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Got an Adventure pass for $5 the night before at a Big 5. Arrived at 5:30am and there was plenty of parking spots right at the trail head. Used All Trails pro and when I got a little off course it helped bring me back on track. Very few people this early and great temperature. Once we got to the Bridge to Nowhere I ended up bungee jumping for $120. Great fun and one more thing off the bucket list. The way back was a lot more traffic and more direct sun light. Know your limits as I saw some people that looked like they were about to have a heart attack. I made it there with no problems but by the time I got to the car I was completely worn out. We actually made it up there without getting wet at all but on the way back the water was refreshing to walk in.

Long fun hike. Start early and bring plenty of water (I went through ~2.5 L and wished I had more). An Adventure Pass is needed for your car. You've got to cross the river a few times, but the crossings are fairly easy. I brought hiking sandals just to make that part easier, and it was nice to not have to worry about getting socks wet. Some parts of the trail are sandy or rocky, and you've got to scramble up some rocks in a few places but no part of the hike felt really "hard". Once you get to the bridge, you can watch some bungee jumpers (or do it yourself!) or head down the rocks into the river. You can swim or wade in the river and swimming holes that are down there. Water was very cold but very refreshing in the hotter part of the day. Once we started heading back in the afternoon we wished we were still up in the cold water and took a couple of stops at the river to cool off.

I didn't start feeling tired until the last couple miles, but it was doable! It took us about 5 and a half hours round trip, not including the break we took in the river when we got to the bridge.

We saw a few dogs on the trail, but I don't think I would have brought mine as the trail is long and hot, and there's a few narrow spots and a lot of rock climbing and river crossing, which might have been too much for a small dog.

On the way back we saw a couple of bighorn sheep but from far away, high on the opposite mountain. Wish they had been closer!!

bucket list hike and one of my fav places

It was a great adventure. we encountered with big horn ships. They were not afraid of people, they even posed for some pictures! Definitely will go again.

Good place to challenge yourself. You will have to cross the river a few times to get to your destination and some parts are pretty steep but the view is worth all of it.

Pretty cool trail. You get a little of everything. Uphill creek crossing, rocks, hot sun, tress. Heavy traffic due to bungee jumping at the bridge.

There were some places that were tough in crossing. Of course, we had our 6-year-old daughter who made it there and back. Too dangerous for her to climb down to the water pools at the bridge. It took us 3 hours to get to the bridge with her, but adults only can make in 2, I presume. I would suggest getting there early. Not a good idea to start the hike in the afternoon. It will be dark on the way back and it can be tricky trying to find your way back at night.

Great views! Bring swim clothes for the swim holes at the end. Lots of people are there on the weekend. Bring lots of water! It can get hot!

great hike

Second time there. It’s best to get there early otherwise you’ll have to park far and walk up to the trail head. Both times we started our hike at 7am. First time we hiked on the main trail and arrived over the bridge. The second time we ended up taking the trail that got us there under the bridge. The trail was a more difficult to figure out but was ultimately more scenic and worth it. We ended up finding a hidden waterfall with only two other people there. I’m guessing not many people know about it. The hike itself is not to difficult.

No way this is “moderate”. I suppose if you could easily stay on a main trail it might be moderate, but it’s a constant searching and scrambling across creeks and rocks to find the trail. We ended up doing nearly 12 miles in an 8 to 4 excursion. Lots of fun, but exhausting.

Good trail. A bit hot today, but we enjoyed it. We went past the Bridge to Iron Fork camp. It wasn’t easy!

When we first got there around night time we carried all our gear to the camp ground set up tent and got some good rest.around 6:30am we set out on the trail on a good pace we had three kids with us age ranging from 9-12 each with there own camel pack and snack.we got the bridge me and my girlfriend both bungee jumped and after that kept walking to the other side of the bridge and jumped in the water with the kids.hiked back and did it again the next day.

great hike. have gone 2x's now. a little Zion Narrows with path hiking and rock climbing all in one. plus great bridge to have lunch under.

Went on memorial day. We started at 8am. Took 2 hours to hike in. Lots of people on the way back out. Bring lots of water, 3L minimum. You can purchase your adventure pass at the ranger station at the bottom of the mountain for $5. Bring plenty of sunscreen,.

Thank you to the la county sheriffs dept.! Keeping the public safe by giving everyone tickets! Adventure pass + 62 dollar ticket. Rad! Thanks guys, keep keeping the hikers safe!

lots of people on the trail. Bring plenty of water. try to stay on the right side of the stream as much as possible.

