9 days ago

Having hiked this trail on an annual basis for over 20 years today was the first time since the Lake fire in 2015 that I have hiked it. Started out from the trailhead at 6:15 and reached the talus rock summit of Shields Pk. about 3 hours later. I was happy to see that the fire had only touched the Eastern most portions of the trail leaving most of this beautiful forest untouched. The views eastward from the peak include Charelton, Jepson, Gorgonio, and San Jacinto as well as many other of the lesser peaks near 10K. After a short break on Shields I headed over to Anderson Pk. the 3rd tallest peak in the range of individual prominence for another short break. The views from Anderson are a bit more obscured as there are more trees on this summit, but with a bit of moving around all high summits can be viewed from this peak. A very nice day with less than a dozen people encountered during the day, all of which were on the decent.