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Berry Creek, California Map

nice trail along the lake shore, if just go as far as the creek and back, it's an easy 5 mi hike, but you can take it much farther if you want, but if you do, bring a GPS and don't rely on the signs

always amazing here.

2 months ago

Amazing views and geology. Hike would be even better when creek is flowing. We could have wandered around the magnificent rock formations for hours. The trail is very well defined getting to the huge rock outcropping but disappears completely...only occasional painted arrows. I was glad to have my friendly blue dot from AllTrails showing me how to find the trail to get back. We were only hikers on 4 Oct...bit creepy with bullet holes in trash cans and booze bottle litter at trailhead bathrooms. The trail is easy but moderate IF you choose to climb/explore.

I didn’t do the loop I just went up and then back down. It was too hot with my dogs in August. Pretty view and not too hard! Lots of big boulder climbing, so I wouldn’t take your grandma.

4 months ago

went out there this morning on 6/22/18. it was a very nice morning as there was a bit of a haze and not too hot. I was the only one there at 9am and it was very peaceful. It is very easy to get to the trailhead but if you're using google maps, it will take you a few feet further before telling you that you have arrived. if you pass the sign that says "big bald rock trail" just u-turn and you will see the gravel entrance where the sign in. as far as going up, the trail is well marked until you start getting to the more rocky areas. there are orange tags on the trees to help guide you back and just remember landmarks to remind you of where to go. other than that, it was easy and quick to get to the top and a beautiful view.

Great hike. Beautiful views and awesome lakes. Loved how remote it felt and it wasn’t crowded. Heads up, the road is washed out up the mountain a ways after you cross the Oroville bridge. There’s a dirt road detour that’s easy. We saw a Prius making the trip. Just follow the detour signs.

Did this trail in reverse (clockwise). We found it better to park a car at Bucks summit trailhead and another at Mill Creek trailhead. This allowed skipping a few miles of hiking along the road and through a campground.

In reverse, the first few miles were gorgeous along Bucks Lake with many other fellow hikers. Once it turns inland there was nobody else until Spanish peak. The terrain was quite challenging in mid June. Steep ascents, numerous switchbacks in brush or ferns
Lost the trail twice due to downed trees. Several streams to refill. We camped 9 miles in from Mill Creek head, at about 6300 ft. Gorgeous flat camp-sized green area along a stream with excellent wind protection and mossy ground cover, and unlimited firewood nearby.

After Spanish Peak, there was only one refill stream close-ish to the parking area. The pond was bright green.

I wasn't able to reach the trail. I drove halfway through the gravel/ dirt road and decided to turn around because of how much my little chevy was struggling. There was an immense amount of gravel and pot holes about 3 feet deep. The description says that 4wd isn't necessary but the road that leads to the trail definitely has not been up kept in a while.

absolutely amazing

6 months ago

Beautiful views.

Beautiful view over the valley
Amazing rocks to climb around

7 months ago

Awesome hike! You gotta drive on a gravel road for awhile to get there. The begging of the hike had a lot of overgrown brush. There’s also a few fallen trees you gotta climb over or under. Saw two different types of snakes. There was absolutely nobody else on the trail the whole time we were there. Although it’s not a long hike it does take longer then usual to finish. I think it took more than 2 hours to get down. It’s quite a reward when you get down to the river. Spent a little bit of time down there jumping on rocks and going in the cold river. Took a water filter with us so we could just drink the river water. There’s nothing better than hiking something challenging with a nice reward.

9 months ago

Great place

9 months ago

Beautiful little lake at the bend of the loop, beautiful views all around

Awesome place. Good vibe. Amazing views. Had a dog with us and he did fine. It’s the middle of January and the weather was perfect. As soon as the sun sets the temp drops... fast! Totally recommend if you’re in the area!

