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This trail was easy not much of an incline. Dog friendly for sure. beautiful views.

Had the place to myself on a Tuesday afternoon. Encountered 2 juvenile mountain lions, 2 coyotes, and a baby rattlesnake. Some pretty cool views of the canyon. I’ll probably visit again when the hillsides get some green!

Icon views. Easy but worth it and great for kids and all levels of hiker. Absolutely gorgeous.

This is a great app for my wife and I. We have never hiked much and now we have our for loves to hike. It gives all the info we need

on Hart Park Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful views! Fun and farley easy!

off road driving
3 months ago

Completed in our JK (3" lift & 35" A/T tires). No real challenge, but it was nice to explore the area. Lot of no trespassing signs along the route. We came across several cows/cattle on the trail (more like a fire road). Probably won't do again as we are from SoCal area, just up here camping at Lake Isabella for the week.

Awesome for the family. My wife and I have four kids ages 13, 10, 6, and 2. We had a great time. The park trail has pick nick tables into the hike, which is awesome for the little ones to take a break....

4 months ago

We went on this trail during Memorial Day Weekend, and the plants were a bit of a bummer ( foxtails, yellow starthistle-like plants that kept getting caught in our hiking boots/pricking us through our pants). I’m not sure if the trail is more maintained during the rest of the year, but also the creek was dried out and we didn’t see any water. There were a few parts where the view was beautiful, but it’s a lot of effort to get there through the rough and dusty road.

very nice and place to walk on it, I did all the 7.8 miles by my self and my camera canon gx7, backpack with 20lb and water, 2 hours going to the end and 1hr going back to where it start, I really enjoyed it. thank you,
by the way I love your application it work super nice it help a lot.

Awesome 4 miles hike

One of the best trails I ever hiked but it’s closed now.

Love this app. I really helps keep you motivated.

what a great morning hike with my daughter just a little over 9 miles felt amazing saw lits if birds and some deer early in the morning would love too do it again

Great easy walk. Peaceful. The doggies loved it!

Great trail during early spring! Just do it before it gets too hot!

love this place. many trails, kid friendly. great place to make memories with your children and/or grandkids.

great trail! I would rate it as heavily trafficked. Good for dogs. Be advised that shade is non existent for much of the trail, so bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

Great hike, took my dog and the wildflowers were beautiful

I seen’t a snek

It was a nice day, there were a lot less people than I thought, which was nice!!

on Hart Park Trail

6 months ago

It was warm sunny Sunday, my companion and I were prepared for a jaunty stroll through the green hills of Bakersfield. We found the parking with out any problems. We surveyed the area, it looked promising a easy Sunday stroll..... readers be ware halfway through the “stroll” I feared for our lives! The hills snuck up on us, we clamored and struggled up those monstrous hills. With hearts pounding we surveyed the vast open space disorientated us. In the wide open dry land we feared we may never see our loved ones again! As we cleared the last leg of the trail we gave up on all hope of ever surviving this grueling trail. 1hr later we were passed by a family of four (mother, farther and two elementary school children) at last civilization! We were free..... my companion and I often speak fondly of our hikes, but we never speak of the Heart Park small loop..

Love this place, been here a handful of times.

I think it is worth clarifying that hiking here is easy if you follow the mountain bike trail and head back on the San Emigdio Canyon trail. If you want something more challenging take the Tule Elk trail instead of the mountain bike trail. You will chew up elevation the first two miles. There is an amazing view from the lookout area. Nearly everyone turns around there so if you just keep going there will be nobody left but you and the wildlife. There are animals everywhere! I was even overrun on the trail by a herd of sheep. The irony is that I saw everything except Elk.

off road driving
8 months ago

Pleasant enough alternative to CA 178 but not something outstanding and once done I doubt you'll return.

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