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the trail is a very nice one and not too difficult, as long as you're fine with the hundreds of spiders you'll need to clear before being able to walk... not enjoyable at all.. which is a pity as its a great environment.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail but lots of pebbles and hills. I thoroughly enjoyed this but would not consider this an easy trail but rather moderate. Worth checking out.

2 months ago

The trails are not too difficult and some decent scenery to look at but they are not marked well at all. It's easy to get off on another trail without even realizing it.

Could be marked better.Got a little confused about where we were on trail a couple times

4 months ago

It was a pretty trail and well maintained. Easy to follow as well. It connects to a larger trail if you want to take that option. The end of the trail has a lake view. It just wasn’t what I was expecting. I was use to more difficult trails.

We have hiked this trail many times and love it! Some of the terrain can be ruff depending on what loops you take. That being said I was able to hike with our 1 year old in a carrier on my back so I would say that it’s a fairly easy trail. We did take our dog and he got covered in ticks so make sure you spray down. It’s a beautiful and peaceful hike to spend a few hours on. We have seen deer, squirrels, and armadillo.

4 months ago

Nice lake views, moderate hill slope, pleasant woodland trail with tall pines.

good trail, good weather today. well marked. first time I used all trails.

You can hike south 6 miles from Panther Bay down to Robinson Point, ample parking at trailheads either end.
Or, you can also hike north across Highway 101, then north on David's Trail along the eastern shore of Lake Norfork.
I believe David's Trail is approx 17 miles long (linear) if the Robinson Point loop is included.

6 months ago

Excellent 3-mile loop. This loop is connected to David's Trail, 17 miles linear, from Robinson Point Road (this trailhead) north to Panther Bay park, then walk across Highway 101 bridge, follow David's Trail north up the east side of Lake Norfork.

This is one of five sections of 13-mile linear Norfork Trail (six trailheads). This is a point-to-point linear trail, north trailhead on Georges Cove Road, south trailhead drive through Sycamore Highlands subdivision.
Always weedy by late summer. Arkansas Master Naturalists volunteers clear Norfork Trail once annually in early winter with blowers and trimmers, best hiking in winter after its annual maintenance.
Army Corps of Engineers office provides brochure/maps describing all five sections.

Plan on at least 2 hrs. Dog friendly. Marked fairly well!

8 months ago

Celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary at Robinson Campground. We enjoyed hiking the Point Trail! Beautiful views from the bluff! We decided to explore the caves to the right of the viewing area as mentioned by another reviewer. Beware! There was definitely something occupying it but we didn't stay around to find out what was! Overall a great little hike. Our dogs enjoyed it too!

Very fun hike with a beautiful view. has many different sidetrails so you can spend quite a bit of time here.

nice trail, has a few hills that could be challenging for some but is excellent workout and hiking trail.

It is well groomed ... pebbles blanket most of the trail. Slight undulations. You never really get into the wild and maintain some degree of contact to a road albeit separated by trees. Best for trail running, particularly for a person who doesn't want to get "too remote" in case something goes wrong.

There is a 5k turn around marker for anyone wanting to do cross country running.

Going back tomorrow to trail run it. Note: I am from NH. This is not a moderate trail by my standards and I am 6'3" 254lbs. I would grade this as easy unless you run it.

Casual trail for an easy, pleasant outing. Please, be cautious of mountain bikers so that they, and you, stay safe.

Fairly easy trails, but not marked well at all. The colors are repeated and the trails split constantly creating great confusion. Some parts are grown up and the trails are loaded with spiders, grasshoppers and ticks. Do not recommend for dogs for this reason. No views just lots of trees and complicated trails. Be prepared to wander through the woods for a while.

Didn't finish all of it due to poison ivy and tall grass.

It is rocky but the trail clear. Nice hike. My dog loved it.

This is a fun trail when we just want a hour or so walk. This is one we go on about once a week.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Beautiful trail with nice views from a bluff overlooking the lake.

trail running
Friday, February 24, 2017

Slightly technical well marked and it's actually a 4 mile loop if you stick to left turns

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Good hike, Easy but you have to watch your footing as the trail is very rocky., so that , to me , makes it a moderate hike.Well maintained otherwise. The map provided is a bit confusing in spots. As we are on point, all of a sudden we look at our progress and we are off course but still on the trail. And we hadn't passed an intersection to get off course.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Had sum good views and great if you like ta picnic with picnic tables as Robinson trail which connects on the south end enjoyed it from Robinson Point to Beacon point bridge is bout 7 miles from parking at campground

mountain biking
Saturday, June 18, 2016

A good trail. Mostly well-maintained. Rock-o-rama in places, leading to some tricky climbs. Not for novice MTBers unless you want to get off and push for 20% of your ride. Seems better suited for hiking, but more confident bikers will get a good 60-90 minute ride.

Trailheads are not the most obvious and the Google Map result through AllTrails is slightly off. Turn off the highway at the Pigeon Creek Lake Access sign and first trailhead is on the left, opposite the first boat ramp.

Rocky forest hike sometimes with you not being able to find the trail, and some places have high grass. There will be wildlife on this hike, such as deer, snakes, and ticks. If you turn around and come back from Devil's Backbone, be sure to watch carefully for signs where it splits off in two. a "TRAIL" sign on your left, and a path straight forward. If you take a left, you'll be coming back to Georges Cove, if you keep going straight you'll end up at Shoal CR Trail RD which is around 3 miles away. Trust me, I learned my lesson the very hard way.

Overall, it's a decent trail, but with the tall grass and everything else, it should be planned out as a day hike with lots of water and snacks.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Nice trails with lots of of pretty wild flowers and view of the lake. But the castle doesn't mean there's really a castle, haha. :P

mountain biking
Saturday, February 27, 2016

heading out for the first time with a buddy ready for some fun riding and maybe some intense ridiing couple jumps and u get my point safe riding is my riding

Monday, February 08, 2016

Really fun trail with lots of sights to see. Trail was a lot harder than I expected. Lots of hills and switchbacks. Started at Panther Bay and ended at Rocking Chair Resort. Would recommend to anyone but be prepared for a hilly hike.

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