Photos of Woolum Trails


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We started at the 65 bridge near Tyler Bend. It took a bit to find the trailhead. We parked our vehicle off Hwy 65 on Grinders Ferry Rd, crossed the highway and walked down the drainage ditch to start the trail (we found the tunnel too slick to go through). The trail is well marked and a beautiful hike. We went to Collier Homestead and on past to the overlook - a don’t miss this! kinda place. Then back to the homestead and continued on the BRT down the mountain to the open meadow below and on to the creek. Couldn’t cross because the water was just a bit too high. So backtracked to the homestead and took a trail down to the visitor center. From there we hiked Buck Ridge Trail back to the BRT and the bridge and our car. This was a great hike with beautiful views and much up and downs for great exercise. The Tyler Bend area is really spectacular. We’ll go in a different way to resume the trail towards Woolum next week.