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Just completed this hike. 4hr30min with a couple breaks and 3L of water. Lake was dry, the creeks were flowing but is very easy to cross. Unfortunately, the first 2-3 miles was burned down a couple years ago and right now is still just a forest of charred trees.

Incline is mild with a couple short tough parts. Only saw about 10 people. Great day hike, will come back in the winter.

I was lucky to have my friend Ryan, an experienced ultra runner and trail junkie take my slow ass up this awesome mountain. It’s a pretty big climb so be prepared, yet totally doable for anyone that’s in good shape. I loved it and can’t wait to do it again.

Really good hike! Not trekked as much as some other nearby trails. Good views.

Did this hike last Sunday (04/29/18). Fairly challenging due to distance and altitude. Patchy snow above 9k feet but no need for microspikes or crampons. Great views. Took about 7.5 hours with a few breaks.

Dirt road to parking area is not easily passable with a sports car. Had to park at restaurant across the street.

Hiked 4 21 2018. Trail clear all the way to Limber Pine with patches of snow after that. Might want spikes early morning, but the snow does soften up late morning. This is one of the nicer hikes if the six peaks. Great views throughout, especially on the way down.

The trail is passable without the need for traction all the way to the summit. This is a great hike that provides a wide variety of amazing views. The track is kind across the (reported 15.7 miles...I think it is closer to 16) as it has a nice middle portion of flat to rolling trail to allow you to make up for steep beginning and summit sections.

Peaked this back in 2014 with a buddy of mine, Bentz. Had an awesome time, camped out and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Highly recommend.

summited Friday 4/13 2018
snowy icy patches in the shaded parts of trail. best with some traction but OK without. last 500m was covered in snow so make your own trail up

April 6 2017 went with my girlfriend and summited this bad boy but it wasn't worth it. As of 2 days ago this trail starts being dangerous at around 8,500 elevation. With so many pictures on Instagram of people "summiting" you'd think it would be well marked with foot prints.. nope... (pictures from awhile back maybe?) The snow makes it super hard to follow the trail so you have to ascend up and most of the snow is very unstable so expect to sink your legs alot ( previous footprints don't help). Many arent visible anymore to the top besides at a notch where everone cuts for a scramble to the "top". Bring Crampons and an Ice Axe if you attempt it . Don't be like the 2 people last week who slid down and got hurt. Summit is snowed in and still has gorgeous views but weather can get bad up there fast. If you don't know the trail bring GPS. Other than that have a fun extreme hike up this mountain. Only saw 2 people up there who were hauling down as well with us when the wind picked up.

Hiked this trail 2 weeks age and the trail was snow bound last mile or so. Dry Lake was completely snow bound. Beautiful! Yesterday’s hike was completely different. Just traces of snow on the trail only at the very top and The snow was completely gone up top. Dry lake was wet again. Beautiful! Very good time to hike this trail. Sun was out, but there was a cool breeze making it very comfortable!

March 28, 2018: first late winter attempt and the trail is good with patchy snow starting around 8000 ft increasing above. About 5 miles up take a sharp right as the trails ends in a snow bank. Can do with poles carefully. However, above 9100 ft the slope and frozen snow requires spikes. I know the trail the last mile but decided to turn around as the snow was too glazed and slippery for my dog Keiko. It was also untracked so if you don’t know the trail you cannot see it, at least this week. Rated 4 stars today due to snow conditions but it was a gorgeous day and the views were spectacular. Love this trail!

Love this hike! First time I did it in the winter with plenty of snow on the top couple of miles. Was a cold start around 8am, but the sun came up quickly and it turned out to be a beautiful day to hike. No snow for the first half of the hike, but after the creek crossing and the beginning of the switchbacks the snow was constant to the top at Dry Lake. Snow was pretty frozen in the morning, but I kept from slipping by hiking in previous footsteps. Should have put my micro spikes on, but was lazy. Dry Lake was beautiful full of snow, but cold and windy, so I didn't stay too long. Took my time going down, with several breaks to enjoy my thermos of coffee and bagel. Only ran into a hand full people along the way. Got back to the trail head around 2pm. Was pretty tired because hiking in the snow took its toll. Great day though. Would highly recommend this trail anytime, but the winter hike was special.

I went yesterday March 06, 2018. I was the only person in the whole trail all day which is fully covered in snow. (A few dry patches here and there) First 2/3’s of the hike, the trail is easy to figure out, just follow all the footprints from previous hikers. There was snow recently, so the last third was difficult. No trail to be found, sometimes I followed footprints that randomly stopped somewhere. Had to take shortcuts, deep snow in some areas, I fell quite a lot. Wearing crampons for 16 miles takes its toll, eventually I made it right before sunset due to a late start, at 9:30 am thanks to horrible traffic since I drove from San Diego. Cold at the top, took pics, went down immediately, my fingers were getting numb and darkness was coming in fast. Back to my car right after midnight. The first and last thirds have switchbacks, sometimes steep. It was a tough day.

Did this on Presidents’ Day 2018. There was snow at the trail head and it snowed on us when we first started. We didn’t need the crampons until about 8000. We didn’t make it to the top because of the storm that rolled in. The hike was beautiful, especially in the snow.

Beautiful trail! Lots of "BAM!"s (Beauty Appreciation Moments) from the massive redwood trees at the beginning, the sweeping views over the mountains, and the snow!

