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Auburn, California Map

All worth it! Beautiful Waterfall View at end of hike! It was not too hard. Fairly moderate hike. Don't forget to bring water & snack. But a few biker speeders who zoomed past by us and created a super duper road dust all over. Not cool. Otherwise it was an awesome trail.

Great hike for the kids. Trails are very clean and safe for kids to walk on.

beautiful view of running dam at end of trail; close access of its not busy.

mostly wide paths. uphill on the way to the dam, downhill on the return, except for the paved part right before the dam (about .25 miles).

Auburn national park is a great place for outdoor easy peasiness.

4 days ago

This was a really beautiful hike that was easy to access. Only knocked off a star because of the number of bicycles. We encountered two deer as we came around a bend. Would have loved to take a pic so close up but two seconds later five bikes screamed through sending the deer careening into the brush.

5 days ago

Loved this trail! Park down the road for free parking.

Did have 2 ticks on me when I got home, but the doggos love the trail.


7 days ago

Had a great time on this trail. Some areas are not covered very well but other spots are super dense. However not all of the areas were open this time around due to bird nesting. This was my first time going, I really wanted to see the cave but when I got there the cave was blocked off with giant cement blocks

Found this gem of a location while photographing Waterfalls in Northern Cal. This trail offers hikes from Easy to Hard. Gorgeous trails that offer stunning wildflowers in the spring. Important: Weekend Parking requires a permit with fee, but no permit required during the week and parking is free.

11 days ago

I believe the trail is in fact longer if taken but I chose the route that is slightly over 2 miles round trip. The lot is small but I was able to find a space. I must state that any valuables should be carried with you or tucked away in your vehicle that is not easily seen or accessible. When I arrived I saw that the window in the vehicle next to me had been broken and it was fresh. I ended up arriving back at the same time as another couple and it ended up being their vehicle. I have experienced theft before and it sucks in many levels - including having to dole out money to get the window repaired. I am glad they and their pup were safe and they indicated they don’t believe anything of great value was taken - it appeared to be just a “smash and grab.” I know theft can occur anymore even in areas that one would feel are relatively remote. Aside from violation, the trail itself is not busy but people are on it and there was a nice breeze even in the afternoon. Next time I will try the longer/alternate routes. I can see though how in the summer it might not be as enjoyable so definitely one to do in the morning during the summer season.

Great starter hike with excellent view of the dam. Bring your snorkel gear and walk down to the river for a refreshing swim before you head out.

17 days ago

Checked out this area today, was there from 10am-3pm exploring what the park had to offer. First things first, due to its increase in popularity and limited parking availability the park requires that guests purchase parking permits for weekends and holidays. However, I did not need to purchase one today as it was a non holiday Monday. The drive to the park is lovely and there are plenty of signs pointing you in the right direction to location along way. It is also a horse and dog friendly area and mountains bikers are welcome. The trails are clearly marked with signs and they have easy to read maps along them as well. From the quality of the bridges and signs you can tell that the park is well taken care of. I hiked a lot of different trails today. The hidden falls out look was beautiful, great photo opportunity. Also you can hike down into the creek which they flow into and enjoy the water and have a picnic. I definitely recommend bring snacks, a lunch and lots of water. Although the major of the trails are shaded it still gets hot. Hiked otter loop, creek side, gold finch, south legacy and poppy trails today. All are great and lined with gorgeous wild flowers. Definitely would recommend this area to families because the trails can be enjoyable for all ages.

17 days ago

Took my wife and 5 year old boy and 7 month old boy it was awesome! We should’ve took south loop trail at the bridge instead of going over the bridge we had a stroller and it didn’t make it we had to turn around literally a few hundred feet from the platform. So take south loop if you want to smooth way!

Very nice enjoyable hike. Ranger was very helpful for our first time to the park. The waterfall was rushing! We came on a Sunday and it wasn’t too crowded at all.

