2 days ago

These two trails are fire roads. Lots of runners, bikers, and a few hikers. Once you get out a couple of miles, it becomes nice and quiet. There is very little shade, so do this in the spring/fall and take water.

The trail is very pretty on the backside. Once you make it up Stewartville trail to the junction of Ridge trail, turn around and look at Mt Diablo - what a beautiful sight! There is a nice little bench there to sit and look at the beauty and cool down.

I saw crows, hawks, and one long eared rabbit.

There is a ton of dog poop all over the trails. I wish East Bay parks would just ban all dogs off the trails. I am a responsible dog owner and still saying this because it is unhealthy for human and dog alike to be around a lot of dog poop. If you don't want to carry your dogs poop around the trail with you in a bag, then don't take your dog. Take some responsibility and give respect to the trails and those that use them.