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Auberry, California Map

Went this weekend. as many have said it is a hard hike but manageble and you can enjoy the scenery as you take breaks.

Great hike with a beautiful view on the top. The hike was not as hard as I expected it to be. The second part of the hike was quite steep. I went there mid October and the temp was excellent for hiking. (85f).

I hiked this yesterday with my dog. This was our first official hike. I clocked it at 9.2 miles from the parking lot. There isn’t water at the end. The Pa’san trail loops back around into the wuh-ki’o trail. It would have been much easier to start with the wuh-ki’o trail because the Pa’san is all up hill. For a beginner like myself, a quarter of the way in you feel like you’ve hiked 6 miles. Spent all our energy and resources climbing the mountain just to find out the hike back was super easy. There is a beautiful peak at what feels like the top of the mountain. Good hike though! This one is checked off the list.

off road driving
1 month ago

This trail is a nice dirt road that runs all the way from Shaver to about halfway down the mountain. Not sure why its rated as "Hard" I've seen guys with travel trailers and guys in passenger cars cassually driving on this road. There are no obstacles and I'm pretty sure a mini van could make it on this trail. Still a fun drive though.

Walked this trail many times now, with and without a dog. Beautiful views of the river and wildflowers in spring. Beware of poison oak just off the trail in a few places before the bridge.

Did a team bonding with one of our teams, it was a great experience! I will do it again.

Had a great time hiking this trail. Late Fall, lots of tarantulas...

3 months ago

very pretty in spring..Good hike...

Love this trail

5 months ago


I did this trail today. i should have read further into this cause it is not a 7mile hike. According to my tracker i did nearly 12 to reach any water/river where i could actually touch the water while staying on the trail. This is also not maintained very well at all. I counter 8-10 spots where a tree had fallen or the brush have over grown on the trail. It is been a while too cause you can see where others made new paths going around. I wish i knew how to update the distance on this so people have a heads up. The half way on 6.8 is just a random spot on the trail w not much to see.

mountain biking
5 months ago

lots of steps. fun but super technical on a bike. lots of hiking on the bike too

Great hike! A good challenging hike with steep incline. Its a workout. Make sure to bring plenty of water as there is no water on the trail. In the summer you want to do this hike in the morning as it get really hot. Take care my dog & I encounter a rattlesnake. Amazing view of table top mountain. Picnic table at the top. No shade.

5 months ago

A decent hike through trees and grass with wildflowers. I would not do this hike in the summer, it would be much too hot. It's a very peaceful hike with a nice breeze. The trail is easy to follow but because it shares with the Pa'san Ridge Trail for a portion, there is a sign for the Pa-San Ridge Trail while the two are together but then later when they split, there aren't any trail markers. There are posts where the signs used to be. To get to the trail, follow the signs for the Wuh-ki'o Trail after the bridge and then stay left about another 1/4 mile when there is a fork again. There is a map at the parking lot that is pretty clear too.

Great hike! I started the trail from the San Joaquin River Gorge it was about 9.9 miles round trip. Very steep at the end of the hike but worth! If you're going in the summer take plenty of water!


This is a nice trail with beautiful chaparral landscape, with lots of oaks, rocks and wildflowers. It is a good steady climb to the top, but it’s good for beginners. The walk back to the parking lot at the end feels steeper than you remember on the descent down, so just keep that in mind as you go. It’s very sun exposed on the ascent (if you go counterclockwise), so I’d go on a cool day and would probably avoid peak summer if you are sensitive to the Central California heat. I personally can’t wait to go back during tarantula season!

Wow, how do you go uphill both ways?! Very challenging hike with brutally steep inclines. Great workout! Totally worth the pain once you reach the top. The view is amazing. The reason I give it 4 star rating is cause there was little shade.

I was looking for a hike that was dog friendly and this hike was NOT it. About 2 miles into the hike we noticed that the trail was covered with foxtails and another corkscrew looking. Super brutal on my poor little pup. Main reason for my 3 star rating.

We started the hike early and I suggest everyone do the same. There is little shade once you reach the backside of the trail and it was got hot quick. We took another hikers suggestion and took the trail counterclockwise. Some great views. Challenging steep consistent incline for first 3 miles. This is a great hike if you are looking for a workout. I am happy that we completed this hike but don't think I will take up the challenge again.

Amazing views and only a 30 minute drive from Fresno. We got started a little late in the morning so the trail was in full sun and was hot but we brought plenty of water. When the trail splits, you want to stay left, I think if you stay right it goes down by the river. The trail is very wide and easy to follow, it's the width of a car the whole way.

on Wuh-Ki'o Trail

6 months ago

Tried to find the trail twice now and failed both times. The sign pointing to the trail just takes you to the Pa San Ridge trail which is a good hike but I’ve done it four times now. There may be such a trail out there as Wu Ki Oh but it’s pretty well hidden.

6 months ago

This is a great hike. I’ve done it several times training for a longer upcoming hike and it makes for a good workout. Once you get away from the river you really don’t see many other people either so it seems nice and remote even though you aren’t far from civilization. Beautiful views of the river gorge.

Trail starts at the end of Wellbarn Rd at the big gate. Park on the side of the road, no bathrooms or water. You follow the fire road down towards the river for just under 2 miles before it splits. Go to the left and the entrance gate to Big Table is just up the road. This is where the steep climb begins, roughly 1,000 ft in a mile. Once to the top follow the trail, more like tire marks, across the top to the end where you can see views of Millerton Lake. Lots of flowers were in bloom. With going to the very end of the mountain opposite where you enter it was 8 miles roundtrip.

6 months ago

Did this hike 4/15/18. Absolutely stunning. Great views and lots of spring flowers right now. Take the loop counter clockwise. Can't wait to go back!

A challenge for trail running. A good hike. Very green during April. I had heard from another hiker there are rattlesnakes out so be careful at the top where the tall grass is.

perfect timing for this hike because of wild flowers

Great workout with amazing views!

Perfect time of year to do this hike as the wild flowers are popping out everywhere.

great hike amazing views be ready for a workout

Greak day hike. About 7.75 miles from the very beginning of the trail. Kicked my ass, but I’m still getting back into shape. First 3 miles is uphill with about an 800ft increase.

It took us about 2.5 hours not counting stops.

Great work out hiking trail..it’s kind of hard finding the trail head once you are on the road, you need to pass through two gates before you can say you found the trail head..,first gate is the first one where you park your car, then head on that road until you came across a junction on the left, this road is as big as one you are walking on, take that road you should see a gate, you are now in the right path, continue up hill until you are on top..good luck!

8 months ago

Hiked Pa'san yesterday and had a great time! Awesome scenery, occasional cow sighting, good amount of shady spots along the way. Go early, take a good pair of hiking shoes and have fun.

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