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Azusa, California Map

After looking at the uploaded photos and reading the reviews, I think some people must have this one mixed with the Lewis Falls trail close by. This place isn't soldier creek and doesn't even have any water running through it. The "trailhead" starts at the front gate. Attempts to read its signage is impossible, it's been washed out.

Area is interesting, it kind of looked like a camping ground with some make shift fire pits and a dumpster that was kicked on its side. There's remanants of demolished buildings and charcoal here and there.

Since there's only this one map and no other recording, I can say I followed it to nothing at all. There's one abandoned hut on the trail which was a lackluster to explore. So many old rusty metal scraps and cans. I did spot a lone buck and we found each other locked in a competitive staring contest several times throughout the trail.

I tried continuing but didn't see anything else of interest. Oh well!

Impressive waterfall for this time of year! Very humid even at 6:30am. If you get closer to the creek it's a little better.

Taking off one star because holy crap the bugs. People tell you that you need repellent and you definitely do. The two areas exposed on my body (hands) were immediately attacked. I had on a mild repellent thinking I'd be alright and that was not the case. Insects of all shapes and sizes desperately try to make their way into any orifice of your body. Mouth, ears, eyes. Pretty sure I had a healthy dose of protein this morning from accidentally swallowing 3 of them. They swarm by the creek, but it's not really safe anywhere. I wish I had brought a handkerchief and sunglasses, probably would have defended me well.

Trail was super easy to traverse with plenty of good points of interest despite being only .4 miles in. Waterfall is about 40 ft high with great water flow. Loved how the trail is just nestled to the side of the road unmarked. Makes the place so quiet and secluded.

1) If you bring your dogs, keep them on a leash. My partner was bitten by an off-leash dog in the parking lot before the hike even began.
2) Bring water AND a filter. Take care to drink enough and monitor how you are feeling. Stay in the shade when you need to. We were stopped by a lady who let us know about a gal who needed help. The lady continued on the get EMS and we found the gal and her buddy and assisted her back up to the parking area. She was in bad and getting worse shape; watch out for yourself and your buddies. It was 90+F when we started on Saturday and 108F when we left at noon on Sunday. Even by a river, the open areas can be brutal and dangerous.
3) PARKING IS AN ISSUE. The parking lot only holds about 20-30 vehicles. This was full when we arrived and found a spot along the cliff wall, off the road in the gravel, where the majority of the other cars were parked. When we were done, there was a $63 ticket waiting for us. The next available/legal place to park is 3-4 miles down the road near the Oak Canyon picnic area. This is not well-planned out.
The campsite was very full. Tents practically on top of other tents. We were going to try to find another location to spend the night. There were so many people. As far as the hike goes, there were sparse shaded areas in the beginning and about halfway they are much more spread out. The river crossings can be fun, but you do need to be careful. As we were backpacking, we were trying to do it without getting wet, but at this time the water was low and slow enough that shorts and taking off shoes would have worked also.
An EMS helicopter flew over very low in the evening and we later found out that someone had been bitten by a rattlesnake near the Bridge
4) Watch out for rattlesnakes! We only saw one slither away and I count that as very lucky.

We made it about 2.8 miles in where we set up for the night. We didn't make it to the bridge and hiked out the next morning, mostly due to the heat. Next time we'll get an earlier start and hopefully set up sooner and day hike to the bridge instead of pack it the whole way.

The trail is mostly shaded. Once you go past the cabins, follow the trail leading up to a crossing. Cross the creek and proceed to the falls. The falls are spectacular.

Got a late start this morning and the heat was brutal. It was a really nice hike otherwise. I'll be back for sure. PLEASE make sure you take plenty of water and DON'T take your fur babies in this heat!!! Once we got to the bridge went in the water and it was very refreshing. Again, don't do this hike without enough water!!

Nice loop trail with the option to bag the Hawkins peaks. With a 5:20 am start I first headed up the service road to the saddle north of South Hawkins. From the saddle I took the use trail up to So. Hawkins for a breakfast break. Afterwards I continued north on the ridge trail to the PCT, this section is recovering nicely from past fires and is quite nice now. Upon reaching the PCT I headed East to Throop peak, and after another break I started my return via Windy gap. Total mileage was 14.2 and 6 hours.

This hike was intense! It honestly wasn't too difficult of a hike, but the added challenge of heat and multiple river crossings did make it interesting! I recommend bringing a water purifier to help you stay hydrated continually, instead of packing in tons of water. One downside to this hike is there are so many different trails to take, and many of them end in surprise dead ends. However, most still lead to the ultimate goal: the Bridge. A great place to picnic there. I would recommend wearing shoes you don't mind getting wet, and clothes you can take a dip in.

Worth it a lot

I did the loop yesterday. I made the mistake of starting at noon and paid the price going up the Windy Gap Trail. I didn't realize the section was so hot and sunny. The conditions were better after Windy Gap, though.

There's a section on the Hawkins Ridge Trail (near the junction with Crystal Lake Road) that's overgrown and difficult to find. I recommend bringing a GPS map (I use AllTrails) or having excellent path finding skills. I assume the folks on this forum have at least one of those. Smile

But yeah, yesterday was a reminder that it's summer now and that I should be starting earlier in the day to avoid the heat.

10 days ago

Bunch of bugs , but it was a great hike!