Looking for a great trail near Ozark, Arkansas? AllTrails has 11 great hiking trails, forest trails, dogs leash trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. If you're looking for the best trails around Devil's Den State Park or Mount Magazine State Park, we've got you covered. You'll also find some great local park options, like Grays Spring Recreation Area. Ready for some activity? There are 5 moderate trails in Ozark ranging from 4.5 to 49.5 miles and from 679 to 2,385 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time!



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Ozark, Arkansas Map
2 days ago

This can be a challenging trail, lot of fun, great views, definitely one of my favorites. There are multiple camp sites on east and west side. I will repeat this trail more then once and camp at different spots. Cant wait to return and go counterclockwise from Shores Lake. Plenty of water sources, can also get water from White Rock rec area. Do the Rim trail if able, great hike.

4 days ago

Short hike to a beautiful waterfall after its rained!

Lovely scenery and creek to see when you stop. The trail was so rocky and had such steep inclines with no railing that you had to watch your feet nearly the entire time to keep from stumbling down the hillside. The $3 fee was a surprise that you need to be prepared for. They also expect you to fill out your fee envelope with your info and don't provide a pen, so you'll need that too. I don't generally carry cash or pens with me when I go hiking, so that was a bit of an annoyance.

The trailhead is by the Redding Recreation Area restrooms. Day parking is $3. overnight camping $10. The trail is well marked/blazed with blue markings but I still made use of gps to check progress ... and if you want to go a specific direction on the loop you may need to use gps because as of February 2019 a tree was down and obscured the fork. We walked the loop in 3+ hours but did not rest much and huffed and puffed as we ascended. We saw only 3 other groups while walking ... though it was February (so I’d expect light traffic) it was a warm (high 50s) and also Saturday. Beautiful creeks, moss, lichen, rocks, “waterfalls” and views when you reach the top area. The path is smooth for trails in northwest Arkansas. Easier on my feet than others. Highly recommended as a good workout in natural beauty.

16 days ago

Really enjoyed this trail especially going up the west side which got deleted somehow on my recording. Lots of waterfalls and several water crossings that we were able to cross using the rocks to jump across. Camped at the top where you can take a short hike to the top of White Rock mountain for some awesome views. Pretty hard hike for someone who just turned 60 and not in great shape yet. Quite a few stops but worth it. Going down wasn’t bad and trail was a little muddy, rocky and narrow in areas but not to bad. Weather was great around 50 daytime and upper 20’s at night. Will do it again when I get in better shape.

25 days ago

Great hike if you like to scramble. Lots of cool boulders and places to climb.

1 month ago

Nice short trail to a waterfall that made the drive well worth it. Have gotten some rain yesterday and today. Pretty easy trail but some rocks were a little slick with the rain.

hard to find the trail but it was really fun and there's a lot of cool caves.

1 month ago

Coming from two 23 year old, able bodied but slightly out of shape dudes, each carrying 40lb packs, this loop is definitely hard. If you do the full loop I recommend starting at the lake and going up the west side. It’s much prettier in terms of water features and is shorter in distance, still very steep. The east side (going down after camping on the mountain) is still very pretty but you barely see the river that is on that side. Lots of up and down expanses high up on the east side. It took us almost 5 hours to get up the mountain from the west side (stopping every 20-30 min with one break longer 15 min break for lunch, abt 12-15 stops). It took us only less than 4 hours the next morning to go down the longer east side (about 10 stops). If u want to just go for a day I would take two cars and park one at the lake and then start at the top of the mountain and go down the west side. 8/10 for views and overall experience, 2/10 for easiness. Wouldn’t go back unless for the day hike I mentioned.

1 month ago

A great trail! If you start on white rock mountain, the hike back to your car Is pretty tough. Overall, the views and scenery were great. We went early January and got great weather. Tons of water flowing throughout the mountain and multiple waterfalls. Highly recommend.

I had done this hike in July and it was not a good experience. Each of us got about 20 ticks, hardly any water sources, and overgrown. Wouldn’t recommend then, but highly recommend late fall and even in the winter if you don’t mind camping in the cold.

Some times hard to see where the trail was but this was a great trip. Lots of climbing and adventure.

1 month ago

Beautiful and worth the drive as long as you go when the water is flowing

I really enjoyed this trail. It was what I needed after some holiday over indulging. I think "moderate" is pretty appropriate for this one. I did it at the end of December 35-40degrees, all the falls were running and that added some cool points to it. Only a couple other hikers on the trail the day I did it. I started right at the entrance for Redding Camp Ground and did the west side first. Made it out to Spy Rock and back down the east side of the loop GPS said it was 7.45 miles 2 hours 59 minutes moving and 52 minutes stopped.

Nice quick stroll for beautiful view

Really should've stretched for this one!!! Well worth it though once you get to the top and the magnificent views almost the whole way on both sides! We never did find the homesite, but sure did look everywhere. It was a great way to spend Christmas Eve with the family! Definitely recommend

Very nice trail, super pretty and enjoyable. Did it with my dog. Pretty gentle and well marked. A few downed trees on the southern parts of trail. One tree also ripped up the trail sign at the intersection of east and west sections of trail, but can still find trail easily enough.

Great hike for December 2 weather! Beautiful scenery and camping at the Top of mountain. They have 3 cabins and a lodge. Ice cream at the Top!

amazing. right after a storm and there were three falls going. the Twins to the left and another smaller but very pretty one to the right.

Short hike to a beautiful overlook!

2 months ago

Great trail. I liked clockwise the best.

3 months ago

The trail is OK at the best. We got there on Nov 7 and it was 2-3 weeks too late. Leaves are mostly down and it made very rocky trail even less pleasant. But if leaves would be still there - the view has nothing unique or breathtaking about it. If you are going to walk it make sure to give yourself plenty of time especially now, when at 5 pm it is already very dusky and at 6 pm is very dark! If you'll walk it clockwise, decent is very rough and rocky. Makes very unhappy ankles. Very short distance after beginning of decent trail crosses a road. Walk it down till you get to a point of re-entry to the trail. Your ankles and your back will thank you.
Keep in mind that there is no phone/internet service at the trailhead and on most of the trail. LTE was at the top and in a few places on the east side of the trail.

Very well marked. Hope to do an overnight soon and visit the entire trail.

Beautiful trail for fall colors!

This is a beautiful trail, especially during Fall and leaf off. We like to go up the West side and down the East but it’s great either way. Park at Redding campground and start directly across from the restrooms behind the campsite. The trail is well blazed and easy to follow. It took us about 5 hours to complete but that was with a long lunch break and some photo stops along the way.

Its more of a bushwhack down the hill to the falls, You can also continue to Sixty Foot falls from here. Head to the drainage at the bottom and turn south.

We loved this hike, it was challenging!

Waterfall is dried up right now. I'm really new to hiking, but I found this trail to be a little tricky due to all the rocks. It is short which is good since the waterfall wasn't running. The drive to it would get 5 stars which kept the destination from being a complete disappointment. The highway and overlooks leading up to it was completely saturated with ladybugs? I mean Alfred Hitchcock proportions of ladybugs.

very fun hike. started at white rock abbs went down to shores lake. lots of steep narrow ridges. it's a tough hike but my 6 year old boy made it.

The view is amazing!!

3 months ago

A good trail with rewarding views at the top. You must put forth an effort to see the views, but that’s why we hike, right? Once you’re at the top make sure to check out the rim trail with great views all around. Rocks here are covered with beautiful, vibrant moss a lichen. There is also a water spigot at the top with clean water if you want to fill up. Do not camp at the top if you are backpacking.

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