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Azusa, California Map

The wife and I hiked in little over 3 miles to the handicap fishing platform. We also checked out future fishing holes in the river and decided we will definitely be coming back with fishing poles in hand.

Hot bring lots of water leave early. Uphill most of the way to the tunnels great hike also sunscreen is a must

This is a good beginners hike has a few challenges but nothing major. a few streams and rocky roads. Take extra socks, light snacks and about 2 Lts. of water. I did a very early hike from 6am to 1pm I was back. not many uphill situations. happy hike!


An awesome ridge ascent from Shoemaker Canyon Rd. Sections of climb really get the heart pumping. There’s a section that stares you down the entire way, but don’t let it get to you. Used Rattlesnake to train for Big Iron. This is definitely a do over!

4/8/18 hiked this trail. The terrain was very dry which made it slippery. awesome climb up the weather was very warm but the views were worth the burns. We actually saw a rattlesnake today.

Great hike but can be pretty crowded

This trail was beautiful and pet friendly! Everything is green and the river is flowing.

14 days ago

Beautiful Hike. Easy parking. Lots of cool terrain and things to look at along the way like big rocks and trees, a few streams, and gorgeous views of the mountains and even the city once you're at the top. Bring a jacket b/c the gap is windy, as advertised!
Definitely recommend taking the 0.4 mile detour to the top of Islip peak. Took very little time and at the top was a little stone hut and amazing 360 views.
Would also recommend checking out the crystal lake cafe. I got to hold a python there before the hike! You can also pickup a parking pass and some decent food. The smoky aroma by the cafe was intoxicating as well.
Didn't have time to check out crystal lake. Please note that Windy Gap trail wont take you to any lakes like some pictures suggest.
Overall great success!

14 days ago

Made the trip fairly fast this time around. Take two pairs of socks, one for up and one pair for coming down. Dry out your feet and shoes at the bridge, have a snack or lunch and make your way back. Too much time is spent drying your feet out after each stream. Just march on get there. Used only 1.5 liters but took a MSR water filter just in case someone including myself needed more. Less is more. Don’t overthink this hike. Light and fast is the way to go. + (pluses) trail running shoes, wool or synthetic socks (2 pair), dry fit material shirts & shorts, light pack and carbon trekking poles (you blaze through the streams). - (minuses) heavy gear, too much water, wrong footwear, cotton shirts & shorts small dogs with short legs that can’t make it - you will end up carrying them like many that we saw.

Loved this hike! The trail itself was moderate it’s the distance that was a bit challenging with the heat. I went thought 3L of water. I had no problem following the trail using alltrails. The is no cell service but I find if I call up the map before the hike it tracks me with GPS very well, easy to see if I’m no track or not.

I took water shoes but there were so many crossing on the way back we just gave up and crossed with our boots. If that’s what you choose to do I would take an extra pair of socks to change into for the trip down.

Great just to be out and enjoy the outdoors. Most of the hike I found easy, with sections that I would consider moderate. The weather was cool and a bit windy toward the top. But as others have mentioned, in the middle of a heat spell, bring LOTS of water, and wear a hat ... if bringing a dog, go super early and also there are some spots that are a bit precarious if your dog bounds about be careful.

Not many people on Easter Sunday. Don’t be turned off by starting your hike in the middle of camping sites, you soon depart from the area.

19 days ago

Go early enough in the day. The hike is back in a canyon and losing light during the hike or the drive back down is not a good idea. With a 15 minute picnic at the waterfall, we were in and out in 1 hour, 20 minutes.

Take a proper car that can make it around many corners and up many hills. It's a long but beautiful drive to the trail. There are lots of scenic pull offs/views. We drove by the "trailhead" several times before we found the entrance. There is no signage about it's existence and starting point. I did see one sign that indicated something about the use of propane on-site. Make sure you have an CA Adventure Pass.

Don't count on getting any service. I lost Verizon connection several times and had no service during the hike.

Wear good, multi-terrain shoes, you'll traverse several surface areas: dirt, rocks, wood, boulders, water. I wish I brought my hiking poles. Bug spray if you are into that.

Poison oak, water lines, and abandoned/dilapidated housing structures along the path.

I love this hike AND I would not say it is easy. In my family there are kids and grandparents and we seek 'Easy' trails. Remember this is an elevation gain of 374 feet. I would not say this trail is easy based on the elevation gain and obstacles in the path. Definitely not disability-friendly.

Water was still flowing Easter weekend.

off road driving
20 days ago

Fun little beginner trail. Had a blast driving around and taking photos

Hiked up April 1, 2018 (Easter Sunday) with my little cattle dog, Vedder. Had hiked Rattlesnake a week prior and slammed Iron into my head all week long as a mental preparation.
This hike is no joke. For being 26, in “average” shape, this trail really put it into perspective for me. Towards the top I would take ten steps and break for 15 seconds. Once you turn that rock at the top to see the lonely summit pole, it all hits you though. Tears of joy.
Started at 5 am by headlamp and was back to the car at 4 pm. Be sure to dunk you’re entire head and face in the east fork San Gabriel river after exiting the Heaton Flat Trail on the way back. My god that felt so good. Good luck!

