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Mulberry, Arkansas Map

the map doesn't show it but if you bushwhack thru the saddle and follow downstream there is a beautiful waterfall
it's an easy hike from the first and you can see it from the bluff on the other side

It would be a 5 star if I could find a better trail to the large Waterfall. Very beautiful and rewarding. Great views and after hiking there for several years I found a small cave to hike through. Bring a very long rope if you want to see the big fall.

Whoever left the orange markers is a blessing. You da real mvp.

The overlooks are really beautiful. Only found one falls with a large pool underneath. The trail was pretty much nonexistent at some point and we didn’t see any ribbons or markers. It was still a fun hike with great views.

I took 2 kids (7 year olds) and a puppy. Trail is family and dog friendly. Love this trail. The overlooks on the way to the first waterfall are beautiful. The first waterfall is so simple to get to and is a great little swim spot. The second waterfall is a easy trail but you have to pay very close attention and follow the orange ribbons. Both waterfalls are pretty great when they are flowing.

I have been there twice and love it.

The two waterfalls are gorgeous following rains. The Redbud trees were blooming and that made the scenery spectacular , too.
The map does not show the route to the second waterfall. It is a bushwack to it, but someone has tied pink and orange ribbons along the way. We went in circles a bit, but I marked waypoints on my recording on 3/31/18 if you want to look at that map.

An amazing hike! I enjoyed the day immensely. Thank you to Steve Singleton and NWA Hiking Group for leading us.

Great hike today! With all the rain this week the waterfalls were flowing. Made the creek crossings more adventurous but was a great hike! One of the harder hikes I’ve been on in the area offering some steeper inclines/declines. Beautiful hike and will be back!

We did this hike Dec. 27th and it was great! it was pretty cold but we stayed warm by adventuring around the falls. the hike to get to the falls is pretty straight forward and easy. once we got to the falls we hiked/climbed around the rocky areas. We aren't totally sure what was part of the trail and what wasn't, but we had a great time making it up as we went.

Beautiful views to wake up to!

great trail after a good rain

cool lookout points, but waterfall was much smaller than I thought it'd be based on the pictures. I went in early October, wasn't much water coming down the creek so it was also more of a water trickle. would hike again though.

It should be noted that this is going to be an arduous journey in a sedan. That aside, when we got to the trail it very poorly maintained. At first it was just occasional brush, but eventually it became impossible to ascertain where the trail actually was. It was to the point that we just had to guess, so we went the way that looked the most trail like. Regrettably, it wasn't the trail. This was quite difficult to navigate, and I wouldn't recommend without a machete.


This was quite a jewel for a fall hiking day. The waterfall is beautiful but word to the wise, a quick jump in it is a shock to the system!

Serotonin levels went up and enjoyed myself today. Beats staying inside where there is artificial lighting.

Had a fun time with God fearing ladies from church!!

Myself and my son and his beagle puppy stayed there this last weekend. He loved it, we hiked to the big waterfall and it wasn't at all that bad. It wore them both out but was nice come bedtime.

I loved it quiet. Except for the waterfall. Definitely go again.

Short walk to a beautiful destination. Easy trial. It might get slightly unclear but when in doubt follow the creek and you're golden

Awesome caves!

When Google Maps welcomed me to "Unnamed Road in Mulberry, AR," I had to laugh a little. The road to Devil's Canyon is a minor adventure, itself, and you really do feel as though you've left civilization behind.
That is, until you start hiking and see the remnants of peoples' campsites. Ugh. Pack it in, pack it out, people. I'll bring a trash bag next time and do some tidying. So look past the few stray cans and water bottles, and check out the view! There are some great overlooks.

The smaller waterfall is really easy to find, and it's an easy hike. You'll have two options to leave the old road and head back to it. Both times, the side trail is marked by a tower of stones. Following the old road just takes you further back into the woods, and it eventually fades.

I tried to find the larger waterfall, but, even with the coordinates from Ernst's book in my GPS, I had no luck. I tried trekking through the trees, but couldn't seem to get to it. I then tried boulder-hopping downstream from the waterfall, but quickly realized that was not a good idea. Considering that the small falls was just a hearty trickle, I think the larger falls might not have been worth the effort on this particular day. I'll go back with a copy of Ernst's directions further once we really hit waterfall season.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

very pretty just recently did this day after Xmas. was beautiful. waterfall was barely going but still worth it.

it was fun and actually kinda easy. stayed for about 2 hours. views were amazing!

amazing hike, easy in the front the back half(the good part) is much more challenging. great scenic overlooks, secret waterfall, and cold swimming hole!

Great trail! Not that difficult. Great swimming hole.

Good trek. Not for the faint hearted.

beautiful. nice waterfall.

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