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off road driving
3 days ago

pretty nice and mellow trail had a driver with stock Nissan Pathfinder that's the reason to visit this trail but it was fun on labor day.

off road driving
4 days ago

It was my first experience intentionally off roading, however, I have driven off road before when on the beach or looking for trails. This was no different. I had a blast even though it was easy. The scenery changes the higher you go. I made it all the way to the top and back down in about 4 hours with regular photo stops in my stock 2018 Subaru Crosstrek. Got my pass at the OHV office in Glendora and drive up. You need a permit to go up (it’s free) and a code will be provided to you to unlock the gate entrance. I went up on a Tuesday for sunset and was the only vehicle up there so I had a blast.

11 days ago

Great trail, very secluded and very intense ! First mile up is the worst, the incline is insane! the rest is still challenging but a breeze compared to the start .

Witnessed a violent roaring rock slide today towards the end of the trail around 10:00 am. Also, the river was dry as a bone and the only puddle of river water they had was kinda dirty

This was a pretty easy hike, the river was completely dry but still was a good walk all the way through. I would like to come back when the river is flowing... I'm sure you'll get some nice views. I took my nephew and he enjoyed it very much and my dog also loved it. Towards the end of the trail there's a nice area to swim but there are signs around that say no swimming allowed, that sucks because it is a very cool spot with a rope swing to jump from. I'm sure people still swim though since there's a lot of trash that people leave behind from hanging out in that area, which is probably part of the reason for it.

Fun day hike! Be sure to buy a parking pass for $5 at the “Staging Area” before driving up to the trail head. Last third of the hike was pretty steep and had to scramble. The trail wasn’t busy at all. Very minimal shade so definitely bring a hat and lots of water and start early!

Ease and not much traffic.

it's a great trail, but I doubt they're going to reopen it again.

There were 22 river crossings. Great hike if you have dogs because of the water. Lots of trash and graffiti at the beginning of the hike is disturbing but it gets better as you walk in. At the beginning of the hike is private property.

This was a fun hike. Extremely difficult. keep hydrated and bring sunblock especially if you're doing it in April. make sure you have the right hiking shoes or boots and always keep hydrated

I would love to ride this. I would be riding alone though, is this safe for a woman riding by herself?

excellent quiet hike

As of July 2018, there are permanent-looking signs saying the trail is temporarily closed. :-(

A little less interesting than I thought it might be. If you look carefully at the topo map (I didn't), you'll see the trail is about 20 feet above the river most of the way. Not exactly a wilderness, either, as you can't swim because of periofic discharges from the dam upriver. But, it's not too far from civilization, and you have some decent views of the canyon.

off road driving
2 months ago

Great trail for any beginner. Got our pass at the ohv and headed up. Great views at the top.

Not hard at all, nice scenery

Not the hardest trail, plenty of shade and wind. It wasn’t hot at all because of the wind and shade there was on the trail. However, when I went there was a sign that said the park was closed, but I went in anyway and no one said anything to me. No ticket, no nothing. If you’d like to see the river, the trail gets down to it further along the trail. There are also bags to clean up after your dog, but you have to carry it until you get back to the beginning because there are no trash cans along the trail.

I have driven my bike from azusa to seal
beach about three time a total of 52 miles I love every bit of the ride

trail running
3 months ago

This was an amazing hike. Not crowded. Had the Trail head all to myself. Climbing shoes not needed. Take lots of water

off road driving
3 months ago

Super chill & scenic trail. Took my stock 2016 Crosstrek up there as my intro to off road/trail riding.

off road driving
3 months ago

Easy trail. Great wildflowers while we were there (Early June 2018). Most vehicles could do this trail. We climbed right up it in our stock 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk.

3 months ago

Nice and easy hike, about 10 minor river crossings each way. The hike ends at a private property gate, so you can't continue at the T-intersection without trespassing. On the way back about 10 min to trail entrance, encountered large group of adults and kids with rifles in their hands and over shoulder. Was a little uncomfortable returning back on the trail.

nice place this is a nice casual place for a good exercise walk. After the reservoir area, the trail gets narrow, rocky, and a bit dangerous. there is always a chance that heavy rocks from overhead could fall onto you. There is not much going on in regards to other trails around the area that you can explore off of the main trail. Also, there's graffiti at various places, which kills the immersion. No real sign of Wildlife.

3 months ago

A lot of camping. Beautiful easy hike went with my daughter 9 years. A lot of butterfly’s and water. Nothing that challenges you if you are fit. For kids perfect. Unfortunately on our way back around 6pm we came across 3 group of Man one was swinging a machete and the other two had hunting guns which made it very uncomfortable for us.

The “lake” is actually a shrunken lake, more like a pond. I wouldn’t call this a hike, I would call it a meander, or meander around the pond. It’s too bad the lake is down to nothing. The area has potential, or it used to.

3 months ago

It's a bit of a drive up the 39 to get here, but it's quite scenic. If you are driving north there is a picnic area and a lot on the left, right past the bridge. There is a pretty nice swimming area right below the parking lot. I only made it about a mile up the trail. There is a paved rode at least that far. The river runs right next to it, and in May it was still flowing well. Really nice place to spend a day. Don't forget your Adventure Pass, the rangers will ticket!

4 months ago

If anyone wants to take on this challenge I would suggest trailing the loop backwards and once at the mine come back the same way. The loop is absolutely not traveled on often and barley even exists. I’ve hiked the full loop before and at places it can be very dangerous where your footing is. Much easier to travel the opposite way up to the mine. Be aware there are still many steep drops and extremely steep switch backs still.

Nice views along this trail walking along the river with waterfalls and decent tree cover. Pretty good trail for backpacking but probably better suited for bike- packing. The hike is all on a road so it’s pretty tough on the feet with a pack. That’s the only ding. Otherwise, it’s a surprisingly well set up camp with fire rings and charcoal grills (though fire restrictions prevented use). The stream/river along the whole hike is a huge plus. At least when I went, there was plenty of water available. Some fishing if you can fly fish, but catch and release. Not a whole lot to see otherwise but a decent outing.

I liked this trail a lot, the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because there was a lot of graffiti on the rocks along the trail. There is no sign that marks where it ends so we ended up going pretty far and climbing over rocks past the end of the trail which turned an easy hike into a more difficult one but it was fun and challenging. Lots of pretty spots to stop and check out the water.

Hope they re open it
Great hike!

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