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7 days ago

Hello twins. ;)

Any area along Richland creek offers great trails and beautiful scenery from the wooded area's to the multiple waterfalls. Falling water, Twin falls, and six fingers falls to name a few. This is a must see area if you've not been dont miss out anymore

it was a great trail did take a little bit to find the trail went off of it multiple time but was also first time out there had a blast water was kind of low went July 15 2018 going back this weekend right after a rain august 11th 2018 will report when I return.

There are no clear markers at the starting of the trail. Went the wrong way for a bit before back tracking. But once in the trail, it is beautiful. We stopped multiple times to get in the water since the weather was so hot.

4 months ago

This was my first solo hiking/camping trip. The trail is marked fairly well and I didn't have much trouble staying on track. I did follow the creek as intended. However, the water was high enough that I needed to swim across Richland Creek to get to Twin Falls. You will be getting wet! At several points during the trail you will need to cross a body of water on foot. Most of which were about calf/knee height for me. The last was waist/chest height and at times you cannot touch the bottom completely so you need to be very careful. The current can be strong in some areas. When you come to a bend in the creek with a flat stoney shore, you'll need to cross where it comes to a fork. This is the only part that is not marked. There is no indication that you'll need to cross at that point. Luckily, I ran into a couple at the very spot and they asked me if I was looking for Twin Falls. They mentioned they had been there before and pointed me in the right direction. I would not have been able to find it if it weren't for their guidance. Continue on for about half a mile (maybe less) and you will know you've reached Twin Falls when you see it. Although it is marked a "hard" trail, I think it is doable for anybody who is generally active. There's various terrain and beautiful scenery everywhere you turn. I will be back to continue exploring and to possibly bring friends!

You’ll have to swim the river to get to the trail head. Watch for the sign across the bank. Not a bad hike. Marked well but lots of ticks.

Went here after a good rain. Waterfalls were awesome.

6 months ago

Beautiful hike!! Lots to explore!!!

6 months ago

This and Richland creek trail have got to be my favorite places to hike!

Love it our here. This one is right off the road.

Easy to find right off the side of the road. Water was flowing really well but I’d imagine it was only due to recent weather.

8 months ago

Very tough hike but amazing! Best hike to date

A stunning backpack into some caves. Rugged terrain, some bushwhacking at the second half of the trail.

9 months ago

Great trail which can be done by day hike or backpack. Nice primitive campground at the trail head if do as a day hike.

I have done this three times as I have taken others back to it.

9 months ago

One of my favorite trails in AR. I went for the second time last week, and the views the whole way to the falls were beautiful. I am definitely going back again soon.

Beautiful Hike. Be prepared to get wet when crossing the creek and yes its cold. We went during the summer so there was overgrowth, and the trail seemed to fade away in certain spots, but sooner or later we ended up back on it. We just stayed close to the creek. It also was a wet week so it was a bit slippery and had areas where minor landslides occured.

Campground was perfect. Beautiful creek just below. Traveled with 2 adults and a dog. Dog loved it, but was ready to rest after the waterfall. As always, be careful of wildlife, we encountered a copperhead on the trail.

Our original plan was to hike to Twin Falls, but the second creek was moving just a little too high and fast for us, so we hope to visit again during a drier/colder time. This trip was a bit more than we expected, but definitely worth it and we look forward to our next visit.

So beautiful! So untouched. Difficult, but every bit worth the trek. What an adventure!

10 months ago

awesome trail! not marked. once you come to a large campsite where Richland creek meets a dry creek bed, cross here. follow the creek bed quarter mile to twin falls. our first attempt landed us at Richland falls. the trail was a heinous mud slide. very dangerous. we walked around on our way back. overall great hike. I love this area, it's going to provide years of exploration.

10 months ago

awesome two day hike! accidentally found richland falls first. when reaching the huge camp site where richland creek meets a dry creek bed , cross richland creek. a trail follows the creek bed .25 miles to twin falls. super fun trail! this area will provide years or exploration.

Beautiful all the way. And the waterfall at the end is just amazing. It’s a bit tricky crossing Falling Water Creek to get on the trail when the water is up...we trekked up stream til we found a way across (almost a mile). Lots to see around there—we’ll be back!

Great hike! Trail was very poorly marker. I would allow at least 3 hours down and back if you don't stop. So many beautiful places to stop and look around, have a picnic or explore. Loved it. We will return.

11 months ago

I gave this trail a 5 star rating due to the absolute beauty of the area, the unmaintained natural look and the lack of people. for a beautiful video of this trail and the falls go here . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuozGRgvezQ&t=9s
This trail is for more hard core hikers as the trail is not marked and if you do not take a map and compass you will get lost and not find twin falls. just a tip to get to twin falls . . . when you reach the large campsite at the creeks edge you will then need to cross the creek go up and over the mountain and when you reach the creek follow it upstream till you come to the falls. (there are two identical creeks running parallel to each other separated by a mountain)
otherwise if you continue to follow the creek you started on you will come to Richland creek falls (the wide falls).
if you come to these falls first then cross the creek go up and over the mountain and follow that creek UP STREAM till you run into the falls.

Beautiful! Walked across the creek and downstream to a small trail on the other side...leads to a beautiful grotto and Fuzzybutt Falls. No water flowing now but bet it’s beautiful in the spring!

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Only gave this trail 3 stars because there are no markers on the trees, the trailhead was a little tricky to find, not very well maintained (lots of trees down), and all trails says this trail is 4.4 - ohhh, no it is not!! Ha - to get to the first set of falls and back took about 6 miles. Never actually found the twins... maybe they were up past the first long set of falls but the trail goes dead at this point & didn't want to be stuck out here in the dark w lack of markings. Still, gorgeous falls and a pretty awesome hike (minus the horseflies on Labor Day & snakes).

If someone has a suggestion or tips for getting to the twins, let me know

Sunday, August 13, 2017

This is a very pretty area, literally right next to the road. It's where we took my profile pic! What is curious to me is why the is no mention of Fuzzy Butt Falls, just beyond this area?? That is a special site imho!

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Very short walk to a beautiful waterfall

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

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Monday, July 03, 2017

An amazing hike! I'd highly recommend the pro all trails app! We wouldn't of found it without it! Also I left a small gift for the next person to FIND it! www.findapparelcompany.com

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Lost my wedding ring at the falls.
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Sunday, May 28, 2017

very cool!!

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