The hike was a lot of fun. There is a route sign at the trailhead which is about half a mile away from the parking lot. This sign is a little misleading. It says it is a 4 1/2 mile hike to the bridge. I have to assume that rockslides and flooding have rerouted the trail several times, because it was a 5 1/2 mile hike. Well actually, because the trail is not well marked in a few places, we missed it and ended up intruding into a group of sketchy looking guys that were panning for gold. (Yes, that is apparently a thing in 21st century Southern California.) so, having to backtrack caused our hike in to be approximately 6 1/2 miles and the hike out was 5 1/2. From the elevated trail that takes you to the bridge, we could see a lot of people had missed the trail and had to backtrack as well. There is no cell service From about halfway up the mountain all the way through the trip,, so I recommended taking a printed map.

We went this last Friday, March 30. The weather was about 80 and sunny. It was perfect conditions for the hike. The first 3/4 of the hike in is rather shady. This is where all the water crossings are. If it had been any cooler, it might have been to chilly to hike wet. The last 1/4 of the hike in is completely exposed. No shade at all. So any warmer and this portion would have been rough.

I took water shoes, but the crossings were so frequent, I gave up on those after crossing 2. It was easier to just cross in my hiking shoes and hike with wet feet. A friend was wearing Teva’s and she was pretty comfortable the whole hike.

Everyone says bring lots of water. I went through s whole 2L camelbak. My daughter drank 2 camelbaks. But rather than carry extra water with you, I suggest investing in a steripen and a nalgene. There is so much water on, and next to, the trail, if you have a steripen, you could easily refill your camelbak. I should have taken mine.

We also took 2 dogs. This hike was a bit too much for them. A lot of jagged rocks and rock scrambling was tough on paws. My lab blistered both of her back pads and is still limping 2 days later. I wouldn’t take a dog again unless you are CERTAIN your pooch can handle the rough terrain in areas. The other dog was good but he’s still pretty exhausted.

All in all it was a fun hike! I really recommend it. The bridge was pretty cool to see!

Beautiful views & one of the quieter places to hike in L.A. without hoardes of people, road noise, or litter. The people we did encounter were very friendly. We went early March after a dry winter so the grass & flowers are just getting their heads out.

Went this morning while it was cool weather and brought my dog. It's very pretty, the small streams were at a decent level and hardly any people there around 9am. We only did a mile and a half since my dog decided he's had enough of the streams (he's not very tall and a couple I had to carry him over). Only bad drawback was all the graffiti. Way too much. I'll go back when I have another human to go with and I'll leave my dog at home.

25 days ago

Awesome little trail for a day hike. The trail starts with a decent amount of incline to about a mile of flat cruising before a challenging half mile of intensive incline. The views are hidden from you because of the steepness, so you only get to see the views at the top. Nifty little peak with nice views

One of the best hikes I’ve been on. Took my 6 and 10yr olds with me. They want to go again.

Awesome trail wish there was still more snow left tho. The views are really nice

28 days ago

Loved it. Perfect for a little workout. Great scenery. Saw a couple of squirrels.

Had a great time taking my family to the bridge. crossed over the water 8 times. It got kind of deep in some spots but once you get threw it once it’s very easy and rather enjoyable.
Only thing I would do different is bring sandals and a change of shorts for after the hike because my lower half was soaked.

great hike start to finish

very nice hike ...be prepared on hot days take lots of water and proper shoes

The previous post said it all

rained heavily the day before. definitely got out feet wet. not a chance of keeping them dry. left the trail several times to explore the west side of the river. again if you want the easiest route, stay on the east side of the river. hints: as you advance down the trail you will come to rock formations which seem to end the trail. if you climb these rock formations you will find the trail on the other side. we made several deviations off the trail because we simply didn't look far enough when the trail seemed to end. on the return trip back to the camp grounds we're stayed on the trail and only had to cross the river/ stream three or four times. as I said it rained heavily the day before and we were forced to Ford the river in areas where it normally would not be as deep. a great day, look forward to taking some adventurous friend back out to the bridge.

Great hike. Very few people use this trail during the week, so it's very peaceful. The tunnels are cool and make this hike different than other Southern California hikes. Trail is good condition. Lots of beautiful scenery. I would definitely recommend this hike.

Insta: Venture_Renegade

Heading: 2 hours, we decided to go through the river jumping over rocks and through the mud vs the traditional route.

Return: ~1.5 hours, on the way back we took back the traditional road and only had to cross the river like 3x.

Weather: there is alot of overhead trees, thus not much exposure to the sun. It gets cold quickly if you go in the mornings. But once you reach the bridge, its pretty exposed and the feeling of the sun rays hitting your numb face is the best feeling ever!

Cargo: not a strenuous hike. Shorts, t shirt and a windbreaker (recommended, again not alot of sun and it gets windy in the mornings). Water proof hiking boots. You will get wet.

Summary: We did the hike with the intention of getting into the watering holes at the base of the bridge however it was extremely cold and probably would have got hypothermia jumping into the water haha. Regardless, the hike is really fun, especially running through the water. Hard to get lost, only really one way to go there and back. On our return, we saw big horned sheep!! I'll probably do this trail again when it gets hot to get in the water. Recommend to all!

Amazing weather amazing scenery

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