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Angwin, California Map
10 days ago

Short and sweet :)

Nice hike, pretty easy and very dusty. Terrain varies from woods to meadow, mostly flat. Picnic table overlooking airstrip. Some of us (well, ok..me) were freaked out by the pack of coyote we heard crying/calling. Seemed to be stalking us. I had my puppy with me and it was very un-nerving. Past a runner who said he sees the pack often but not to worry...they are harmless. No others on the trail. Id recommend doing this with a friend or two.

A little tricky to find as you have to park on the street and walk in. We took the entrance closest to the ball field but across the street. Pretty easy hike most the way. When you get close to the waterfall it gets steep and is worth the climb down! Water was flowing beautifully. Visited on Feb 24 2018. The kids had a blast climbing rocks. We all did! Didn’t take the trail back up. Climbed up all the rocks instead.

That was a nice and short hike. Cute falls.

1 month ago


Ok so I never actually made it to the trail! I could not find the actual trailhead! Can someone please give me some advice as to exactly where it is located? Thanks so irritated with myself.

1 month ago

Beautiful mellow hike to some waterfalls. The trail was to the base of the waterfalls is rather short and totally worth it. There is the main waterfall at the end of the trail and multiple falls upstream. If you are wanting to go on more trails you can and still hear the waterfalls in the distance.

1 month ago

Short but sweet.

Mostly fire roads and the road splits off in different directions multiple times but we used our intuition and managed to make a big circle back to the entrance.

Took two hours. As others have said, easy to get lost.

Trail is mostly shaded and includes portions of 4H camp access road. Hiking clockwise, the end of the marked loop near the trailhead is blocked due to construction. The property is crisscrossed with mapped trails and it was easy finding a workaround (unsigned), but it did cause us to backtrack a few hundred yards. Great walk with our dog.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Great mountain biking trails. Perfect for introducing kids to the sport.

Great hike with plenty of shade with mild up & down trails that send you in all sorts of different directions. Mark the trail turns so you don't get lost.

Short but nice, pretty waterfall

Mark your hike as you can easily get lost

This hiking area was great!! My kids and wife loved it!

Parked at the turn where there is a walk-in point to Los Posades State Forrest. I love the up and down terrain along the way to the Eisenhower experiemental forrest. The trails are mainly fire roads which makes for easy navigation. None of the trails are marked with signs but I attend the 4H summer camp as a chaperone and am familiar with the area so we hiked down into the camp and completed our loop up the fire road, passed the department of forestry station and back out to the road. Love the hike from either direction, a little up hill and down hill, as well as plenty of shade.

6 months ago

Such a beautiful waterfall!
The hike is not difficult at all.

6 months ago

cool, quick hike out to the falls. More of a walk really but the water fall is awesome. We took Old Sawmill Trail afterwards for a little over a mile and it seems to go nowhere.

Great, wide trails, but none are marked. I found it very easy to take the wrong trail, would have. een lost w/out GPS.
Lots of shade, going through the woods, a few gills to contend with, but overall, very nice.

great in the hot weather, not too difficult, not too many people, great for dogs.

Love this trail!

trail running
10 months ago

This Trail is nice! the loop i did was a bit short but there are plenty of trails that you can sure make it longer. The mosquitos were pretty hungry so be ware and bring some mosquito repellant if you are hiking. around mile 2.5 there is a good climb on single trail but be ware of all the poison oak on the side.

Go left as you go out. The trail switches back and is a significant descent. The way back in is still uphill, but not as challenging. Not all that scenic. But, a good cardio workout in about 2 hours.

The falls are really flowing! The hike is a bit short so we did the Sawmill trail, too. Some sites say yes for dogs, but the sign at the trailhead said no...

11 months ago

Lots of poison oak.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The only trail markers are for the 4H camp and the cemetery so it is a good idea to have your phone with GPS to make sure youre on the right path. The trails are basically CA state forrest service roads. The forest is not old growth but there are some great views of Chiles/Pope valley from the eastern portion of the loop.

Monday, March 20, 2017

falls were great. loop is almost impossible to find, no maintenance at all. beautiful area though.

Monday, March 20, 2017

We tried following the trail mapped out here on Alltrails. The start of the loop right now is marked by fallen trees, and there's actually no loop, one can only go right. We searched for the trail going left and it's inexistent, or it looks like no one would have used it for years anyway. We ended up doing a 3.4m hike, and the route was more similar to the one provided by the park.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Well marked Dog friendly (on leash) hike to the falls. The falls are running well thanks to our months of rain. We weren't able to complete the loop due to many downed trees.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Falls were great! Tried the loop depicted on all trails, but it was overgrown. Only way we knew we were on it was gps. Lots of fallen trees and no trail maintenance- probably for years. If you do the loop, bring pants, a gps, and check yourself for ticks (first bite). Again, the falls, which were easy to find, were amazing!

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