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2 days ago

I've done this a few times, both half way to the Lowe Railway Camp, which is about 5 miles round trip and all the way to Inspiration Point, which is 10 miles round trip. It's definitely worth it to go the entire way if you have time, the views are amazing at inspiration point and the trail is empty and quiet the second half of the way. It can be a bit confusing around the ruins on the way back, but if you have your app/maps then you'll be fine. I rate this as moderate not difficult as long as you're in halfway decent shape you should be fine.

Beautiful flowers, great views.

great trail to go on especially for beginners. took our 4 year old daughter she had great time. was a little tricky to find. there is a camp ground at the trail head and a small parking lot. the lot was full when we arrived had to park on top of the hill about .5 miles from trail. even with parking a bit away from the trail it was still worth it.

Get there early. You will have to park on the street and the later you get there the further you will park from the trailhead. It’s a beautiful hike but it can get packed and the trail is well maintained but narrow. We hiked up to the hotel remains and I regret not taking the extra time to take the detour to inspiration point. Next time!

Was a really lovely walk. A little confusing on the way down but nothing the app or maps couldnt sort out!

Oak and follow the sign for sunset ridge trail. Then you'll be on the trail that leads to the creek. Follow creek all the way up. Mines closed but it's a fun trail. Incline the way there. Decline the way back. 6.5 miles total

I hiked what I believed to be this trail this past Saturday morning, which was nice and misty. It made for a truly beautiful hike. I am not entirely sure where I made the wrong turn, but on my recording you can see that I did not hike this trail, truly. When I got to the gate for the access road about 7am, it was locked. I found a spot on the street down past the nursery and hiked up the road to the trail system. By the time I got to that point I was so wet and had been roadwalking for so long that I just took the first trail I saw. My total hike was around 4 miles out & back, and I came across both a dwelling far back in the forest, and a beautiful pool of water not far from the dwelling. (I do believe someone lives there currently - it looked that way.) I plan on doing the proper trail soon, but this was my favorite short hike to date.

I love this trail alot! I came up here for one of my first hikes back in the nineties as a young kid! The hike is shady, which is perfect for a hot day. Compared to the nearby Eaton Canyon falls, this is less traveled for some reason, even though it's slightly shorter and easier. The area next to the falls is a wonderful oasis with some rock climbing hooks along the walls of the canyon.

I put together an episode of my vlog on this trail. Check it out here:
I also put together a playlist for anyone to bring on the trail with them :)

Have fun on the trail! Hope to see you out there some time.

Did this hike in early May and it was great! A couple of pointers though....
1) I was fooled by AllTrails YET AGAIN on the trail distance. Description says 4.9 miles but it is actually 6.5 miles. The site is usually off a bit but this one is off by quite a large margin so plan accordingly! I did this right around sunset and had to run the last 20 minutes to get my car out by 8pm.. (per the signage you will be locked in after 8pm).
2) The hike is pretty difficult in that it is steep & narrow in several spots w/ slippery gravel so wear hiking boots. I do a ton of hiking and would say this one is borderline moderate/hard. Decent elevation gain but well worth it.
3) Where the f was the dawn mine? There is a sign clearly marked pointing toward it however I ran around that area thoroughly and never found it. Still cool, just was racing the clock due to the distance and did not see what was pictured in some of the photos here. Bummer.
4) Overall beautiful hike. Doing the sunset portion, yes, during sunset made for great views and it really was one of the nicer trails in the LA/Pasadena area. There is a nice little picnic area toward the peak elevation on the sunset trail side & you can see DTLA. Very nice. The stream is really tranquil and there are fun wooden footbridges and rock jumping to keep things interesting on the dawn mine side.
5) Definitely have the trail map handy as there were several times I would have been lost without it. Lots of intertwined trails around here so be careful to stay on this one. :)
Happy hiking!

Dawn Mine Trail has been recently restored to great condition. Made it to Tom Sloane Saddle with no difficulty. From the saddle to Brown Mtn on the east side of the peak is a use trail, rugged but passable. On the west side down to Fern truck trail, though there are discernable use trails in some spots, this is really off-trail hiking. Very rugged, with brush, yuccas, and loose footing. Extremely steep just above the the truck trail. Be sure to take the ridge that runs north at first and then bends to the west, not the ridge that runs south from the peak. This is for experienced hikers who are comfortable with off-trail navigation and hiking.

