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Mountain View, Arkansas Map

very easy trail, mostly sidewalk, then when you get to the falls you can climb over rocks and get right up to it, there's a really nice cool breeze on a hot summer day.

7 days ago

Beautiful trail, there are several loops for all skill levels. Take the bottom trail to the falls, you can easily walk right up to the bottom of it.

I wouldn't call it a hike because all 0.2 miles of the path is on wooden planks but the waterfall is really gorgeous. Definitely worth checking out and getting in the water for a quick cool down.

9 days ago

Beautiful trail.Very easy, yet enjoyable for all skill levels. I did this after a pretty heavy downpour and the trail wasn't slick or dangerous. Great trail for the summer when you want to jump in the water for a quick cool down then hop right back on the trail and keep going.

29 days ago

An beautiful trail that is easy enough to take the whole family on.

Great short trail! LOVED the waterfall! Got a lot of close up pictures and the water was so clean and cold!

Tough Trail but we really enjoyed it. It rained 2 days before we started so there were 2, shin high, water crossings before getting to Barkshed campsite the first night. You can filter water from those locations and also at Barkshed. Ticks we're in abundance! We lost count how many were on our bodies and inside our tent.

The trail is beautiful! My German shepherd went with me and he enjoyed it and loved the water! It was an easy trail.

Outstanding !!!!! A must see for everyone !!!!!

My 2nd time here and it’s always beautiful !!!!!

1 month ago

Beautiful trail and place !!!!!

2 months ago

The trail head looks like a closed logging road not a trail head, i didnt know i was on an actual trail until i could hear the waterfall, the trail itself is dismal, unmaintained, and over grown in many sections. As a result i was picking ticks off the entire way. The waterfall itself was decent but not worth the hike

If you’re in the area, this is a must see. I may be biased since this was the spot my hubby popped the question, but I think it’s one of the most magical places on earth! Stroll down the wooden walkway, it’s fully accessible, take deep breaths-that’s simple purity! Make sure to touch the water, the air around it gives you a hint of just how cold it is, but TOUCH it! If you’re able, instead of just taking the same path back to your car, head up the mountain (if you’re looking at the spring it’s on your left). It’s pretty steep, but also pretty neat! It leads up to an old well and road and will take you right back out to the parking lot.

I’m still in shock that I’ve been coming to Gunner Pool my entire life and never knew this amazing spot existed! Yes, the road down to Gunner off 14 is rough, but I remember back to when it was one lane the whole way and would almost knock the tires off a pick up truck! I made the trek today in a 2 wheel drive GMC Acadia and was fine-just take your time. The initial turnoff wasn’t hard to find but the actual trailhead was a little confusing for me because the marker didn’t call it a “horse trail” it said “walk in for turkey hunters”. Anyway, I gave it a shot after noticing the letter A hammered into a tree. The abandoned road was grassy, but nothing major. I used plenty of DEET because I’m living with Lyme disease that I most certainly picked up here in AR-just beware. The creek bed was dry so the first waterfall on the right before the road curves back to the left (Mud Springs) was not flowing-in high water you can hear it and trek off to see an additional falls! After crossing the dry creek bed it got pretty wooly, but still nothing unmanageable. When I finally got to the falls I lost my breath for a moment at the sheer untouched beauty. I literally hit my knees and said a prayer of thanks for such a masterpiece! I can’t to share this 60 foot hidden gem with my daughters!

I’ve only done the Gunner Pool to Blanchard Springs section of this trail (and back in the same day) and it was something I’ll never forget! It was simply gorgeous and so varied, yet mild enough that we completed this trek in a day with one adult and 4 children (ages 10, 8, 6, 4). By the end we were all exhausted, in the best way possible, and had all taken turns carrying the 4 year old. Both campgrounds have toilets, but only Blanchard has showers and such. I can’t wait to take another bite out of this trail!

It was great just a long drive to get to the trailhead.

2 months ago

It was amazing and beautiful!

Take the tour. Its worth it.

Fun and easy stoll. Gets better if you walk deeper into the woods.

Walk past the spring and up the gorge. More fun for the adventurous child.

The whole 23 miles is wonderful, absolutely one of the best Arkansas trails, and also one of the finest trails in the southeastern U.S. Six trailheads make it perfect for day trips or camping in Forest Service campgrounds, and backpack camping is allowed.

Blanchard Springs Caverns is a jewel! Adventure and education, excellent guides, a real workout 6-7 hours deep in the cave, crawling through tight openings. $85 worth every penny, done the WCT twice. They provide jump suits, helmets & headlamps, you bring boots and snacks. Don't drink too much or you'll have to carry a special bottle.

4 months ago

What a wonderful place we'll worth the 2.5 hour drive. My German Shepherd went swimming the weather was in the high 70's. I will be coming back to camp and go to the cavern.

great trail

4 months ago

Very nice walk. Beautiful scenery.

We hiked from Barkshed to Gunner Pool and back. It was beautiful. Both recreation areas are a great place to bbq and relax after a rigorous hike

So easy and beautiful. I could sit here and enjoy all day. Try to go during the week. The weekends get real busy.

5 months ago

Did this trail in July 2017. So beautiful. Very busy on weekends

So Beautiful.... easy trail and family friendly!

Beautiful in the winter, wide well marked path, and nice falls with great climbing rocks. The road getting there was a pain. Rocky, narrow lane, with sliding gravel.

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