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Azusa, California Map

Great hike!! Be sure to bring a change of socks and shoes because there is water crossing.

Great hike! Loved the river crossing and watching the brave souls bungee jumping at the bridge was a good laugh!

Great trail. Several river crossings, so be prepared to get wet!

Great hike. Is bit tough for first timers as the trail is not marked. You also have to cross the river a few time so you may get wet

TLDR: Very intense hike. And not just due to the elevation gain. The chaparral will try to scratch, scrape or otherwise impale you from every angle. Excellent training for other steep hikes.

Nice paved parking area with chemical restrooms. Huge flat dirt path from the parking area to the trail head. You could walk path to get the blood flowing while cameling up on some water then stretch out at the trailhead.

The trail from the trailhead to Allison Saddle is very reasonable. It is wide and not technical. It is moderately steep, but not worse than any of the prerequisite hikes for this one like Mt Baldy via Ski Hut and/or Old Baldy Trail, San Gorgonio via Vivian Creek, Three T's or San Jacinto. After about the 2 mile mark, the view opens up providing some great motivation to press to the summit.

All the above changes once you reach Allison Saddle. The trail narrows and you'll get very acquainted with the chaparral. It's not overgrown and no bushwhacking is required, but you may get stabbed more than once. Also the trail steepens significantly while footing gets quite loose in spots. Think along the lines of the first mile of Vivian Creek or that one section of Ski Hut Trail we all love so much. It's like that all the way to the summit. 35 degree plus incline in some sections.

I found the summit to be quite rewarding. You will be able to see most of the notable peaks in the area. If you're lucky like I was, you'll see snow on West Baldy. It's quite picturesque. Not only is the view excellent, but the feeling of tackling Big Iron is pretty great in and of itself. I actually relaxed up there for an hour eating, taking pictures and relaxing for what I knew was to come.

The descent back down was worse than the climb. It's downright slippery all the way back to the saddle. If I had left my trekking poles at home I would have been cussing at myself the whole time. This was the only hike I have done recently that I actually took a break coming DOWN the mountain. Once at the saddle, its a roller coaster hike back to the car. After the previous section, I found it quite relaxing.

All in all this was an excellent hike. But I went there for training for C2C and Whitney. Had I went there for just a fun day hike like say San Gorgonio, I would have been slightly disappointed. This wasn't fun. BUT it was rewarding and I am proud to say I tackled Big Iron once and for all. Now on to bigger and better things. I may revisit Big Iron a week out from C2C, but probably not before that. I'll stick to Old Baldy Trail and just hike it faster and/or with more weight.

Great hike! Be sure to follow someone who’s done before as trails are not as defined in some areas... deff not recommended for inexperienced or the young... many areas have loose gravel with very steep drops.. and you will get wet when crossing water, it’s only water.

Heavy traffic on sunny Saturdays, but tons of fun.

Used to run this trail for the Azusa Boxing Club, too bad it’s closed and still closed it’s a killer run

mountain biking
12 days ago

great trail but chilly pack warm clothes

Fun hike with a bunch of fun and energetic people. I loved all of the water crossings — (yes you are most likely to get wet!) and the unusual setting and history of the bridge itself. Very cool experience! And yes, we did see sheep there!

Looks like there’s some conflicting information about closures on here. You can only access East Fork Rd from highway 39. Other entrances are closed.

15 days ago

Very hard trail, we were just a thousand feet short to get to the top and felt like if we continue climbing up, we won’t have strength to go back.

After the fire road part of the trail ends, there’s just constant climbing up of multiple hills. Don’t fall for the illusion of just a few hills to conquer. Those hills seem countless hiding one after another.

Very steep and dangerous when descending because of slipping and sliding on rocks.

Long pants are a must, bushes are merciless.

Rating this trail 4 stars, because finishing 80% of a trail like this feels like an accomplishment.

Hiked this trail on a partly cloudy weekend afternoon. Nice views. Not a lot of people. Bring some water as it is an incline at times. Really rocky bring sturdy comfortable shoes. Bring a flashlight as the inside of the tunnels are really dark and u need a good flashlight to check out the art and for a sense of comfort as I kept clutching my flashlight hoping the boogeyman wouldn’t jump out to get me haha. I somehow thought this trail would lead to the bridge to nowhere but it only lead to the tunnels to nowhere. Super cool experience though.

As of 01/06/2018 the trail is still blocked. Not allowed any bike, car or human to get in.

off road driving
18 days ago

Wide open dirt road. 17 Subaru Outback

Wow. Tough. Sketchy. Rough. Fun and worth it!
We definitely would recommend trekking poles and legit hiking shoes. This is not for the faint of heart! Loose gravel/rocks and false peaks GALLORE. We are fairly fit and this kicked our butts!! I have no idea how people complete this in the Summer, wow wow wow.. started at ~7am and finished at ~3pm. Was a hard ascent but the descent was really, really mentally challenging - - slippin n sliding all over. Fell on my butt at least a dozen times. Not sure we would do it again but we are glad we did!

That is an awesome trail and great way to break in the new year! No crowds and easy to navigate. Highly recommended

We hiked this starting just before sunset. With a full-ish moon and clear skies, it made for beautiful sights in spite of the darkness, but I wouldn't recommend it on wetter months. Bring dry socks.

The bridge is one hell of a destination. Will definitely hike again.

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