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This was my first ever over night. It was a fantastic 2 days on the trail. beautiful scenery and a great trail to test your skills! Can't wait to do it again.

I saw three Ozark Chinquapin trees on this trail! It was amazing to see this rare tree.

This trail was a nice little short walk through the woods, family friendly and clean of debris, up and down hills and beautiful construction of the stairs and bridges that you use to cross the small branch at the bottom of the hill

There was a very nice overview in the middle of the trail.

This trail had some cool rock formations along the way. I wish we could have gone into the bat caves!

on Eagle Rock Loop

1 day ago

This is a great hike! I’m no stranger to the Ouachita trail but have never hiked this area. You simply can’t ask for a better 2-3 day hike. Thank you to the person that added orange markers at all the river crossings. The 8 miles over six peaks is very very challenging, but doable. Great water sources, swimming holes and lots of wildlife!

easy hike

1 day ago


Loved the trail and all the little side trails! Took us a while to find (and get to) the Needles Eye, but we never found the Window. We'll try again after the leaves fall. Highly recommend... get a map from the visitors center that shows all the different points on the trail ☺ Enjoy!

Loved this trail! Plenty of great scenery, well maintained and marked trails. Great trail to just relax and take your time on!

Great hike and probably pretty challenging for beginners. The falls are worth it though!

We arrived late morning...less people and more scenery for us to enjoy alone! After noon, the amount of people definitely picked up!

5 stars for the hills and how hard it was. I had to be on constant lookout for bikers that might run me over. Got lost, maybe it was my fault for missing the signs. Seemed like a lot of trails intersected a lot. I may or may not have got on a few and did parts of all of them. Lol. At any rate I did end up back at my car, so it was a great day hiking.

It was a pretty trail through the woods. The trail was moss covered on the second half after the view from the bluff. In late summer you can't see much from the bluff. The knats were terrible along with the spiderwebs. There were many deer and squirrels along the trail. In all, very enjoyable.

on Hemmed in Hollow Trail

2 days ago

One of the hardest trail I’ve ever experienced BUT it is really worth it.
Even though, the waterfall was barely floating but it was beautiful and the formation of the surroundings was amazing.

I will do it again on the spring!!

Very basic. Quick half mile, but quite a few spider webs you run in to — look out!

4 days ago

Exactly what you’d be expecting for a moderate loop hike. It was a good time! Well maintained — just watch the trees for the yellow markers and your good to go. Second half of the hike you can’t see the water at all, but if you did the loop backwards there’s a very steep gravel hill that you probably don’t want to go down, so I’d stick with going the regular route. If I could go back, I would go the regular route to the lookout point and then then around and go back on the same path. Same distance as the entire trail would be, but you get the view the entire time.

Took a little less than 2 hours and we did it in the morning, finishing at 11am, which was really nice because the sun wasn’t beating down and the trees provided the shade.

Also super nice that it’s so close to the visitor’s center to use the restroom, cool down, and fill up with water when you’re done.

This is Lake Catherine State Park's most popular trail. I hiked it on September 15 thinking I'd have it to myself due to the high heat and humidity. Not to be. There were MANY people out and about on this trail. It was very beautiful and the creek waters were crystal clear! I loved this short hike immensely. The suspension bridge was fun and the falls were flowing. I saw a snake and lots of pretty things.

I completed this trail on September 15 and hiked it primarily as a conditioning hike. It is somewhat steep going up but once on top, it's a flat easy hike. Leaf off hasn't happened yet so views were still obstructed. Saw some wildlife....turtle, deer and a chipmunk. It was hot and humid. Not too much to see really. Just a hike in the woods.

you can find peace on this trail if you're looking for it. the trail is adventurous and pretty. My dog and I loved it.

Worth seeing if in the area!

Lots of uphill with rocky steps up and down

Beautiful hike.
There are very view over looking points.
Several deer

Nice trail.
This is part of the sunset trail

This trail brings you back into downtown after completing the sunset trail.

Great trail!
Start early.

Very well maintained trail with a nice walk along the side the river to a nice waterfall with a great swimming hole under it. The river was very low but still flowing enough to get wet in the swimming hole.

5 days ago

Just hiked on the the eagle rock loop trail. We had 4 boys with us, from 14 years old down to 7.
We had no intentions of hiking the whole loop, just wanted to let the boys enjoy the swimming holes and scenery as we went.
The boys loved the water. Very clear and clean. We did the hike clockwise from winding stairs trailhead. Made it as far as Eagle Rock Vista.
With the few turn around see he losing the trail at water crossings, it’s about 9 miles.
Absolutely beautiful country. We did see several water snakes, so watch out. They are actually very dosile, one of the boys actually stepped on one.
There is no need to carry much water until you get to the base of a summit since you can drink plenty along the way.
We turned in early at the campsite around 2:00 the last evening just because it was such a awesome campsite with super clear water and a nice swimming hole. The boys played in the water until they were too cold they couldn’t stand it ... they had a blast.
My only complaint would be the trails are marked poorly or not at all at some of the water crossings, and there is more then 1 way to get to the same place. I believe your suppose to stay on the yellow markers, but sometimes we accidentally got on the white ones. None of this was really a issue, just added some time to our trek. I downloaded the map before hand, so I could easily see when we got off the trail. Even with my phone on airplane mode, GPS still worked with the map.
Can’t wait to go back !

6 days ago

Wow! What a gorgeous hike! Prepare for protruding roots, steep rocks, and absolute beauty!

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