First mile or two is completely uphill and is unforgiving if you're out of shape like myself, so just be prepared. After uphill you head through a redwood forest, then out into the open for some amazing, absolutely unforgettable vistas.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Great trail for all levels and ages! Easy hike with a beautiful view, a bit windy windy at this time of year

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Nice trail and lots to see. Not too bad of a hike and well worth the trip. The access road to Silver Lake could definitely use some maintenance. Lots of ruts and rocks. No ok for small cars with no clearance. When you reach Gold lake I advise to camp around the east side of the lake as you won't be bothered by day hikers coming up from the car campgrounds at Silver Lake. All in all a good trip

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Easy to find, good parking, short hiking trail, overall it was a good hike

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Very exhausting, down hill all the way there and up hill all the way back. A good hike none the less. Pack bug spray and lots of water!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

I have visited Bald Rock twice now and plan to go back many more times. I just love this place. It's an easy hike with amazing views. I love that it is both kid and dog friendly. My kids had a blast exploring and climbing up the rocks. We packed a lunch and had a picnic up there. It's truly a spectacular, majestic place. If you have not yet visited I highly recommend that you do. It's defiantly worth the trip out there. I love it!!

on Big Bald Trail

Sunday, April 16, 2017

my wife and i went today and it was simply beautiful. beautiful day to be on top of the rock. we climbed to the top hung our feet off the edge and ate lunch while overlooking the forest below. hawks flying directly in front of us made for the perfect setting for a picnic in the sky. if you haven't been to this place yet GO GO GO GO! you wont be disappointed. easy trails. plenty of room for kids to play and pets. just be safe on the drive up. the roads get very narrow with alot of turns!..be safe take your family and enjoy the beauty this place has to offer...and please...clean up after yourselfs. " you pack it in...you pack it out"..dont ruin it for the rest of us....be safe!

Jim & Crystal Martin

Monday, February 20, 2017

Not much of a hike but the view was beautiful.

horseback riding
Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Great loop to take. Hiking or Horseback riding from the parking area at Bucks summit. Following the PCT to Spanish Peak Lookout. (Great place to have lunch) The View is awesome up there. Take plenty of photos. The continue back to the PCT continuing north bound to the Right Hand Creek trail.
This is a nice trail the few people use. This trail crosses Right Hand Creek trail a few times. It has plenty of switch backs coming down to Bucks Lake intersecting the Mill Creek trail. If riding horseback be careful here the upper crossings are NOT horse friendly instead of taking the first trail to the left .. go to the right take the lower trail then turn back left and cross closer to the lake out of the big bolders which is much safer. Beautiful ride or hike

horseback riding
Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What a beautiful trail which follows along the shore line most of the way. Right hand creek crossing is good for hikers to cross but not for horseback riders. If Im riding i drop back down the trail and use the lower crossing in the creek where the rocks are smaller with a gravel base. This section needs to have some branches cut back but you can cross here safely with horses. Note: if the lake is full it will make it harder to see or to cross this section until later in the summer. However if you do cross you will come out just a few yards from Right Hand Creek trail that leads to Bucks Summit. If you continue along the lake it will take you to Mill Creek where again you will have a creek crossing, follow the trail on the other side to mill Creek campground or turn right uphill continuing your trip on the mill creek trail to the PCT / Tree Lakes. Beautiful country with few people on the trail.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

This is a really pretty hike

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Challenging hike but well worth it. We went on Labor Day and started around 1030am. It was nice and cool under the trees but once out in the open it was really hot so bring lots of water. A few downed trees we had to climb over and soft ground in some spots so be careful. There are railings in some places but it's all worn down and I wouldn't trust putting all your weight on them. My 10 year old daughter went and I was worried at some points where it was steep and no railings but she did just fine. Lots of poison oak and overgrowth in some areas. Reaching the canyon bottom was a nice reward. Ate lunch, dipped in the water, built cairns, spotted a garter snake, and enjoyed the breathtaking beauty of nature all around us. The hike up was a killer and I had to take a lot of breaks. The ascent was steep and treacherous and the sun was beating down on us. My son in law was leading and almost stepped on a huge rattler sunbathing on the trail ahead of a downed tree. The rattlesnake hissed and shook it's rattlers as it slithered off the trail and we moved on. Lots of gnats flying straight for your eyes and mosquitoes buzzing in your ear so bring bug spray or a net to cover your head. My app said the hike was a total of 6.06 miles and we took a total of 3:21:39 hours but it's sometimes not very accurate. It also said the elevation gain was 1,416.5.

Friday, July 22, 2016

It was beautiful! Lots to see but no fish! The trail is marked as easy but I think it should marked as moderate! Glad I wore my hiking boots. Lots of rocks and uneven ground!

on Gold Lake Trail

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Beautiful once you get there; there is about a 6 mile dirt road to this trail from the Silver Lake Road. Additionally, there were lots of downed trees and it made following the trail a little difficult in some areas.

nature trips
Thursday, July 14, 2016

I love this little hike..I have been several times with my kids & family & dog..it is very beautiful..depending on the time of year..it can be very hot.

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