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great 360 views from the top. if the rocks are dry it's a easy climb. my 75 yr old mother made it with a little help on the steepest parts. the wet parts of the rock were very slippery. so plan accordingly

horseback riding
22 hours ago

can anyone tell me if this trail is good for horseback riding

Awesome trail, love the steel ladders, amazing views!

23 hours ago

Maybe we went to the wrong spots, but we tried at two different areas, and both were a bust. One was very hilly, wrapped in all different directions, and took us right where we started. It seemed very easy to get lost in there. Another area was along the Fox river, but very short. Probably a great place for cycling, and very pretty views, but we don't plan to go back.

Great easy trail. Very user friendly for all ages. I'm pretty fond of this little hidden gem right in my backyard so to speak. I've been coming here for years. Once you come to the bridge .. you have the option to go right ( it will take you past the Bugelia Semetary on your left and you will end up on Atherton Ave. Stay right and follow the road and it will take you back to where you parked. ) If you go left at the bridge and keep following the fire road it will take you to the end in the Bahia Subdivision. Feeling Energetic ?. ..still easy ... Take the right at the end of the trail and go UP the hill(paved) and down .. passing Novato Horsemans and the Semitary. Once you pass the Semitary there will be a trail on your right .. that takes you yet again past the Semitary over the bridge and turn left to take you past the water and back to main parking. Hiker friendly, biker friendly, Dog friendly , child friendly and horse friendly. Very peaceful and the estuary is beautiful. On a warm day .. it gets baking out there. So bring a hat and water . Enjoy !!!

Great trail to learn the other trails and mountains in the Preserve.

wide smooth trails. definately handicap accessible. large variety of flowers.nice restrooms. no dogs = yes ! Glad I finaly made it here. I will come again. We could of stayed on the path longer if there was a restroom down on the path.Due to all the inclines and downclines. great photo ops here. 5 stars easy to moderate

I put 3 because I can’t exactly rate a trail I couldn’t even find. Do not follow directions from this app. It takes you to a youth camp. My Husband and I drove back and forth for nearly an hour trying to find any sign of a trail and there was nothing but private properties and the youth camp. We ended up going to Lopez Lake where we finally found the trail but it was also difficult to find there. We followed the camp map and ended up at a closed off road when we should have been able to keep going (according to camp map). So I’m assuming maybe it’s closed? We settled for a trail that didn’t seem nearly as fun as this one would have been.

Nice hike. Very family friendly. Only one part is really "moderate", coming from the north to the tunnel area. Only downside is people leaving their dog poop bags all over. Really, not cool. Otherwise, loved it!

fullly exposed, decent incline, use the map its poorly marked

Nice hike. Lots of people, but spectacular views and not difficult. says dog friendly. some people were not happy about dogs on trail.... downright cranky about it. won't do this particular trail with the dog again.

the reason I'm giving it 4 stars in not five is because the trail markers were not marked very well but the actual Trail was amazing

there were some good views. once I got to the lake, that was the best. the trail itself felt more like walking along a 4x4 road. very busy and parking was scarce by 0700. for a quick easy 4 mile hike it wasnt bad but I won't do it again. many better trails in Indian Peaks to go back to.

Great easy trail. Did this in my 2018 stock JL Rubicon.

Just gorgeous. Last mile (mile 4) a little steep but hey, I'm 57

1 day ago

Perfect weather today for the start of Fall! Knocked out 5.2 miles in 1 hour 28 minutes hiking. Met an awesome couple on Hemlock Ridge. One of my Top 10 favorite trails in the area.

Did this loop on Wednesday 9/19. The first four miles are easy and the actual loop of the Hancocks is hard but short. Can’t say much about the views since it was cloudy and foggy when I summited. I saw an alltrails review about a bear towards the end and a reminder to make noise while hiking- well let me tell you, I did not make noise and I also ran into a bear about two miles from the trailhead. The bear was the best part.

I would advise going up south first (I didn’t). It has a lot of loose rocks and it was very difficult to descend that route. Including breaks the whole hike took me 6.5 hours.

had so much fun here with my sisters. We climbed the different levels of the water falls. Enjoyed swimming in the fresh waters, there's also a slide in one on the water holes. It's a free waterpark and it's all natural

off road driving
1 day ago

Great day off roading, great scenery and beautiful weather. Trail is easy to locate and has access to many other trails in the area. Trail is rated as “more difficult” by the US Forest service. I took my Rubicon and although there was some technical areas I never needed to engage the lockers. My rig is stock other than additional rock rails and I only encountered a few places where the frame rubbed a bit. Although this trail is called a loop there are quite a few off shoots that can be confusing trying to get back to Dinky Creek road. Overall a great area with some good trails, I’ll be back!

5 stars for the birds, so many kinds!
And 4 stars for part of the trail so close with drive way, I don’t like to breathe cars;)

This is the second time I've hiked it and it's amazing.

Great view at the top...well
worth it! The thing that was hard tho there were no creeks for water. It’s more a fall winter spring hike.Still a great hike tho!!!

make sure to bring hiking poles, goes straight up on the way there and straight down the way back. that shit hurted, sucks ass but the good kind

I went today, pulled up to the TH at 10:30am, only 2 other cars parked. Took an hour & half to get to the lake, steep uphill trail, slick on a rainy day. Visibility was incredibly low but still was a beautiful lake well worth the elevation gain!!

Beautiful short easy hike - the lower falls are gorgeous and since it’s end of September- can only imagine how full they are in the spring . The fall colors of the vine maple against the black lava/obsidian is breathtaking...Definitely coming back!

This isn’t a trail for first timers. The last mile and a half is on an incline. Bring lots and lots of water with electrolytes! To get to the pools under the bridge requires skimming across a small 1 foot ledge of rock. Was absolutely drained and cramping on the way back because I didn’t take enough water. You should take a minimum of 3.5L. I’d do it again but after a year of training...lol

1 day ago

Pretty, easy hike but could not see the lake from the trail due to growth/trees blocking view.

1 day ago

Good hike but the beach can be difficult if you are not good at climbing and navigating fallen logs. Nice remote area to hang out definitely off the beaten path. We couldn’t finish the hike as the tide wasn’t low enough

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