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Azusa, California Map
15 hours ago

The trail itself is easy due to being paved the entire way. What makes it difficult is the length but there are plenty of places to take a break to snack or fish. You can get from the parking lot to Glenn Campground and back in half a day on foot but be prepared to be sore if you’re not used to walking that much. Lots of cyclists and hikers with puppers. Definitely need an adventure pass to park up there too.

love this trail and the view

We hiked Smith Mountain 3/16/19, beautiful trail, relatively easy for us. We started at about 7 am and no one was in the trail, except us 3 :-)
I would do it again, but this time, I want to hike the trail to my right

We hiked Smith Mountain 3/16/19, beautiful trail, relatively easy for us. We started at about 7 am and no one was in the trail, except us 3 :-)
I would do it again, but this time, I want to hike the trail to my right

The views up here were awesome, but we didn’t make it all the way to Windy Gap due to losing the trail in the snow. We had poles and trax, but the sheer slope covered in snow made me a little uncomfortable to continue to the top. It was an absolutely beautiful alpine view, so we don’t feel bad about the day! In a couple of weeks, I’m hoping the trail should be clear again.

Great easy trail that is fully paved for either walking or biking along side the creek. There are many small trails leading to the water's edge where you can relax or fish. Some of the banks are actually sandy beachs. Found a few waterfalls due to the rain lately. Make sure to buy a daily adventure pass for $5 from one one the verified convenience stores so you can park without getting ticketed. There are bathrooms, but no running plumbing. Kind of a glorified hole in the ground.

9 days ago

Bummer my recording was deleted 3.5 miles in at 2500 vertical gain so it’s 6800 total for vertical. It was actually really amazing hike. One of the toughest I have done, last 500 feet was all snow. But wow what a view. If your up for the challenge this one gives it and reminds you as your descending that you have more elevation gain. So yeah this one beats all others for pure pain on the knees.
It was much easier than I expected, But the worst part of it was the decent for sure.
Bring your poles, your knees will thank you.

By the way was reading some of the low rated reviews, seriously

Snow 2 miles from the top as of 3/13. Doable but extremely dangerous.

14 days ago

what a fun trail with lots of old cabins (not standing anymore)

Went up on 2/24/19. Crampons or microspikes definitely needed for the switchbacks up to windy gap. On the way down the trail is snow covered but you can pretty much head down the bowl and link back up to the road.

We did this trail yesterday and I will never forget the unique experience. After doing many mountain lake trails I never had done one like this where you had to fight your way through multiple river crossings in powerful, waist-deep, cold, relentless water. Forget water-proof boots every one doing this trail has to go with the mind-set that you will get soaked many times in order to complete the trail.
The trail is long and follows the San Gabriel River crossing it at least six times each way. The trail is not defined well so it's hard to make out in some areas and you might find yourself doing unnecessary crossings. Be careful even where it doesn't look that strong it can surprise you and knock you over. Overall it was a great experience I would just be more prepared wear shorts, pack lightly, and take extra socks for afterwards.

Great trail very nice views

29 days ago

This trail is great for kids. It has easy water crossings, tall trees, and some rocks to climb around on. I have done this trail with my 8 year old kids at least a half a dozen times. It is only a half mile long but does ascend quickly. Dont be discouraged by the review below. Go for it!

A very tough hike but the views are incredible. I went the day after a snow and there was a beautiful dusting of powder on much of the trail towards the top. One small river crossing. 360 views of the mountains surrounding you. So peaceful, an amazing reward for a tough hike.

Did the hike on a rainy day, it was phenomenal, stress-relieving and one of my best experience in terms of hiking. Yes you need waterproof boots and be safe out there crossing over water streams

washed out
1 month ago

Went up to the east fork yesterday. Was a little disappointed when my wife and I could not cross the river due to raging river waters. Got about half a mile in from the parking lot and got stopped at the end of the trail where we met a nice couple, panning for gold.
Not sure why there is no type of bridge or cable to cross here but we decided to turn around and hike back instead of testing our luck. The river is high, brown and moving very fast today.
Just a heads up it looked like there are a couple rough sleepers camping in semi permanent structures at the first campground. On the way back we had a hiker mention he was investigating a possible alternative route and had a pistol pulled on him because he had got too close to a mans shelter. BUMMER!
We will be back in a few weeks to try again. Gotta see this bridge!

on Rattlesnake Peak Trail

over grown
1 month ago

Did this hike with my two dogs. This hike was very challenging. The trail follows a steep ridge line with a series of peaks. Each more challenging than the other. The trail is over grown but just stick to the ridgeline. Great views at the top,

1 month ago

The trail was moderate, it isn’t that hard as it said in the reviews.
The most difficult part is that there is no real trail.. it’s very challenging anyway.
If you want to push your limits farther than you usually do, then you have to try this hike.
The views are awesome.
Really good for meditation.
I loved it and I’m glad I made it :)

4.08 miles 2:38:03 1016ft ascent

Amazing. Narrow and slick in spots but the views are worth it!

