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My wife and I just completed this Trail 2 days ago and we loved it! We are relatively newbies when it comes to hiking alone so we bought a map and a suunto m3 compass, which both definitely came in handy several times throughout the hike. Watched a couple YouTube videos on orienteering and we were good to go. Although the trail is marked really well with white blazes, the south end of the trail requires you to follow the yellow blazes, which is marked on the map. Also, there were several times where the trail forked without blazes and we weren't sure which way to go and the compass helped a lot with that. We started off at around 11 a.m. at the Little Missouri trailhead on the northwest corner of the trail. We hiked counter-clockwise like several on here recommended and I am so happy we did because the six mountains will wear you out quick and it's better to get them out of the way first when you have all the energy. We stop on top of the last Mountain and set up tent at Eagle Rock Vista and enjoyed the view to ourselves all night long. I would definitely recommend camping here if possible. On the second day we made it past Albert Pike campsite and called in the woods about 5 miles away from our car. Overall, we couldn't have asked for better weather or a better Trail. We also saw one deer and two snakes. There are plenty of water sources along the way so bring your Sawyer water filter to fill up. One more important thing, bring water shoes to cross at a few below the knee river crossings and if you think you can Riverstone hop, just switch to River shoes and don't chance it. I made that mistake and cut my shin open on a rock and embraced wet boots the rest of my hike. My shin is still extremely swollen and cut open, so again, just switch to water shoes.

Camp ground is now open. Not even a hike! Anyone can see this beauty!

Easy trail, nice falls! Very crowded.

Loved the trail however short it was. Plenty of water at the falls. Would love to see this after a good rain

Great fall great hike! Fun hike to start the day with plenty of water at falls

Great fall! Steep trail but easy to follow. Take the second trail from the culvert.

Easy trail, would love to see this after a big rain. Plenty of water at the falls

Awesome falls, easy trail, take your time on the gravel road!

20 hours ago

This trail is a very scenic and is suitable for all ages. The trail is well kept and is easily navigated. There are anchors along the rock face with plenty of routes for rock climbing. Be sure to climb to the peak of Sam's Throne where the view is outstanding.

22 hours ago

One of the most scenic hikes I have been on. This is one of my FAVORITE!!

This and Richland creek trail have got to be my favorite places to hike!

Could be marked better.Got a little confused about where we were on trail a couple times

A friend and I backpacked this trail (Buffalo River Trail with connecting trails to the Old River Trail) earlier this week. We actually began at the trail’s beginning at the Boxley trailhead, which is 11 miles southwest of the Ponca trailhead, and we hiked to the trail’s conclusion at Pruitt, some 37 miles from Boxley; we took four days to hike and camped three nights. Past Steel Creek, we took a connecting trail (marked “Primitive Trail”) down from the BRT in the mountains to the ORT along the river. We followed the ORT to Jim’s Bluff, where we spent our second of three nights. The next day, we followed this old and poorly-marked horse trail to Hemmed-In Hollow, which is a box canyon containing the tallest waterfall between the Appalachians and Rockies; from there, we trekked along the ORT for three more miles in our water shoes to reconnect with the BRT at Kyle’s Landing.

We fell in love with this trail—what a wild, beautiful and unforgiving terrain with incredible views, ozark glades, waterfalls, wildlife and homestead ruins around every bend. Something to consider, though: while we found many backcountry campsites with water sources toward the beginning of the trail, we found very few toward the end. Past Kyle’s Landing, the trail stayed high above the river, and with little remaining light, we were forced to stealth-camp past Erbie at one of the only sections of trail with river access. (We could have camped at Erbie campground if we’d carried more cash and less pride.)

Great on the way there, tough on the way back up. The trail isn’t well marked but it’s pretty well trafficked you can figure it out.

Beautiful, well maintained trail. Lots of moss and the falls were beautiful

Cute, short hike with some amazing geology. We found a few fossils along the way.

2 days ago

Recent prescribed burns by the forestry service have impacted the section outside the state park, in the ozark national forest. However, it is still a gorgeous trek with a well defined trail. It is not for the faint of heart. The trails are covered with rocks that are sometimes slick, but the views outweigh the difficulty. It has well established, primitive camps with ample water sources. I did the trek in two half days going clockwise on the trail. It is a great weekend getaway that I definitely plan on doing again.

When you get to the trail, you will park on the side of the street with the sign marking the OHT. However, the trail actually starts ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD. There is another trail that starts in the same side as where you park, but that is not this trail. It’s well maintained and not terribly challenging. You will be up in the mountains, but there wasn’t a ton of stuff to see. Still I nice walk though.

Great trail! Tough but worth it.

Good trail. Goes along Arkansas river and through the woods. Pretty and moderately traveled

2 days ago

Very steep but very short. Dardanelle Rock overlooks the Arkansas River and offers a view of Mt Nebo & Old Post Park from afar.

3 days ago

Did this back in 1979. Visited Hemmed in Hollow. Beautiful scenery !

3 days ago

Well maintained trail, easy hike with short steep sections near the end at the caves.

I’d say “moderate” is a fairly conservative rating. Pretty rocky in places and the uphill hike back is no joke. My legs are gonna be worthless in the morning. However, the views were worth every step. Absolutely incredible!

3 days ago

Great trail, but a few challenging places for younger kids.

Doesn’t exist

My first hike and the reason I am addicted to hiking. Strenuous for a novice on the way out but doable. loved it!

4 days ago

Very beautiful views and so much to see! We enjoyed reading the placards with the historical and nature information.

We started at the overlook then took the trail to the loop. It was absolutely beautiful! I was disappointed that you could hear a lot of loud music and trucks from the campsites. It was spring break though so it’s understandable, it would just make the views that much more perfect if not for that disruption.

mountain biking
4 days ago

We went in mid March so there wasn’t a lot of greenery but the trail was still beautiful. Fairly heavily trafficked even on Sunday morning. We rented terra trikes from the park marina and had a blast! The gentleman working was very nice & informative. We are pretty out of shape and biking the whole 6 miles took a little over an hour, including a few breaks. Definitely recommend the terra trikes!

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