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it was a nice little hike but not much water this time plenty of shade and friendly people

This trail starts off easily enough as a wide track through the haunted ruins of the Cobb Estate. (Google John Fleming's writeup, or check out Atlas Obscura for the history.)

Past the reservoir, the trail totally changes character, to a narrow, cliff-hugging path that requires some scrambling and bush-whacking. More "dog accessible" than "dog friendly." Be prepared to help your dog over rocks, and to pick out a lot of burrs afterwards.

This is one of my favorite local hikes! It can be done as a lollipop loop using the Sam Merril Trail as the base. When you reach the top of the Sam Merril Trail you can take the Castle Canyon Trail (which is really awesome and wild but pretty strenuous the 2nd half). Or you can stay left and keep going up the mountain about 3/4 of a mile on the Sam Merril Trail until you hit Mt. Lowe rd. Then make a right and take that about 2 3/4 of a mile until you hit the Mt, Lowe Campground. And then only 1/3 of a mile more up to the right to Inspiration Point. Once there you can go back down the way you came or do it as a loop. The Mt. Lowe Rd. way is a little longer but not as steep. I like to do this hike as a sunset hike...the views are amazing. I usually make it back to the halfway point near the old hotel as night has fallen. The views of the city at night are breathtaking.

A fun little trail with a few stream crossings that's easy to get to and easy to follow. The best part is that a majority of the trail is in the shade, perfect for a summer morning hike! Get there early because parking is quite limited and you need an adventure pass.

small trail that goes through campground to waterfall

17 days ago

It's amazing how secluded this trail is given its location. It's also quite overgrown, so I recommend wearing pants, bringing a map, and giving yourself plenty of daylight. We decided to turn back about 0.8 miles in because we encountered a rattlesnake in the middle of the trail under some rocks. (We didn't want to deal with it on our way back down in the dark.)

on Millard Canyon Falls Trail

18 days ago

This is a nice low impact hike. Very kid friendly.

18 days ago

Rubio Canyon is a lightly trafficked, hidden gem. The canyon is very steep, and within a hundred yards you go from suburbia to a rugged wilderness that is popular with canyoneers.

If you extend the hike a bit, you can reach a number of different waterfalls, one of them almost 80 feet high. Just be prepared for some bushwhacking and Class 3 scrambling. You definitely want hiking boots and long pants. You definitely don't want to bring your dog, and if you're afraid of heights, this is not your hike.

But the views are spectacular, and you pass some ruins of the historic Mt Lowe Railway. Very fun and very worth making this a destination hike.

Short, beautiful, oak-shaded trail to a waterfall. Rated easy, but I would not wear flip flops or take my grandmother on this hike: uneven terrain, some uphill. But if you're somewhat prepared and in shape, well worth doing.

I loved this hike! I took the Sam Merril trail to Echo Mountain and took the left turn onto the Inspiration Point trail. The signs are pretty easy to follow. The signs will tell you it’s 8.7 miles but I had a couple GPS trackers that told me I did a total of 10.6 miles.
The Echo Mountain portion of the trail is really busy, almost annoyingly so. Once you turn off to the Inspiration Point Trail the crowds die down dramatically. I think I passed 2 people the whole time. It was very cloudy and overcast once I got to the top and there was zero visibility but I still enjoyed watching the fog roll around the mountains.
There are picnic tables at the top so bring food and have a little picnic, it will be well deserved!
The little signs make for great photo ops too.
I definitely recommend this hike and will try it again when the sun is out to see how far I can see out.

Easy short trail.


fun and easy. Only mistake came on a holiday, to many dogs and people.
the falls were lovely.

Great fast and refreshing hike. Yellow desert vegetation up above, but a lush green garden in the canyon where you get to hike. And a great ending.

Highly recommend for any one looking for a quick, rewarding hike.

Easy hike, historic, interesting, good views, everyone should do this hike at least once.

Easy hike, historic, interesting, good views, everyone should do this hike at least once.

Really short, accessible and easy.

Awesome trail for hikers. Yet there are tons of bikers as well. Maybe ore bikers than hikers on this trail. Just be careful especially in the curve. Some bikers have manners, they carry bells and tell you how many people are coming behind them, but some bikers have no manners, don't carry bells and they come done the trail with full speed. If you are hiker, start hiking super early before 6am or after 10am, Bikers tend to start around 7am ish.

Did part of this hike yesterday. Made it up to MtLowe during a really cool foggy day. No way of judging most of the views due to the fog. Soon after the parking area you will come across a nice tunnel made in the 1940s. Once you reach the top there’s a few view finders that point out the surrounding peaks.

Such fun and easy trail. Good for dogs or kids

1 month ago

I've done this a few times, both half way to the Lowe Railway Camp, which is about 5 miles round trip and all the way to Inspiration Point, which is 10 miles round trip. It's definitely worth it to go the entire way if you have time, the views are amazing at inspiration point and the trail is empty and quiet the second half of the way. It can be a bit confusing around the ruins on the way back, but if you have your app/maps then you'll be fine. I rate this as moderate not difficult as long as you're in halfway decent shape you should be fine.

great trail to go on especially for beginners. took our 4 year old daughter she had great time. was a little tricky to find. there is a camp ground at the trail head and a small parking lot. the lot was full when we arrived had to park on top of the hill about .5 miles from trail. even with parking a bit away from the trail it was still worth it.

Was a really lovely walk. A little confusing on the way down but nothing the app or maps couldnt sort out!

I love this trail alot! I came up here for one of my first hikes back in the nineties as a young kid! The hike is shady, which is perfect for a hot day. Compared to the nearby Eaton Canyon falls, this is less traveled for some reason, even though it's slightly shorter and easier. The area next to the falls is a wonderful oasis with some rock climbing hooks along the walls of the canyon.

I put together an episode of my vlog on this trail. Check it out here:
I also put together a playlist for anyone to bring on the trail with them :)

Have fun on the trail! Hope to see you out there some time.

Went this past Friday! Such a short & pretty hike. The waterfall wasn't flowing too much but still pretty. Went early and completely avoided any crowds. No trash either!!

Great beginner hike. Took our 4 year old they they were able to easily navigate through the crossing streams.
Short hike that is shaded and goes along a running creek. Once we got to the waterfall is was pretty crowded though. We did however go on Mother’s Day. Lots of families.
Overall great local hike. We are definitely going back and packing some water shoes and extra pants.

I've done this loop trail a couple of times and even camped at the Mount Lowe Trail Camp. It's an amazing hike, you rarely see anyone past Echo Mountain on a weekday... I went yesterday (Tuesday) and saw no one between 10am - 6pm, basically after passing Echo Mountain. The trails are pretty well maintained besides a couple of downed trees... I also think for anyone prepared and that has backcountry trail knowledge, this isn't that confusing of a loop or network of trails. There are signs at every junction. Just be smart, take a map or remember to keep your phone on airplane mode cause your GPS will still work on Google Maps. ;)

Such an amazing view. Hike can be difficult depending which trail you take. 2 Out of 3 can be difficult, the longer way of course is a bit easier. I wouldn’t recommend wearing your general tennis shoes for this as there are areas with rocks or narrow walk ways.

Pack plenty of food and water.

Great and tough hike. Make sure you bring lots of water and snacks. It can get really hot or be very cold on top. Also bring good shoes with good grip. Not a lot of shade and can get crowded.

Easy hike for all ages, the trail was mostly shaded with several stream crossings. The waterfall is majestic, with a huge rock crowning the top of the falls.

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