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One of the best hikes I’ve ever did. Great views of the Redwoods. Lots of fallen trees to walk on. We ended the trail at the Narrows. First half is very quiet, didnt see anybody.

1 month ago

Beautiful and serene walk through the Redwoods, I only encountered a few other people toward the end of my hike. I thought the James Irvine trail was more scenic than Miner’s Ridge so if you’re not doing the loop I’d stay on James Irvine and just do an out and back. Lots of old growth Redwoods and plenty of unbelievably large tree trunks to marvel at. There’s also no sight or sound of civilization so you really feel like you’re “lost” in a coastal Redwood forest.

Pretty trail, and well maintained. After the 4th mile it all looks the same though.

When you get to the road at the end of fern canyon, head towards the beach and hike it back towards the campground. Absolutely one if the best hikes on the west coast!!!

Beautiful hike through the redwoods. We went in April 2018 and there were some downed trees you had to climb over nothing to challenging! Very beautiful.

This is the best we hiked among the Redwoods! Accidentally did the last two miles in the dark without headlamps. You can choose to do 4 or 6 miles because Clintonia splits into a North and South loop. We opted to do both.

Majestic hike among the old growth redwood. We did the hike yesterday, 3/29/18. Great intermediate hike for a few hours with great picture opportunities. However, both captures the sights, smell and feel. The visitors center is a great place to stop for trail advice based on your time, level and desitmred sights. Ranger/staff are very friendly and helpful.

If I could, this would be an annual pilgrimage to walk among the giants and recharge the soul.

Better hikes to be found in the area. Enjoyed when it connected to Rhododendrum and Brown's Creek. South Fork alone didn't have a lot of bang for the buck.

excellent, but current trail deviates from All trails route.

11 months ago

Nice trail through the forest, but nothing spectacular. Plenty of mushrooms to discover during wet season though! The best groves in my opinion in this park are on the Friendship Ridge! This trail is 6.9 miles according to the ranger with a more accurate map. Overall, a nice and fairly easy stroll... took me about 3 hours from the parking lot.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Best trail of it's length and top 3 of all trails in Prairie Creek. West ridge and Rhody are both great trails and the 2 Zigzags are awesome as well so this is a can't miss. Great scenery and enough to challenge most people a little. Only saw 2 other hikers up on the ridges and they were a bit lost getting separated from friends. Group hikers should stay in a group. I was surprised to see quite a few on Brown Creek trail but it's a nice flat place to take beautiful redwood pics... Highly recommend this one and I will do it again!

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Nice scenic trail with uphills and downhills. Took us about 30mins per 1 mile. Saw some other hikers but its definetly not full of people and quietly serene.

Beautiful hike great trail!

Perfect trail! Steep. Curvy. Dry (no mud). Beautiful. Lush, green.

Beautiful trail that includes Fern canyon as well. Clintonia and Fern Canyon are 2 of my favorite places in the park. When you start up Miner's Ridge it is an old road that changes to a single track when you cross the 1st bridge. The southern part of Clintonia takes you out of redwoods for a little ways before you get back to beautiful old growth redwoods. After you make the turn on James Irvine there was a massive tree down that you have to navigate through. It was a little confusing to my lab. And then you get to go down the trail to Fern Canyon where the steps simply lead into the creek... With all the rain there was a lot of water to go through. At last, you're on the road and even it is very pretty. This is one I highly recommend and will do again soon. Only reason it's not a 5 is having to walk the road.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Awesome trail.... The best trail of it's length in the park for me so far. The other 2 I like only slightly better are much longer and harder. Gorgeous hike that is almost all old growth redwoods, Mostly a ridge hike that is up and down with a lot of variety which I enjoy more than just an up and down the mountain hike such as Ossagon which I also did today. A small part of Clintonia isn't redwoods but still very pretty. I saw the most people on the trails today than I've seen all winter... This is a hike that I will take a lot of people on in the future and highly recommend to all.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

The hike on the Zigzag trails and West Ridge Trail is really beautiful and if you could do just these the hike would be 5 stars but to do the figure eight you have to do Prairie Creek. Also you get to do Zigzag #1 twice which was a pleasure. Neither Zigzags are close to the difficulty of South Fork even though they are similar type trails. West Ridge has too many awesome trees to count and at times is tougher than either Zigzag. It's different than any deep redwood forest hike I've done in the Park because you get to see a lot of sun filtering through from the west on top of the ridge. So far in my hikes in the park only.Rhododendron Trail is better because of it's variety. After I finish doing everything in the area my intent is to loop West Ridge and Rhododendron together but I have to wait until summer so there will be enough light in a day to accomplish. I highly recommend this trail. At least Prairie Creek Trail gives you a break because it's almost flat. I only saw 2 hikers away from Prairie Creek and a 1/2 dozen on the creek.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

So far, the toughest little trail I've done in Prairie Creek. The climb is all in a half mile... I ended up going up and down and back up it again 2 days ago. Beautiful little tough trail I highly recommend.

This trail is awesome. It's one that i will do many times in the future and highly recommend. There are a couple of old growth redwoods down that you have to climb over. I did South Fork a few days ago and I think it's the toughest little trail in the park. Rhody is the most beautiful and interesting trail in the park....period. One that I'll do again and again. Went through my 3rd camera lately or I'd have awesome pics to post.

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