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Baker, California Map
6 months ago

Absolutely beautiful view ! Recommend to anyone and everyone. If you are considering going , just go!

8 months ago

Short hike to a lava tube you can walk through.

Very pretty location around midday with the sun streaming through the hole in the top of the tube. lighting helps, but isn't required as the interior cave is very well lit. Watch your head on entry though, it narrows to about three feet high at it's lowest. Be wary of what roads you take, as I've had to pull someone out of the deep sand after they took a wrong turn and got stuck. It's a quiet location and a very long walk back to Baker, especially if it's hot.

I wish we could have done even part of this hike, but the canyon bottom across which one has to drive to get to the canyon was flooded (early February) -- be aware that you may not be able to get through Mojave wash/river

Mon Oct 08 2018

This was really cool!! When we went today there was not one person out there and the weather was amazing, no trash or graffiti here! Just remember, if you feel like you’ve gone too far, YOU HAVE. The trail where you turn is really close to where you park. I could see my car from the stairs. From the parking area you only hike about 0.2 miles and then turn right where those brown posts are that say “no motor vehicles.”

no shade
Fri Sep 28 2018

Was a super short and easy hike! Do take headlamps or flashlights if you want to go inside the cave! It is really dark! Also be careful since there was a bat flying around inside when me and my boyfriend went! A good time to go is close to being to noon since you will catch the sun beaming through the opening making it look so cool and beautiful! It is hot despite the fact that it is a short hike inside the cave is a bit cool but still take water! Remember to keep it clean and take any trash with you to maintain the area clean!!

Fri Aug 03 2018

*very short hike *hiked in .3 miles and out .3 miles *rocky and sandy hike (basalt rocks everywhere) *climbed up & down the tunnel *saw the scenic cinder cones

Mon Jun 04 2018

Really amazing. But the road to get there was rough and there are no signs to help find it or cell phone service, so no gps.

Mon Mar 12 2018

When we went we had it to ourselves. We walked passed the trail the first time. When you get to the end of the road, you're going to go left. Follow the volcanic rocks on the ground. Then to your right you will see a trail up a slight incline. Pass the first hole to reach the staircase. I would recommend bringing a flashlight as our phones weren't strong enough for the darkness. Also watch the ceiling! I scraped my back pretty hard down there.

Tue Mar 06 2018

Worth the effort. From the paved road go past the dirt road shown to the next bigger dirt road wider and better condition

Sun Feb 25 2018

Worth the off road trek

Sun Feb 11 2018

It’s a really lovely place. The hike is quite manageable, though take it easy on the way down.

on Lava Beds Trail

Mon Feb 05 2018

Cool! Especially if your a geology freak like me!

Sat Dec 09 2017

Much cooler than I thought it would be! I really enjoyed exploring this place.

The vast expanse of the campsite and the really generous camp space makes this our first local campground choice now! Love the canyon trail too... with breathtaking views of the beautiful hills flanking the canyon! Be sure u check the weather when considering your trek through the canyon. Stay away when rain! Can’t beat the reasonable fee of $6 per night. We’ll be a frequent guests of this place now!

Super cool

Sun May 21 2017

This is hard to get to, since you have to drive down a 4.5-mile unmarked dirt road to get there. It's not really a trail. You only have to walk a few hundred yards to get to the lava tube. But it is so worth it. The lava tube chamber is just amazing. You have to see it to appreciate it.

Fri May 19 2017

Mojave lava tube is well worth the trip

Cool to see! Hard to find without app!

Tue Jan 24 2017

Very short trail but you can branch off to other trails as well. Cool lava tube!!

Sun Jan 15 2017

High clearance vehicle recommended for reaching trailhead on Aiken Mine Rd.

Love it. Nothing to crazy. We live locally but we always find ourselves out there at least 6 times a year if its camping for the weekend or heading straight out from our place in newberry.

ohv/off road driving
Sat Nov 12 2016

afton canyon is vast. it has many historical sites to look at. some of the canyons off to the side have trails that wind through the cracks become caves have ropes and latter's to get up then eventually put you on top of the canyon. there are petroglyphs if you know where to loom. there are dunes as well. there are also places where the tracks used to go through where there was minning.

Fri Dec 11 2015

on Lava Tube Trail

Thu Oct 01 2015

Small, but interesting. Most folks think of Hawaii when you mention lava tubes, but there are a few here and there around California, due to the tectonic forces that shaped the state. This one is small, dusty, and has a low ceiling in places. Certainly worth exploring if you're in the area, but I wouldn't consider this a destination hike. Better as a side trip after exploring the nearby Kelso Dunes, or when driving the Mojave Road.

Mon Sep 14 2015

It was short

I love this placed so much I got married at the campground! Hikes, off roading and rockhounding in one spot. We call it the Little Grand Canyon of The Mojave.

This is the place to go if you love the desert. The road goes alongside the railroad tracks. In the winter there's lots of water in the river(for the desert) so if you're walking its best to walk along the railroad tracks at the two river crossings, just make sure there's no train coming! There are tons of little canyons you can walk up and a few places where you can follow narrow gullies up to the top of the canyon walls and get amazing views. I spent an entire day exploring little nooks and crannies in the canyon walls. Can't wait to go back.

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