As of Saturday Feb 18, trails were clear below around 9000ft, and microspikes and poles are highly recommended above that elevation. We passed some people barebooting it, but it was quite slippery in some parts on the packed snow.
Jackdaw Springs where we camped was well sheltered from wind. There was some flowing water but it was very shallow (1" of water or so) and muddy. The last mile or two before Foresee Creek was quite windy, we were glad we had our hardshell jackets+pants. We didn't find water at Forsee Creek, so we cut short our plans to continue to Bernardino Peak because we didn't have enough fuel to melt snow.

It snowed a little this morning (Sunday Feb 19) in Angelus Oaks, so conditions have probably changed on the trail.

had to do this by myself cuz I was late to meet up with my group but it didn't stop me I made it and I didn't die!

Conditions as of Feb 4, 2018: Snow above 8,200 with microspikes necessary above 8,500. Perfect for glissading between switchbacks!

Did this trail on 2/2/2018 and it was a gorgeous day to be up in the mountains. I only saw one other hiker the whole day and had the summit to myself. A couple of things to note as in one of the previous reviews there is still snow on the trail above 8,000 ft. After passing Limber Pines I used my micro spikes the rest of the way up. The views are definitely worth it from the top!

This is a gorgeous trail that has steady, not very steep incline for 7.7 miles (there are few patches of steep ones). The hike would have been easier and more enjoyable if there was no snow on the trail. Mid section was covered in ice and the higher elevation was covered in powder snow, which made the hike extra tiring ... Do not attempt this hike during winter without microspikes /crampons and hiking polls ! Follow the footsteps of previous hikers if you don’t want to submerge in snow. The powder, which by the time we were heading back became slush, was not fun at all and was pretty dangerous!
The view at the top ? Sooo worth it - you can see Mt Gorgonio in front of you, Big Bear etc... Sense of accomplishment was pretty big :)! We couldn’t stay at the top for too long though because we wanted to make it back before it got dark! Total hike was 15.5 miles with 9 hrs moving time (10 total)... all and all this was a great hike!

Did this hike 1-15. Wish I had a current report prior. Snow is covering trail from 8000 feet all the way to the top. I made it to the top with micro spikes only. Probably not the best idea but the snow higher up was soft. Followed foot steps that were off trail but went right direction. Beautiful views.

Good challenging day hike. Will definitely do it again.

5 months ago

The trail is very easy to follow and well maintained.

So me and my wife did this trail thanksgiving weekend. The weather was great! Surprisingly warm for the elevation. This was my wives first time backpacking. So it was pretty intense for her since she hasn’t done it before. I would definitely say if this is your first or one of the first times backpacking I would say to start as early as you can to give you plenty of time to take breaks along the way. However there aren’t too many steep parts of the trail it’s pretty steady most of the way. Great views the whole way up! WHEN WE WENT UP THERE WAS WATER AT LIMBER PINES CAMPSITE HOWEVER THERE WERE SOME PARTS LOWER THAN THE CROSSING THAT HAD STARTED TO FREEZE HOWEVER IT WAS FLOWING PRETTY WELL. I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS TRAIL AND DO IT AGAIN. HAVE FUN. AND MAKE SURE TO TRY TO GET TO THE PARKING LOT EARLY TO GET A SPOT.

Beautiful hike. The lake was dry, but the streams were flowing and beautiful. There were a few trees fallen over the trail after a recent rainstorm.

Great hike and weather couldn't have been better. the first 2 1/2 miles are hard but the rest is a steady uphill except for the manzanilla section. Levels off for a good breather around 3 1/2 mile mark but then it's up again. Good workout. Hard to say if it's easy, moderate, hard, etc because everyone is their own person and have different skill levels. I hike quite a bit and it's difficult at times. I average about 20-21 minutes a mile going up if that's a good yardstick. Saw a couple campers at Limber Pines area. Loved the hike and met some really good people from HikescapeLA at the summit. Hikers are good people! Don't forget to get your permit for San Bernardino Peak and all the other local hikes at the Mill Creek Ranger Station which is about 14 miles before the trailhead. They open at 8am but the forms are outside if you get there before that.

This is an excellent day hike. There is nothing technical and the trail is extremely easy to follow. The first 2 1/2 miles are the most physically challenging part, with a 15% + grade. But by the time my body really started to feel the elevation, the grade relaxed and I locked my pace in all the way to the summit. Of course there are a few steep areas here and there, but they are spaced far apart and don't beat up your quads too bad at all.

Once you break out of the forested section, the view is nearly continuous all the way to the summit. The view at the summit is lackluster in comparison to the rest of the hike, so really enjoy that view during the climb and at "the bench".

I would compare this hike to Cucamonga via Icehouse Canyon. It is not as physically challenging imho, but the elevation challenge is of course much more significant. I absolutely loved this hike and I would probably do this very frequently if I lived close by.

A permit is NOT required for a day hike. Visit http://sgwa.org/wilderness-permits/ for more info.

Also, if you have a low ground clearance/performance oriented car, you may want to consider taking a different car or finding a different place to park besides the trail head. The drive from the fire station to the trail head is "offroad", with shallow ruts/loose and sharp rocks.

Great hike. Awesome views with lots of differing landscapes. I would highly recommend this hike to anyone showing an interest.

I had an off day on this hike, and it totally kicked my butt. The views are beautiful, and the trail is very easy to follow, probably among the easiest I’ve been on.

Beautiful scenery, fantastic views. Strenuous hike, but nothing technically challenging. No water at the crossing of Limber Pine Creek. There is a trickle higher up. I am sure there would be plenty of flow in the spring time. Wilderness permit required. It is available at the Mill Creek Ranger Station. Adventure pass required for parking.

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Beautiful views

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