Fun even if it’s a bit more choose your own adventure style hiking for a bit (owing to some washed out sections of the trail and poor trail markings). Follow the river/creek for most of it, if you have AllTrails pro put the tracker on before you lose service to have a map to refer to. It was a busy holiday weekend so I was rarely out of sight of other people and therefore didn’t stray far from the trail. Adventure pass needed and make sure to park in a designated area...police ticket here regularly. Hat, sunscreen and lots of water are a must as it’s sun exposed 90% of the hike. I had water shoes with me but it got to be a pain to swap out so much from my boots that I just gave up halfway and went with the wet boots...which worked out fine actually. Much more level than I was led to believe.

Super fun trail! There’s a lot of stuff to see. We actually got lucky and saw a couple rams eating on the mountain side, it was so cool. Such bullshit though I got a ticket even though I parked in a legit spot with an adventure pass. So wack! Besides that it was a blast and I will definitely do it again, I guess I’m just gonna ask the Rangers where a good spot to park when the lot is full?

Adventure pass needed. Great long hiking trail. Due to rock and land slides, parts of the trail was lost. Can get wet when crossing streams. Saw 8 long horn sheeps along the way. Will definitely comeback.

Great trail. Not far from Azusa. Decently long hike to the bridge and mostly flat. Lost the trail for most of the trip to the bridge making it longer and harder. I mostly followed the river the length of the trip. A bunch of water crossings were needed. Saw 7 mountain sheep along the way.
A few people seemed to be living in the canyon and mining along the river.

The “lake” is actually a shrunken lake, more like a pond. I wouldn’t call this a hike, I would call it a meander, or meander around the pond. It’s too bad the lake is down to nothing. The area has potential, or it used to.

Great place to go back packing passed bridge to nowhere. Highly recommend it

This is a commitment so make sure to plan ahead. Bring plenty of water and sandwiches/protein as well as a hat and sunglasses. I recommend walking sticks if you have them. I did the trail 2 weeks ago and the river was rushing and so cool and so fun to go in during the hike. If you could hike it at the high water times of the year, do it. Jumping in and out of the river really keeps you cool during the hike.

I'm pretty much a beginner since we don't hike as much as we would like so we did take a few rests on the trip and it was challenging for me since I'm not in shape but it was still really fun.

Get ready to wet your shoes! Be sure prepared a flip-flop you will need it when you reached the bridge and also when you finished the trail.

Also, Adventure Pass is required when you visit this trail if you didn't get one down the city (you can get a daily pass on 7-11 or big 5 sporting goods, it's 5 bucks) your last chance to get the pass will be the village it's about 1 mile down from the trail parking lot, only one store where you hardly to missed it.

Nice views along this trail walking along the river with waterfalls and decent tree cover. Pretty good trail for backpacking but probably better suited for bike- packing. The hike is all on a road so it’s pretty tough on the feet with a pack. That’s the only ding. Otherwise, it’s a surprisingly well set up camp with fire rings and charcoal grills (though fire restrictions prevented use). The stream/river along the whole hike is a huge plus. At least when I went, there was plenty of water available. Some fishing if you can fly fish, but catch and release. Not a whole lot to see otherwise but a decent outing.

buy adventure pass at 7-11 or big 5 or at the cafe right in front of campground about 2miles before parking. must present the pass on the dash wherever parking off street or on site!!! $5/day or $30/year. REMEMBER to scratch the date and month on the daily pass !!! Don't just hang and leave without scratching a correct date !!! LA sheriff on the way!!! bring at least 2L water becuz 85% of the trail is exposed to sun. more water ,the better. hat and suncreen are must wear stuff. wear long sleeves and long pants to avoid stabbing directly by yucca leaves as well as avoiding sunburn. suggest to open this app and check in and record at the parking lot or earlier at the cafe or campground before hiking becuz of no signal and losing ur way easily in the middle of the trail. by recording ur actions u can see the correct route on ur app instead of always looking for other people just to make sure the way. no signs or arrows are set along the trail and once u follow a wrong direction u will need cross stream lots of time or find no way through or even climbing rocks. becareful not to stop recording by accident as i quit the app by mistake and then i lost my route totally. nothing to follow so u can only rely on others to check ur distance and destination.(upset) ....be aware of snake, we encountered one slowly crossing the path so check around before sitting down. prepare to get wet on feet as u need cross stream at least 12 times roundtrip

My family and I have done this hike several times both with a big group and dogs. At times the lake can be full of water and beautiful.
It is a long hike , I suggest taking a lot of water and comfy shoes. We started our hike early so we can venture around the area and take our time.

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