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So beautiful, especially once you get along the ridge there are huge boulders that are just sitting along the edge. Awesome scenery and gorgeous overlooks!

Gorgeous hike! Very rocky, make sure to wear safe shoes. All uphill going out so be prepared to get a good workout!

Take binos to see eagles.

Make sure to add time for exploring.

My son and I hiked this trail this weekend after almost 2 inches of rain the night before. The fall creek was high and moving. There was a lot of water on the trail and a few places where we had to cross the creek. Our feet were soaked. It was worth it. Overall an easy hike with great views.

I wanted to hike a nature trail on dirt. This trail is paved with art exhibits and lots of construction for more art exhibits. It took the fun out of the word hike.

2 days ago

This trail no longer exist.

Nice trail, well marked.

Great trail! Definitely worth the hike.

on Triple Falls Trail

2 days ago

Short hike but after a good rain the falls are beautiful!

3 days ago

Went with two buddies. Added some extra stuff to make a total of 38 miles in 1.5 days. Was definitely a mental test. Numerous water crossings. Beautiful views. Very rocky terrain. If you aren’t experienced and/or want to enjoy it then take 2-3 days to do. Plenty of options for water refill/filtration. Bring water crossing shoes. Great weekend hike!!

I've walked this trail 3 times and plan on going back for more! Love seeing the mine and waterfall. I take my 7 yr old daughter with me everytime and plan on taking my 3 yr old son next time. Although I would advise that if you want to see the extended cavern in the rock house, do not go after a heavy rain. The spring fills to the brim making it impossible to pass to get to the inner caverns. Quite disappointing since us my favorite part of the trail. Overall it's an amazing hike full of beautiful views and great memories to make.

This trail is epic. It is not a moderate trail!!! This was intense at times with so much elevation and immediate decline. The up and down is constant the entire trail. So that will take a toll on your endurance quick. However, if you can bare through it then you'll have some amazing experiences here. The aroma of fresh pines and cedar will keep your mind refreshed. The peaks and cliffs will keep your eyes wide open and satisfied with majestic views. The rocks, logs, boulders, and Creek crossing will keep your body challenged physically. We completed over 12 miles from 7am to 4pm. I took my time to take pictures but I am a fairly quick walker. Go look at my instagram and you see some amazing photos I captured with my dog. @danyandhisdogchica

I recommend this trail for the more experienced hikers. Make an entire day for it. Start early and finish with plenty of daylight.

Great trail and rocks to scale.

Lightly trafficked, good trail running. Can stay wet after some decent rain. Description says 4.9 mi but it’s logged at 6.5 +

well marked, good distance for a day hike, fun scenery

It's a nice trail. Some fairly recent additions of lightning and a few bench areas along the first part of the trail have been added. The extended trail has been paved with asphalt and goes through a corridor of trees and has few neat sights, like an old worn out bridge and a kayak launch area if you explore off to the sides a bit.

Great quick hike with many scenic views

Amazing hike to a very scenic overlook of the Arkansas Ozarks! Great photo opportunities at the end :)

I wouldn’t actually consider this a hike. The road down to the falls is the most intense part of the journey and maneuvering it actually takes longer than the short stroll to the falls once you make it to the bottom. I personally wouldn’t drive down to the falls without a 4WD vehicle. The falls are absolutely breathtaking and worth seeing.

3 days ago

One of the best loop trails in the country. Close to thirty miles and very challenging. I only suggest this trail for experienced backpackers. If you are up for it, you will be rewarded with beautiful Arkansas scenery, wildlife, and experiences for a lifetime. Numerous creek crossings, very cold in the winter. Spot your trail across the creek before crossing. Pack river crossing shoes. Most creeks are wet year round. Pack maps with accurate narratives. Tim Ernst's narrative is spot on. The Athens Big Fork section is one of the toughest trails in Arkansas. You will scale 6 mountains. Girlfriend and I hiked this trail in March in three days and set aside an entire day for the ABF section. Took us about an hour per mountain and we are in shape. Plenty of campsites along the trail. I do not suggest camping in low spots near the creeks because these creeks are prone to flooding and are known to claim lives in the process. If you are up for the challenge and prepared, you will have the time of your life!

Great short, quick hike... after a big rain, several waterfalls for 3/4 of the entire trail.

Just a spot on the OHT, with a nice creek.

4 days ago

The swan was aggressive and bit my daughter. She was 40 feet from shoreline

Absolutely loved the trail. The Dogwood trees were in bloom and everywhere. Walked the trail right after a good rainit couldn't get any prettier

4 days ago

Very easy trail. Not marked very well. The best thing is the views. Just beautiful.

Excellent view of the majesty of the Arkansas Ozarks. Highly recommend to anyone visiting the state.

Lots of streams flowing now and weather was perfect. A cool trail!

Stunning views and a tough hike! Definitely bring extra water and take your time back up!

Really great for running.

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