Found the trails through this app.

Bad part lots of horse poop on trail.

19 days ago

Beautiful scenery!

20 days ago

way, way to crowded. waterfalls are pretty dinky, and dont really run unless it just rained. poison oak and ticks everywhere. some partial shade which is good because the spring and summer temps get over 100. now you need a reservation to even get in.. much better ways to spend a morning than this

Great hike! I took my dog for a nice long walk today, it was fun to explore all the trails, weather was perfect, cool breeze kept us from sweating too much. Take lots of water!

23 days ago

I was here on a Tuesday so I pretty much have the entire trail to myself. The trail itself is not bad, but there's no destination point, which I find disappointing. It's just a lot of walking along the river. The climbing area is nice though. I would just end the hike there in the future.

Nice wide trail to walk on and to move outta the way if you do see people, bikes, or horses. The up and down of the hills helps work a variety of muscles so no single group feels overworked. I had to take a few breaks to catch my breath going up on a couple but it was easy most of the time. It’s beautiful and peaceful. We found old foundation where a settlement used to be about a mile in to the right before you get to the fork to Rattlesnake Bar. Lots a poison oak all around the trails so be on the lookout.

24 days ago

Very dope views of the river, we will be coming back soon.

25 days ago

Went with friends on a weekend. And if you didn’t know by know reservations are required and a park ranger will stop you to check for your paper work.

We did a 8.5 miles loop around the entire park so we got a pretty good take as to what it has to offer. A good portion of the trail is what I would consider “service roads” and the other half of the loop is actual dirt trails. When we went early in the morning not much hikers were there. More bikers and horses. And that’s where this park loses its two stars.

Absolutely beautiful foothills and small waters falls that make for a great background noise but the sharing of the trails is the fall of this park. Bicycles are supposed to yield to pedestrians but they come in so fast and yell that they are on your left that you instinctively jump out of the way. And these guys are doing the loop like a race track. From dodging the bikes you also dodge loads......loads of horse poop and even on the smaller trails where I believe they aren’t even allowed. And aside from horse poop, there is dog poop to the max on the trails. Other than that it’s a great day hike.

started at training hill. pretty easy mostly flat. beautiful views. lots of butterflies this time of year. just after the waterfall maybe 3 minutes is a picnic bench which is nice. sadly some lame people throw garbage over the side. this would be good for trail running. also the trail is about 70% sun and 30% shade.

27 days ago

Short hike to the waterfall but there are many trails around to explore the park. I definitely wished I had a mountain bike to ride on creek side trail along the creek! The weather was around mid 70’s and the waterfall was beautiful. There were many shady areas, benches, and maps.

28 days ago

I love this trail! The view of the river is breathtaking!

We went on 4/15/18 and the weather was gorgeous! Felt like the first day of good weather on a weekend, finally! We hiked 1.5 miles down the main path, before taking a turnout down to the water. The bikers were courteous
to let us know when they were behind us (love the bell!) Other dog owners (we had ours with us) were friendly too. Pretty cool to see the bottom of the bridge I use to commute everyday!

1 month ago

Was not impressed with the waterfall if you can even call it that. It was a decent day though. I didn't really enjoy the gravel trails most of the way around.
There are a lot of little side trails to do. We managed to hike a total of 12 miles through here.

trail running
1 month ago

the bf and i jogged our way there and it was pretty fast hike. Views breathtaking!

1 month ago

Great hike! On some weekends it’s online reservations only so be sure to check if the park is full before you go!

loved it!

1 month ago

Love this hike! Beautiful viewpoints throughout. Is great for everyone. Definitely some uphill work one way or the other depending on where you start. But entirely worth it!


mountain biking
1 month ago

Was a beautiful trail. W tried to hike it. BUT Definitely should not be marked kid friendly , there way too many mountain bikers. Steep hills where bikers flew fast at us. And not too many areas to step to the side to avoid.

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