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I think this is a great trail for a beginner hiker to put them self to the test. Trail had consistent traffic on the weekend with gorgeous views.

Was water at trail fork springs very slow trickle
Camped at trail fork springs very windy!
at night

6-9-18 and 6-10-18. Did this as a 2 day hike adding 1 mile from Dollar Saddle to High Springs Meadow. There was water but it was a trickle. The flowers were in Bloom from the trail head to the South Fork. Very delightful. Dollar Lake Trail is less delightful, and more of a slog (with the back pack), gaining 1800 feet up to Dollar Saddle. Lots of areas with burnt out pines. Past the saddle, the trail to the Summit is gradual and I enjoyed the walking. Should go without saying that the views at the top are superb!

Made it to the summit on May 27th and trail is completely clear of all snow. There is no water at Dollar Lake so last water up this route would be at the Dry lake/Dollar lake fork. There is still some small patches of snow along the trail but it will be melting fast.

3 months ago

I was lucky to have my friend Ryan, an experienced ultra runner and trail junkie take my slow ass up this awesome mountain. It’s a pretty big climb so be prepared, yet totally doable for anyone that’s in good shape. I loved it and can’t wait to do it again.

Is this trail open ?

We completed our final peak #sangorgonio in our #2107 #sixpackofpeaks challenge. This beast took us 11 hours and was 22 miles roundtrip. We went up to 11,500 elevations via #southforktrail in #angelusoaks #california. The elevation gain was 4858. This is the highest peak in all of #southerncalifornia. We opted for this trail over Vivian Creek due to the elevation. We decided we could go longer miles easier than the steep incline since we were both coming off bronchitis and being sick for a few weeks. We started at 7:10 am and ended at 6:35 pm. We did stop for lunch and spent about 30 minutes chilling on the peak enjoying the unparalleled views atop and another snack before the long hike back. It seemed like the trail would never end. It just kept going and going and going. Absolutely epic day and grateful to explore these epic journeys with the one I love #shawnbrown and great friends #reneedelbarba. #Alltrails said it was 18.8 miles but we both GPS it at 22 miles Round Trip. #daniwalker #danilynwalker #socalhiker #killinit #californiahikers, #optoutside #viewfromthetop #blessed #neverstopexploring #sticktogetherinloveforever

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

love it CARFULL WE WALK THE LONG LOOP AND A SNAKE SHOW NO FAER of people and it did not make a sound

Some of the best views you can get. This is definitely a trail that is overshadowed by San G

Very pretty.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Super quick and easy!

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Great trail. We did this trail on December 23rd. There were plenty of snow along the way. It got a bit tough towards the end because the trails were covered in snow and ice. Lots of deer and bear tracks. If you're planning to go during the winter, wear warm clothing and by all mean, bring trekking poles.

Monday, June 08, 2015

The 7 mile dirt road to the trail head is rough, but I did it in my subaru WRX. Takes patience and I hit a couple rocks but didn't damage my car. I would say if you have a longer sedan this is a huge no go, you'll get caught on large humps. If you have a shorter 2wd car that has OK clearance it's doable, but you will hit one or two rocks.

That 7 miles took me 45 minutes each way. Will probably take a truck 25 min.

My GPS said 10.12 miles one way to the top from the trail head. We were on the trail for 10 hours including stops. It was a long day but a beautiful trail. Elevation gain is relatively gradual, I never felt like I was climbing stairs.

Small creeks at the bottom, but I don't think any of the halfway water points had water. We brought 4 liters each and had water to spare.

The trail was really well marked. Never got lost or thought we were lost.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

This is a great trail, this was my second attempt at it and didn't want to write a review till I finished. First time we had to turn back because my partner got sick. This time I was bound and determined to get to the peak. Unfortunately this weekend is the last weekend I would recommend going unless you have some serious snow gear such as crampons and possibly backpacking gear. There was a decent amount of ice on the trail which made for slower travel, but it was doable as long as there was softer snow. Towards the peak there was probably 4-5 inches of snow and it made following the trail a little difficult. We were the only people who had gone past Jackstraw Creek camp and had no foot steps to follow so the snow was still pretty fresh. Saw some deer and bear tracks which was pretty cool and got to see a beautiful sunset. Overall this trail kicked my butt, however it was well worth it to get to the peak!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Good trail. It was the first hike our family went on. Kids (2 and 4) did great till about the last half mile. They were done by then. Never saw the "short" route turnoff so we did the full 1.4 miles. Well marked trail and while marked as easy here, the placard at the trailhead said it was moderate. My out-of-shape butt didn't need to stop but the wife and kids did. Would love to do it again in the spring or early summer.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

So high clearance is recommended but not a necessity. I drove my 2013 Yaris with no bumps on the way up, and one knock coming down.(driver error) the trail is about 18 miles not 8 or so like the page says. It is a very constant slope. I'm a newer hiker and I only stopped on the way up for some water and to have a lunch break at 10,500ft. Very do able if you're ok with 10 hours of hiking. I brought 100oz of water with me and had some to spare on the way home. All together the best hike south of the Sierras. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Started at Aspen Glen on account of the road being a bit too much for my tiny car. Hiked up to the summit and back. The view and the mountain itself are just breathtaking.I would suggest camping and doing it in 2 days or start hiking very early as we had to practically run down the mountain before dark.

trail running
Saturday, June 02, 2012

Had a wonderful trail run in end of May. Drove up the Fire Road and that was a bit annoying. 4-wheel drive not necessary, but some ground clearance will definitely help with a few sections. Started off a bit late (around 9 in the morning). Chilly in the low 30's, but was warming up steadily. Trailhead starts off at around 8k ft or so, and took me just about 2 hours to run/jog up to 11.5k ft Gorgonio Peak (which was cold, windy). My first real trail run, so time is a bit slow and I stopped for lots of photos. Gorgeous views all the way! Talk about clean air, solitude, that outdoors smell.. Passing through the campgrounds was great, lots of friendly hikers. Total run time was around 4.5 hours, and just at about 20 miles. Altitude makes it oh so difficult if you're not used to it.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Gorgeous! You need a four wheel drive vehicle to get to the entrance. Within a half hour, you've hiked into an old growth silver pine forest. The hike is moderate, and the climb is unceasing. It's the fastest way to get to Dry Lake. Very beautiful!

Trail starts out near a creek with beautiful meadows. Very rocky trail. Tail near the top is mostly shale. Very slippery and hard on the knees. Bring your trekking poles. Sugarloaf peak offers beautiful views of the San Gabriel Mountains and Big Bear. Look for the white can at the top so you can add your name to the book.

on Anderson Peak

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The trail head for this hike is Forsee Creek. This is a strenuous trail. It is up hill for 6.8 miles with elevation gain of 3760'. The trail is mostly shaded with great views. There is water at Jackstraw springs and Trail forks Springs. This is also a great place to backpack. This is one of my favorite trails in the San Gorgonio Wilderness. I have hiked it many times. On a clear day the views from Anderson Peak are fantastic.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Both short loops are easily accessible and completed by people of all ages. On my visit, the only other people I saw were speeding by on the mountain highway. There are several other trails along Highway 38, on the way to Big Bear. These two short loops make a great introduction to the region, and in my case, helped whet my appetite to see more.

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