elevation rocks and pines towards the lookout. Would absolutely do it again.

great trail! with mind blowing experience at the top!

nice little hike. good workout on the legs for the first couple hundred yards.

Loved it. My app tells me I went 7.6 miles. Took over 4 hours. A little hard on the wife but she managed to pull through

1 month ago

Did this hike the week following Memorial Day weekend so it was super empty. We also didn't start the hike at the trailhead and clamored up to some boulders on a random hill first and then lost signal and kind of wandered up and down two big hills before finding the wooden steps. From there we explored some boulders and then got lost trying to find the signs again. Without any people on the trail, getting lost is fairly easy to do. Luckily we saw a lone hiker making their way back down and made it to the top. The hike is really fun, but challenging. The views are awesome and the bouldering is GREAT. I would highly recommend it.

on Castle Rock Trail

1 month ago

Great little hike, however, grade very high!

1 month ago

It was a nice trail with nice views!

So crowded over the memorial weekend. Beautiful views and the rivals and and trees were beautiful. So glad we went.

1 month ago

I went with my husband and our 5 and 6 year old daughters. We all loved this trail. It was steep, but our daughters did awesome. They have been hiking for the past year and this was their most difficult hike. Once we finished, they asked to do it again!

Beautiful view. Awesome hike. It look so perfect it looked fake or staged.

2 months ago

This trail started out fine. It was pretty dang steep, so we were glad we didn't have small children with us. The problems came when we were about a third a mile up. The path was so worn down by heavy foot traffic that you could no longer tell where the trail was at all! I even tried using the map from the app. No go. We wandered around for an hour then headed in the general direction of the lake. Eventually we found the trail about where we left it. The whole thing was frustrating. Counting all the steep terrain, and the unclear path, this is a difficult hike, and not pleasant.

2 months ago

Went with my husband, 7yr old daughter and 10 yr old son. It was amazing!

Worth the hike...

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