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LOTS of ticks, but very scenic.

Love the river next to the trail.

I think this is the hike that I went on recently based on the pictures people have posted. Was not expecting Clark's Hole but it was a pleasant surprise. There's a rock you can jump off of, just be careful because it's slippery. The swimming hole is really deep. Where we were wasn't much space but I think the "beach" stretches out a long the trail (we heard people talking when we were back on the trail walking towards the falls further away from where we had been). There's also fish in the water, so don't be surprised if a trout (?) wants to say hey when you have your feet in the water.

Great trail heads. Well maintained park. Restrooms all throughout the area.

10 days ago

This was a great hike. 1.5 mile walk from the parking lot to the waterfall. The hike to the falls overlook is easy, very low incline and easy trail head. When you get to the waterfall it is almost a climb to get down to the swimming area, so take that into consideration if you decide to bring your kids or if you have limitations.

I hiked the entire loop around the park and I tracked 8 miles on my Apple Watch. The trail around the park is a dirt road, perfect for mountain biking or horses. I suggest bringing extra water because after the falls there isn’t another spring until you reach the halfway point. The trail around the park is very easy, slight incline and trail thinning towards the end. It’s not too hard if you take is slow and make sure to take breaks in the shade. I will definitely come back and use this park for trail running in the future.

11 days ago

it's a pretty good trail but plain, a few places to see but as a workout is pretty good.

in fact it's a pretty easy hike, little but steady elevation no real effort needed, got a few spots you can check out while you follow the trail. pretty crowded.

mountain biking
11 days ago

Great main trail and excellent side trails to bike away from pedestrians! Well kept park and plenty of shade!!

Beautiful views of river and forest hill bridge.

13 days ago

Wear good shoes! It’s super duper slick. I almost fell a handful of times

16 days ago

Nice hike! Bring plenty of water. Had to hike about a mile and half from where we parked through cardiac bypass trail but pretty enjoyable.

on Hidden Falls Trail

16 days ago

Did the whole 10 miles around! Good amount of shade but take LOTS of water!!

17 days ago

This place was my very first hike and my wife and I loved it! I’m a beginner and this place had what I needed for a comfortable, worry-free hike (paper maps, maps along the trails and signs everywhere). Hidden Falls was also such a gorgeous place and we hit up Knee Deep Brewing Co (15min drive) afterwards! Will be going back real soon for sure!

Easy hike, watch out for mountain bikes.

fun, easy hike.

19 days ago

Be sure to make reservations for weekends and holidays online! Trails are well marked and maintained. Bring some Tecnu if you’re sensitive to poison oak because it’s everywhere. Bring lots of extra water when it’s hot or avoid the wider, less covered trails.

beautiful hike, falls can be amazing during certain times of the year.

Waterfall at the end of the trail makes it all worth it, trail runs along the river with great views, fairly easy trail well well worth the hike

Good local hike. Go fairly early especially during the summer because it gets very hot. Lots of mosquitos and cute little waterfalls.

Beautiful hike and easy enough for kids. Have done this one 5x.

Great trail. Things I wish I knew: I suggest taking one of the routes closest to the water on your way out, then taking the highlighted route back. Great views by the water and also makes it a little more interesting. You can dip in the water if you want. Also, there were a few more interesting rocky areas (very short) where you had to climb a little.

There are some areas, maybe 20-30%, that are wide open in the sun and on a wide trail (which I disliked). But this was only a minor inconvenience. Bring lots of water - I went through all 3L on a sunny day.

Watch out for poison oak at the very beginning!

26 days ago

Beautiful, definitely worth the hike down to the water. The uphill was challenging. I do not recommend for little kids or elderly.

26 days ago

THIS TRAIL IS ABSOLUTE HELL! If anyone tells you otherwise, you need to re-evaluate your relationship with that person. I nearly died halfway through for guess what, CARDIAC ARREST! This hill don’t mess around. I did see a few dope ass catapillars. If you do decide to try and conquer this hill I would highly suggest bringing a highly trained paramedic or even better a cardiac doctor. HAPPY HIKING!

All worth it! Beautiful Waterfall View at end of hike! It was not too hard. Fairly moderate hike. Don't forget to bring water & snack. But a few biker speeders who zoomed past by us and created a super duper road dust all over. Not cool. Otherwise it was an awesome trail.

Great hike for the kids. Trails are very clean and safe for kids to walk on.

beautiful view of running dam at end of trail; close access of its not busy.

mostly wide paths. uphill on the way to the dam, downhill on the return, except for the paved part right before the dam (about .25 miles).

Auburn national park is a great place for outdoor easy peasiness.

1 month ago

Loved this trail! Park down the road for free parking.

Did have 2 ticks on me when I got home, but the doggos love the trail.


1 month ago

Had a great time on this trail. Some areas are not covered very well but other spots are super dense. However not all of the areas were open this time around due to bird nesting. This was my first time going, I really wanted to see the cave but when I got there the cave was blocked off with giant cement blocks

Found this gem of a location while photographing Waterfalls in Northern Cal. This trail offers hikes from Easy to Hard. Gorgeous trails that offer stunning wildflowers in the spring. Important: Weekend Parking requires a permit with fee, but no permit required during the week and parking is free.

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