Easy trail for all ages. We enjoyed the mine and the wildlife.

Most scenic trail in the Mountain Home area. Skip the part that loops around in the woods and follow the trail that runs parallel to the lake. There’s even an abandoned mine shaft you can check out. Great place to drink a beer and watch the sunset over Pigeon Creek.

Nice, easy, pretty hike. Definitely worth a look if you live nearby. If visiting, there are better trails in the Ozarks and nearby area.

5 months ago

A little rocky, some brush growing onto trail in a few places. Pretty trail for the most part, and an easy walk.

Very simple and pretty. Make sure you follow markers.

The west side of the Pigeon Creek trail system is a little more straightforward and easier to navigate, in my opinion. You could easily tackle the whole shebang without much difficulty. I'd reccomend this set of trails to anybody starting out on their hiking or biking adventures.

These trails stretch on for days! My dog and I regularly venture out, usually getting familiar with the paths one at a time. The maps are great assets, although they require the use of your own intuition and trailblazing skills as well. As long as you keep note of the general direction you're heading, it's not difficult to find your way back. Lots of wildlife, beautiful trees, so serene and plenty to explore! Definitely my favorite network of trails.

A good trail, but very stony. We didn’t finish our intended walk but turned around early, since walking was so slow.

Hiked the trail in November. Trail is well marked. To get lake view you have to go off the trail. Captured some nice images of the fall colors.

Nice cool fall morning, started at 45 degrees, 60 at the end. Well marked, clean... love this hike...

7 months ago

Narrow, rocky, not difficult trail that is beautiful in the fall. It has some steeper areas, but the majority is gently sloped. It is easy to end up on different loops, but they are loops, so you get back to the main trail eventually:) Will definitely go back.

Rained out today, ended early.

Sorry, duplicate rating.

Trail in good condition, typical late summer plant growth, lots of spiders. At the end the trail was blocked by high water and thick underbrush, had to turn around.

Mon Apr 29 2019

Not necessarily a trail as it is a (beautiful) campground. Rock beach was nice and scenery views are great!

My dog and I enjoyed this trail middle spring and the dogwood trees were gorgeous throughout as well as lake views! Be sure to do a thorough tick check when you finish, however our tick problem could very well be due to the fact that we got off the trail on the return trip when a 4-wheeler trail crossed our path. I can’t give an accurate time it should take to complete this trail due to our little detour but would definitely try this trail out again! There are a few stream and creek crossings which I was easily able to maneuver without getting my shoes soaked and the dog enjoyed the multiple opportunities to get her feet wet!

Great trail to hike

Sun Nov 25 2018

great for beginners

Still love it... well maintained, well worn tracks. Pay attention to the markers.

Another great hike on Pigeon Trail East. 60 degrees and rain forecast made it even better, didn’t get wet. Love this trail, very well maintained by the Mountain Bike group TTONCA.

Sat Sep 15 2018

I liked it very much.. my first time on the Pigeon Creek Trails west side of Hwy 201. Use the parking on east side of 201 as it is more visible and safe (in my opinion). Follow the color coded trail markers and signs and you can get in some good mountain biking and hiking. Trails are well kept, a few small blowdowns and loose rocks but all in all it was great, hiked all of it in the shade.

My first time at Pigeon Creek, what a treat! By chance I met the creator of most of the bike trails in the area, including Richard “Zep” from Bakersfield. Loved the hike, took the upper Pigeon Trail and the Lower on the return. Trails well marked but a little confusing at few junctions, which needed better markings. All in all I loved it, will come back.

Love this trail. Well marked for the most part with blue blazes or blue tree tags. It does need some maintenance as parts are overgrown and lots of branches were down. Spent time doing clean up. Good hiking boots are a must for the first mile or more, very rocky and you may turn an ankle. Two big trees down at about the 1.5 mile area (I called the Corps to report). Will do again when it’s cooler. Did this and I continued on to Devils Backbone.

Nice short trail with good overlook. Little hard to find the TH.

the trail is a very nice one and not too difficult, as long as you're fine with the hundreds of spiders you'll need to clear before being able to walk... not enjoyable at all.. which is a pity as its a great environment.

Sat May 05 2018

The trails are not too difficult and some decent scenery to look at but they are not marked well at all. It's easy to get off on another trail without even realizing it.

Could be marked better.Got a little confused about where we were on trail a couple times

We have hiked this trail many times and love it! Some of the terrain can be ruff depending on what loops you take. That being said I was able to hike with our 1 year old in a carrier on my back so I would say that it’s a fairly easy trail. We did take our dog and he got covered in ticks so make sure you spray down. It’s a beautiful and peaceful hike to spend a few hours on. We have seen deer, squirrels, and armadillo.

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