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1 day ago

the climbs on this TRAIL is enough to make it moderate, the map given on this site is kinda incomplete, this trail actually goes all the way to HICKORY RIDGE rd or something like that and connects with the LAKE OUACHITA VISTA TRAIL, could have been good to know for future planning, the CAMPGROUND was closed when I went due to the government shutdown I'm sure, but the CAMPGROUND was in really good shape and plan on making a stop thru there sometime in the summer, the trail was nice and challenging and the forest made for a quite walk in the woods

2 days ago

Love this place!! So many different routes. I use this walk a ton since it is by my home and such beautiful scenery. Pet friendly and always clean and well kept areas. Beautiful water falls throughout.

over grown
4 days ago

Very easy trail. Short & sweet. Cute waterfall

4 days ago

Hike was well worth it not for the waterfall but the rock formation that is at the very end. We went to the waterfall during flooding and excess rain to see a little waterfall a top a very large rock wall covered with ages of erosion that was well worth it. Make sure you are in good physical shape and travel together as the the trail is steep and extremely rugged and should only be embarked on if you hike frequently and have the correct gear, hike took about 4 hours with at least 3 camps that people will hang out at up and down that can be used as checkpoints, If you are extremely fit to where you can hike 13 miles I recommend taking the trail from the waterfall to the buffalo river as the scenery is beautiful combined with the utter isolation you’ll find yourself in as you have to drive 3 miles of dirt road to get to the trailhead

4 days ago

It's a nice enough trail, with plenty of great views of the lake, but it also basically runs through several backyards (or at least close enough to the houses that you feel like you're in their backyard) and a few of them make it apparent that your presence isn't necessarily appreciated. Though, that was just my takeaway, so your mileage may vary on how worthwhile the trail is.

4 days ago

The trail definitely has some great views of the lake. Unfortunately, it also runs through what appears to be someone's cow pasture. Which is something that very much detracts away from the overall experience. Especially when there happen to be a whole flock of cows right up on the trail.

trail running
4 days ago

Really fun trail. My Garmin clocked the distance at 5.4 miles, not 3.4 as advertised.

Short but sweet. Pretty much in my backyard. Glad people have been working on the trails recently.

Super awesome. Gorgeous. Exciting. Dream like.

Good workout first .75 miles, not very scenic in winter

6 days ago

Went in January. it was a easy trail. nice bench to rest with a beautiful view of the lake

One of my favorites. Easy, short hike in to the falls. Beautiful views. Gets pretty rocky and uneven close to the falls. The hike out is mostly uphill.

7 days ago

It was a beautiful hike with the fall foliage at or near its peak. Being that this was our first hike, we feel like we did well for our age. I would recommend hiking poles for the descent going down the step grade. Our knees differently felt the effects of the steep grade. We brought a lunch and blanket for a bite to eat and a break at the base of falls. Don’t expect much water coming over the falls. Even with the rain a few days earlier, there wasn’t much water running. Still a beautiful view with the shear limestone walls rising out of the tranquil valley.

Nice trail for hiking and photography! Many things to see along the way

Awesome trail! Take your time, pack some snacks, and make a day of it.

Great trail. My pomeranian was able to do it and loved it. The water was a little high when we went so water proof boots would probably be better than tennis shoes on this path.

got out and DONE the green TRAIL today, a challenging moderate TRAIL, the rock formations are pretty neat at about the half way point, weather was perfect

Great paved path for walking or running with a lot of little trails branching off of it. pretty view in the trees but close to the city, so it is easy to get to in the middle of the day.

I come here often one of my favorite trails in Arkansas. The top of the trail on the dirt road is pretty and easily walked with a few good over looks. The trail down to the waterfall is rather hard but worth it!

9 days ago

So when i walked this trail today, I renamed this trail "Mudback Ridge Trail" in my mind. The moss is dried up, so when trodded on it turned the ground easily into muddy and not mossy. If you like feeling like you are in the middle of the woods this is a good trail for that. Since you are in the middle of the woods there was no scenic views.

The North Rim trail was a good hike. The trail had a lot of big rocks in it. I'm glad that i was wearing my hiking boots because I could have had a few possible ankle rolls. From the cliff side I could see the forrest floor really well because it is winter time and there is no tree foliage. Unfortunatley, there was no critters for me to spy on from above.

January is a great time to go. We passed only four hikers.

Rocky, barely used/marked deer path. Not worth the drive.

Lovely little hike-and yes you do come UP on the way out-good exercise! The whole area is nice -Elise Falls is a little “on a around the corner” delight

Beautiful place. With watchful eyes we’ll bring our grandchildren soon. Trail is excellent. We went on around below the bluff line beyond Glory Hole. This added not only distance but the bluff line has a lot to offer the eyes. Nothing to not like-even get to take our dog ❤️

Great views, great hike! Not a ideal hike if you’re afraid of heights like me!

Beautiful trail even in winter

11 days ago

This trail was a delightful surprise to me. For most of the trail you will be by the creek or close enough to hear it. I enjoyed seeing different parts of the creek because the creek gets smaller and bigger in places. The creek also can go from trickle sounds to roars.

Wonderful First Day hike! Or anytime of year!

12 days ago

Very simple walk through timber, the trail is under maintained.

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