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A little less interesting than I thought it might be. If you look carefully at the topo map (I didn't), you'll see the trail is about 20 feet above the river most of the way. Not exactly a wilderness, either, as you can't swim because of periofic discharges from the dam upriver. But, it's not too far from civilization, and you have some decent views of the canyon.

Not hard at all, nice scenery

Not the hardest trail, plenty of shade and wind. It wasn’t hot at all because of the wind and shade there was on the trail. However, when I went there was a sign that said the park was closed, but I went in anyway and no one said anything to me. No ticket, no nothing. If you’d like to see the river, the trail gets down to it further along the trail. There are also bags to clean up after your dog, but you have to carry it until you get back to the beginning because there are no trash cans along the trail.

Definitely not easy but a great hike!

I have driven my bike from azusa to seal
beach about three time a total of 52 miles I love every bit of the ride

One of my favorite hikes in the area. There are a few parts with brief inclines (it is the mountains afterall) and you will need to navigate roots & rocks as well as walk through the creek to get to the waterfall. Should NOT be rated easy since it is natural earth & not a graded trail, although it is very short & not too strenuous at all. In June it was a bit buggy, but the fall area was a butterfly nursery. Thousands of them. Watch for stinging nettle & snakes.

2 months ago

Enjoyable hike with lots of shady spots and water stops near the creek, making this warm midday hike great!

There are spots where you need to climb a little bit, making it kinda tricky if you have a dog...even a larger agile dog. However, with a few lifts to aid my pup we managed.

Moderately travelled trail on a Sunday, but with enough space between hikers to feel you are alone.

Also, a lot of bugs however they were all mostly ladybugs so no big deal.

Overall greatly enjoyed this hike!

nice place this is a nice casual place for a good exercise walk. After the reservoir area, the trail gets narrow, rocky, and a bit dangerous. there is always a chance that heavy rocks from overhead could fall onto you. There is not much going on in regards to other trails around the area that you can explore off of the main trail. Also, there's graffiti at various places, which kills the immersion. No real sign of Wildlife.

I went here today 5/26/2018. This is the best day to go because it was cloudy, I won't recommend to go during summer time unless, to be there really early before the sun hits.There's no shade at all-not until you reach the first tunnel. We did about 3 hours. 2hrs going up and 1hr going down. Beautiful scenery,very interesting tunnels even more the history of it. It was mostly flat but some downhill and steep climbs. I would love to explore more of the San Gabriel Mountains I would like to go farther until I reach the bridge to nowhere. Until the next hiking. ☺

It was so beautiful and easy and I know nobody felt close one of them Bianka most

2 months ago

It's a bit of a drive up the 39 to get here, but it's quite scenic. If you are driving north there is a picnic area and a lot on the left, right past the bridge. There is a pretty nice swimming area right below the parking lot. I only made it about a mile up the trail. There is a paved rode at least that far. The river runs right next to it, and in May it was still flowing well. Really nice place to spend a day. Don't forget your Adventure Pass, the rangers will ticket!

This was a great short hike. It was raining in Azusa today but fortunately when we got to the trailhead it stopped raining. It's uphill most of the time but still pretty easy. The tunnels are so interesting but extremely dark so make sure you have a headlight or flashlight. It was also very lonely so I would recommend going in a group just as a precaution. Don't forget a parking pass!

I liked this trail a lot, the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because there was a lot of graffiti on the rocks along the trail. There is no sign that marks where it ends so we ended up going pretty far and climbing over rocks past the end of the trail which turned an easy hike into a more difficult one but it was fun and challenging. Lots of pretty spots to stop and check out the water.

Hot bring lots of water leave early. Uphill most of the way to the tunnels great hike also sunscreen is a must

This trail was beautiful and pet friendly! Everything is green and the river is flowing.

4 months ago

Go early enough in the day. The hike is back in a canyon and losing light during the hike or the drive back down is not a good idea. With a 15 minute picnic at the waterfall, we were in and out in 1 hour, 20 minutes.

Take a proper car that can make it around many corners and up many hills. It's a long but beautiful drive to the trail. There are lots of scenic pull offs/views. We drove by the "trailhead" several times before we found the entrance. There is no signage about it's existence and starting point. I did see one sign that indicated something about the use of propane on-site. Make sure you have an CA Adventure Pass.

Don't count on getting any service. I lost Verizon connection several times and had no service during the hike.

Wear good, multi-terrain shoes, you'll traverse several surface areas: dirt, rocks, wood, boulders, water. I wish I brought my hiking poles. Bug spray if you are into that.

Poison oak, water lines, and abandoned/dilapidated housing structures along the path.

I love this hike AND I would not say it is easy. In my family there are kids and grandparents and we seek 'Easy' trails. Remember this is an elevation gain of 374 feet. I would not say this trail is easy based on the elevation gain and obstacles in the path. Definitely not disability-friendly.

Water was still flowing Easter weekend.

Beautiful views & one of the quieter places to hike in L.A. without hoardes of people, road noise, or litter. The people we did encounter were very friendly. We went early March after a dry winter so the grass & flowers are just getting their heads out.

4 months ago

Loved it. Perfect for a little workout. Great scenery. Saw a couple of squirrels.

Great hike. Very few people use this trail during the week, so it's very peaceful. The tunnels are cool and make this hike different than other Southern California hikes. Trail is good condition. Lots of beautiful scenery. I would definitely recommend this hike.

Hiking was Amazing. Lots of water at fall and Beautiful weather.if you drive up, there is snow on mountain toward crystal lake.

This is a fun hike to go on. I would suggest going early in the morning.Be prepared for some climbing (over log a and rocks). The waterfall at the end is soooo worth it.
Note: apparently the Grey car that used to be parked by the entrance is now gone (donated). The location is marker 34. Happy hiking!!!!

5 months ago

Stayed overnight at Little Jimmy. The spring is running. There is snow on the ground once you go through the gap.

It’s not closed anymore!

Beautiful waterfall. Magical hike with some branches and obstacles that make it more fun.

I have done this entire bike path only once so far but travel El Dorado Park to Seal Beach & back quite regularly. Nice ride to do during the day and preferably with another person or people. The entire path (road) is in great overall condition. Most riders have courtesy and know the rules of the road. My only issues are some sketchy areas (Pico Rivera... for one) where graffiti, urine stench, homeless, and/or undesirables frequent. Overall though, it's a beautiful path.

On the pleasant side, I've seen a coyote, large sea turtles, egrets, blue heron, red-winged blackbirds, 4' to 5'long snake, many rabbits on the path over the past few years.

The springs are known to flow at an incrediblly high rate but there's lots of bugs. The campground has pit toilets and designated fire areas.

I followed a trail that continued way past the tunnels. I turned back at 3.2 miles from the gate, but interested in where it leads. Would also like to hike Rattlesnake Peak.

It was 80 degrees and beautiful. It must be miserable in the summer.

mountain biking
7 months ago

great trail but chilly pack warm clothes

Hiked this trail on a partly cloudy weekend afternoon. Nice views. Not a lot of people. Bring some water as it is an incline at times. Really rocky bring sturdy comfortable shoes. Bring a flashlight as the inside of the tunnels are really dark and u need a good flashlight to check out the art and for a sense of comfort as I kept clutching my flashlight hoping the boogeyman wouldn’t jump out to get me haha. I somehow thought this trail would lead to the bridge to nowhere but it only lead to the tunnels to nowhere. Super cool experience though.

7 months ago

beautiful easy walk, some rocks and branches to climb, bring bug repellant.

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