Went this past Friday! Such a short & pretty hike. The waterfall wasn't flowing too much but still pretty. Went early and completely avoided any crowds. No trash either!!

Great beginner hike. Took our 4 year old they they were able to easily navigate through the crossing streams.
Short hike that is shaded and goes along a running creek. Once we got to the waterfall is was pretty crowded though. We did however go on Mother’s Day. Lots of families.
Overall great local hike. We are definitely going back and packing some water shoes and extra pants.

13 days ago

One of my favorites. Consistent elevation gain, gorgeous views sunrise or sunset. Gets busy, so time accordingly.

the hike to the top is all uphill and there's not much shade but when you get there it's worth the hike

I've done this loop trail a couple of times and even camped at the Mount Lowe Trail Camp. It's an amazing hike, you rarely see anyone past Echo Mountain on a weekday... I went yesterday (Tuesday) and saw no one between 10am - 6pm, basically after passing Echo Mountain. The trails are pretty well maintained besides a couple of downed trees... I also think for anyone prepared and that has backcountry trail knowledge, this isn't that confusing of a loop or network of trails. There are signs at every junction. Just be smart, take a map or remember to keep your phone on airplane mode cause your GPS will still work on Google Maps. ;)

Such an amazing view. Hike can be difficult depending which trail you take. 2 Out of 3 can be difficult, the longer way of course is a bit easier. I wouldn’t recommend wearing your general tennis shoes for this as there are areas with rocks or narrow walk ways.

Pack plenty of food and water.

Great hike. Started at 6:00am on Sunday morning and had shade all the way up and down from Echo Mountain. Narrow and winding trail with good inclines. A bit crowded but everyone I came across was courteous.

20 days ago

Did this on may 1st with fog, fog, fog: no views. But wonderfully quiet and cool. Took side trips to Echo Mountain, Muir Peak and Mt Lowe for a combined 17 mi hike. very nice. The actual trail is well maintained, well indicated and not all that hard.
All the historical signs and indicators made the trail a tad too domesticated for my taste.

21 days ago

Beautiful vistas of the mountains on one side and Los Angeles on the other. Watch out for the trail head. It’s very steep, so you might have missed it if you get to the closed gate on the access road.

I took this route back in 2009 and had fond memories and wanted to do it again so I took my 25 year old daughter on the hike as part of our preparation to summit Half Dome in Yosemite this summer.

This route was as pleasant and interesting as I remembered. I enjoy the climb to the ruins at Mt. Lowe and the the level walk back into Castle Canyon and then the sharp ascent to the top. I like the lookout and “telescopes” up there. Then, continuing on the loop comes the shady and level section through the trees before the descent.

As you make your way down the mountain the sense of how high you have climbed is impressive. Great views! We were out on the trail about 6.5 hours, moving 5.5. 11.6 miles.

worth all the effort!

Narrow winding trail with steep incline makes for great workout, 2-3 hours up and down. Amazing views of San Gabriel valley and City. Best views and photos at peak. Wild flowers bloom in the spring. Arrive early to avoid crowds and heat. Plenty of neighborhood parking. Gets hot in the summer.

Great and tough hike. Make sure you bring lots of water and snacks. It can get really hot or be very cold on top. Also bring good shoes with good grip. Not a lot of shade and can get crowded.

Easy hike for all ages, the trail was mostly shaded with several stream crossings. The waterfall is majestic, with a huge rock crowning the top of the falls.

So far is one of my favorite hiking trails around LA, great views, nice walk, birds, people,dogs, little lizards, squirrels, picnics areas, camping places so good, and the arroyo is not dry at all

This hike is beautiful and short if you want a quick escape from the city. When the stream is high, there are many crossings that require either jumping or using rocks as steps to get across. When we visited today, the stream was low so crossing was easy. When you get to the falls, there aren’t many places to sit and relax, so we just turned back after taking some pictures. The hike itself was easy once you get into the canyon. It’s the incline walking to and from your car that gets you!

nice trail. great views when it is not smoggy. start early or after sunset as most of trail and summit do not provide shade. trail is very dry and dusty as well. no water or restrooms available either. very nice trail overall.

Super fun trail! Great for walking or trail running.

Great for beginners. Enjoyed the waterfall.

Moderate hike with some great views.

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