Child's play. Youtubers, earbud jockeys and dog walkers welcome. But please... pack out your dog's shit. This is a good warm-up for the real hike...iron mountain trail. The summit is calling I dare you to answer.

Child's play. This is a good warm-up for the real hike...iron mountain trail. The summit is calling I dare you to answer.

This is not a hike for amateurs. Youtubers, earbud jockeys, and dog walkers stay home. One must pay full attention during this challenge. Heed my warning one misstep, slip, or loss of balance will put you in a world of hurt or in a coma. If they locate your body it maybe too dangerous to recover for weeks due to the topography and weather conditions. If you're unfortunate to live it will be a long hobble back to base including an impromptu night camp in frigid temperatures and exposure because you started this baby in the afternoon. If you have the nuts and want to test the limits of your physical and mental endurance this is the hike for you. Start as early as possible. Check the weather conditions. Give someone your itinerary and expected return time. I do not recommend this hike solo. Bring an experienced friend. We started this one at 7 am and reached the base of iron mountain by 11:30 am. There were no other hikers on this trail during the ascent. 1 mile away from the summit we had to turn back. The picturesque views of snow capped mountains under partly sunny sky's turned quickly. The clouds rolled in temperatures dropped and it began to snow. All fun and good till it was a whiteout. As we slowly descended the steep crags the winds picked up making it even more frigid. The lower our altitude the warmer it became. A mixed blessing as snow turned to hale then to sleet then to rain. Soaking wet and spent we reached the parking lot without an injury at 4 pm. Maybe winter wasn't a good time to tackle the iron giant? We attempted February 10th. Come spring time we'll be back.

I hiked this trail back in late August of 2018 and it was my motivation for running my first half marathon. I enjoyed this hike considering I hadn’t hiked for anything longer than 6/7 miles. Take it easy and take breaks if you need to. There is an option for bungee jumping at the bridge, but plan in advance for that. Other than that, very enjoyable.

no shade
1 month ago

Great trail, but unfortunately today the weather was quite moody. There was some sun, rain, sleet and snow. I made it to the saddle as the clouds were rolling in again but I was too determined to turn back. Continuing on, the last mile to the peak was covered in sticky wet snow, 100% needed waterproof boots or micro spikes. With the clouds visibility was poor so I got to the peak as fast as I could and the turned right back around. This is where all the sliding and slipping happened but eventually I made my way back down and was glad I still went through with everything. The snow and all the bushes at the last mile and half to the peak make it a little tricky to stay on the path but with the map on this app, I was fine. Needles to say if you go on a non-sunny day make sure you have rain gear or a change of clothes. :)

I am so bummed that we were unable to complete this hike. We barely did any of it. With all the rains the water crossings were impossible for me (a girl of about 135lbs, experienced hiker) to cross. The currents were just way to forceful and high with all the rain. Attempted twice. Was over knee level. We intend to go back and try it again in a few months. Looking forward to it as it was just beautiful. Reminder, you need an Adventure Pass or you will get a ticket. Parking is very limited.

As of 2/2/2019 the trail was closed until further notice due to a rock slide 4 miles into the trail.

1 month ago

Nice Friday hike, beyond the first mile we only saw one other hiker. A loping easy grade, though I DO feel the 10 miles, with the sound of crystal clear water the whole way, yucca gardens, everything from wide open gravel flats to narrow shaded slots, and the occasional view of snow up on high. We did see some of the semi-permanent looking tents along the way (4 or 5), not unfriendly, but also probably panning for gold and a little wary of strangers. They also seem to leave little cachès around, we saw fresh bear tracks around a ransacked little pile of tuna cans. Water crossings not bad, I have leaky boots, so just took a towel and barefooted across. There are some narrow spots where you scramble a little over bumps in the canyon wall. Check out Waypoint for mile 3.52...we were lured by the use-trails and leftover part of the road, but we were able to clamber down OK and it DID mean we skipped a couple of the water crossings (on our return we opted for the water).

Great hike, 11.2 out and back and back. Water crossings weren't bad. Very enjoyable experience.

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