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awesome hike with really sceninc views..

this lies in the definition of the trail - long challenging! we reached around 09 am , the overall trek was of 3 hours. People walking by were generous to put mask while they close to a crowd of 2 or more. The trek is mostly 1 way. I didn’t saw many dogs at the very end of the trail near maple falls. Remember, at times you’ll feel that the trek is finished but it isn’t, keep a track on all trails to reach the final destination of the trail to see the beautiful water falls. $8 parking fee allows you to park inside the park vincity of the state park.

I would recommend this trail for anyone who is looking for a hike that is dog friendly! Not too long but still a great workout. Not too busy but there is still a good amount of people. Also kid friendly!

I would recommend this trail. This was our second time doing it. The first we went alone but wanted to bring our daughters. We parked up as far as you could go so it took about a mile off the hike. We got there early so parking was not an issue. As you get closer to the waterfall you cross back and fourth about 20 or so times before you actually get to the fall.

Great, short trail! Free street parking available. Last .05 mile or so is not worth it - it gets difficult to hike through and dead ends, and is such a short distance, you’re better off stopping at the fork where you meet the larger trail

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4 days ago

Great conditioning trail, it’s a road really.

Fun park. Needs more trail signs, arrows indicating where to go. Went yesterday with my sisters to try and see Maple Falls but could not find it despite having a park map. Hikers and bikers kept point us up the main trail until the people higher up on the trail said they haven’t seen a waterfall at all up there, so we gave up after miles of going up and down. Park fee is $8 and the rangers are nice. Everyone is required to wear a mask to pay but on the trail only half the hikers had one on. We kept ours in case we passed people but it’s harder to hike if you keep it on the whole time. Determined to go back without kids and find that waterfall!

Southern part of the trail is very nice. The northern part of the trail is occupied by fast moving mountain bikes. Would not recommend hiking along this portion of the path.

Did this trail for the first time today and loved it. Nice and shady and super beautiful. Pretty easy to follow too.

perfect for all ;

Very pretty shaded hike through redwood forest. The trail is narrow and not too steep. I parked at George's picnic area and hiked clockwise. The total distance was just under 10 miles and took me 3 hours and 15 minutes. There is an outhouse at the main entrance and at George's picnic area. It's $8 to park but there were no envelopes when I arrived this morning and no ranger. I waited until 8:20a then drove through. I did not get a ticket but as I was leaving there was a ranger at the entrance... not sure what time they are supposed to be staffed in the mornings. Next time I would park at Mary's picnic area and add the Bridge Creek trail to Maple falls. (There is a small lot right at the trailhead but it was marked for registered campers only, however, I saw cars parked there, so I'm not sure what the rules are... the whole parking and payment situation was a bit confusing.)

Very fun trail. Drive all the way in to porter for the shortest route. The end of the hike gets rugged with several easy creek crossings. The fall is still going strong!

We reached early in the morning around 7:30 and there were not a lot many people in the park, if you are going early I would suggest driving all the way to the last parking lot as there will be ample parking available in the morning, we parked way before the trailhead starts and that added around 2.5 miles one way to the hike. This is a good hike which involves a bit of elevation gain, not too much to tire you out, you need to scramble a few rocks and cross stream a few times but nothing too hard or dangerous. Overall it's a fun hike and is shady all the way so can be done any time of the day but if you reach late to the park, parking lots will be full. This was my first hike in The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park and I would back for more.

14 days ago

At the time of this review, the parking lot at the park entrance is open, parking $8. I really enjoyed this hike with my family. It was long enough for a workout but short enough that kids didn’t complain. We sat by the river & ate lunch & swung on the rope swing. We saw several banana slugs & beautiful redwoods. The trail wasn’t super busy but we did see several others on the trail. We wore masks when we crossed paths with other hikers. If you want a longer hike, there are many side trails that branch off the loop. The hike starts at the entrance/ toll booth. I clocked 2.0 miles on my fitness tracker. Bring a light sweatshirt because the temperature dips under the shade of the tree canopy.

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15 days ago

Guys imma be real with you; I went on this hike today and it was so dang hard. All I ask is you read the advice at the bottom of this review post thing. We started our hike happy and hydrated and finished dehydrated and exhausted but still fairly happy campers. THE HIKE: After a fairly easy beginning you turn into big slide trail which is still fairly easy. It’s gets a little confusing at some points because there’s minimal signage but all is well because even after a few wrong turns and lots of backtracking you still feel excited for the waterfall and nothing can put a damper on your excitement. Then you hike for a little longer and and start to feel like the promised three to four miles to the waterfall is the longest three to four miles of your entire life, yet you press on. The waterfall is nice and cool and you eat some snacks and relax in the sun, but, then you realize you have to be home in three hours and feel anxious. It took longer than three hours to get there. So, you pack up and head out. On the way back to the main trail you realize a few more anxiety inducing things: you’re quickly running out of water and your hiking partners knee is hurting like cray cray. So, when you reach the sign that says “aptos creek trail closed because a landslide” you go on that trail anyways because it will be shorter and the rangers don’t know what they’re talking about. As your booking it down this trail you think a little bit about how it’s going to suck to hike back up this hill if you really can’t get past this landslide but you don’t let that thought bother you. Though, then you get to the landslide and quickly learn that there’s no getting around it because it’s actually a sheer cliff. Then this is where the hike begins to actually suck so much oh my god. At this point you’re out of water and are feeling so stupid as you trek up the fat hills back to the big slide trail. You feel super dehydrated and you literally want to die because you and your hiking partner are essentially sprinting up this hill because the possibility of making it home for dinner is still realistic. Then you’re on big slide road and get lost about 50 billion times and so you call your family when you finally get a bar of service to tell them you’re not dead and you will it be making it home in time for dinner. Finally you make it back to aptos creek road and feel relived because you literally thought you were going to die on that trail. Aptos creek trail is essentially the beginning of the end. Even though you know it’s going to take so dang long to get to the bottom of the incline you at least know where you are now. At this point your body is on auto pilot so even though you can’t feel your legs they take you all the way to second gate where your sister is waiting to take you to your car at second gate because you called her and told her you couldn’t make it. ADVICE: - bring either more than one water bottle or a water purifier. Both my hiking partner and I ran out of water pretty quickly which was the worst thing ever. - believe the park ranger when they tell you there’s a landslide so the trail is closed. Nuff said. - don’t go on this hike if you have a bad knee (rowen). I feel like this is pretty self explanatory for such a long hike but apparently it needs to be said. - take plenty of breaks! When we were dying on the way back little breaks were essential to keeping us going. CONCLUSION: In conclusion I give this hike five stars. Although it was literally so hard and I literally thought I was going to die in that dang forest it was really pretty and it left me with a good story to tell (I guess). It was also good a bonding moment for me and the boy I like so idk take what you will from that. All in all I recommend this hike to those who are well prepared and ready for a challenge.

The mileage from George’s Picnic Area is closer to 11 miles. It is a beautiful trail and well worth the extra mileage.

it was pretty good trail overall, but there is one point which was missing a marking and hence we ended up taking a wrong path for extra 500ft elevation and added 1.5 miles to our route. but it was worth it, we are amateur at this and it was a learning experience.

23 days ago

Started from the trailhead at the Porter Family Picnic Area - drive ALL the way in. Trail was mostly shady to the falls. Don't let the downed trees and scramble over rocks deter you - keep going to the falls - it's worth it!

great trail!

We loved this location but it is pretty busy. Unfortunately many people leave their dogs off leash even though it is not allowed.

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