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15 hours ago

I took Andreas advice below on the parking, perfect spot to park and start at the bridge. Loved the trail and views! Good distance! The beginning zigzag part is all rocks, some pretty large. There is a paved path all the way to the top but I took the wooded trail. The app definitely kept me from going too far off and being lost, thank goodness!

2 days ago

On 7/15/18, I hiked both this and the Yellow Rock trails, which I suggest doing. The FF trail was nice and peaceful, and provided me with various opportunities to explore the creek bed. The YR trail was more vertical, and provided numerous spectacular vistas. To top it off, there is a knee-deep “swimming hole” near the YR trailhead.

3 days ago

Took my husband and two boys ages 13 and 11. Mid July around 10:30am. Shaded entire way so no need for a hat and sunglasses. Loved the rock formations. We haven't had rain in a couple of weeks so Creek bed was dry until we got to the end. Well marked. Took us 78 minutes with a good pace. Heart rate was consistently between 115-130.

4 days ago

Several Waterfalls and Whirlpools (am & med) all along Lee Creek Trail especially after a good rain. Water is Sea Green like the Buffalo River.

6 days ago

Love this trail, but it really could use better signage at crossroads areas towards the end.

Today there were so many spiderwebs over the path and it was overgrown in areas, so not recommended in sandals.

Saw lots of wildlife, including a woodchuck, several deer, and some tiny frogs.

Water is really low right now so creek crossing isn't an issue.

9 days ago

Great paved trail with lots of wildlife and beautiful scenery

Really love this little loop. Pretty easy path through lots of woods. A few exposed stretches. Only real complaint is that it's so close to the road in some places.

As a beginner, the section of trail of I picked was all i wanted. The trail system is very well maintained with minimal obstacles to negotiate. I didn't find any senic overlooks on this ride, but that is not to say there aren't any. I highly recommend this ride for it's easy access right outside of Mena, AR. I will definitely ride it again! ✌

10 days ago

The trail itself is beautiful. As others have said - the rock formations are very cool and the trail is very well marked.

The reason I am giving this only 2 stars is because of the ticks! I just moved to the area, so I may be naive - but my dogs had over 70 ticks on them after walking this trail. I just spent the last 5 hours picking ticks off of the dogs and I think I could find more if I kept looking. I may try this trail again in the winter, but until then I’m steering clear.

the trail is a very nice one and not too difficult, as long as you're fine with the hundreds of spiders you'll need to clear before being able to walk... not enjoyable at all.. which is a pity as its a great environment.

Easy trail with beautiful views! Visited in July 2017, was able to see some beautiful art on the trail!

Very easy trail with beautiful views!

Did this trail in July of 2017. Loved it!!! Bring snacks, extra water and watch for rattlesnakes in the rocky area.

Nice hike through the woods. (I actually did the longer Little Clifty Creek trail.) Downgraded because the noise from the nearby shooting ranges was markedly audible for half the hike, as was traffic for about 3 miles of the hike; and there wasn't a nearby body of water at the end of the hike Note: There is a multi-trailhead parking about 2 miles down Townsend Ridge Rd, where one can access the Little Clifty or War Eagle trail; Townsend Ridge Rd is west on Rte 12 from the AllTrails designated trailhead.

Great hike for the kids and I

Our hike was almost 6 miles on this trail. It was nice with lots of small trails connected. Saw some cool mushrooms, a box turtle, frog, salamander, and some other rock structures. Be sure to snap a pic of the map at the entry point before you go in so you know which way to go. There are other paths that will make the hike shorter if you like.

mountain biking
16 days ago

Extremely challenging for a beginner but very satisfying for those who love a challenge.

mountain biking
16 days ago

Had my first ride at Slaughter Pen yesterday. Amazing trails, well manicured, and very challenging. Worth all the pain.

Beautiful trail and our dogs were worn out afterwards.

I love running these trails. The review shows 4.0 Miles, but there’s actually 15+ Miles. There are well-placed signs that guide you through the trails.

clean and well marked. Could use some places to sit on the trail.

Time just flew by hiking this trail. Love seeing the water nearly every step of the way. The damn is great and this is a must see trail in ES.

road biking
1 month ago

Nice trail that is close so if you are looking for a quick hike/bike ride/walk/etc. this is a good spot. It's a paved trail and does get busy. The trail was wide enough to accommodate everyone the day I was there (Tuesday).

Arkansas is so lovely! We enjoyed beautiful scenery in this historical area.

mountain biking
1 month ago

This review is for the "White Trail" at Iron Mountain. Note if someone knows how to create a new "account" for this trail or can point me to its section location, I'll migrate it over. I just didn't see any dedicated "White Trail" section under Iron Mountain.

Am just starting back into trail riding after 15 years of occasional road rides on my Giant hybrid bike. Got a new Trek MTB this year and am easing into AR trails.

Went down to Iron Mountain Sunday morning with a buddy. Weather was perfect at 80 degrees and clear. We parked in a large gravel parking lot about 50 yds(?) from the White Trail. We traversed clockwise. No others were on path at 8am.

A fantastic 5 mile trail! The trail was in great condition; no obstacles, no ruts, dry but not too dusty. "Picturesque" best describes the White Trail in Arkadelphia. Great for photographs. There are plenty of opportunities to pull off trail and take in scenery, even dip your toes into Lake DeGray.

Again, having just begun sampling a few MTB trails in Arkansas, I'm not in MTB leg shape. I had no problems with the downhills and there are several decents with "somewhat flowy runs", at least to my eyes. These allow you to test your disk brakes and bike balance. = fun!

There are also a few mild uphill runs that forced me to miss shift my 11 SHRAM gears and/or come off my RaceFace pedals due simply to my
inexperience and not-ready-for-primetime biking legs. I noted to my buddy during the ride that I still play full court B-ball at 55 with mostly 20/30 year-olds but "MTB bike shape" is a different fitness focus.

Meaning... I took a few 60+ sec breathers on a few of the longer, winding uphills. But to me, having to bail on an uphill or two provides me with plenty of motivation for the next visit.

According to my Strava app, my elapsed pedaling time was 51 minutes. We were probably ON the trail for 90 minutes or so accounting for pictures and water/nutrition breaks.

Iron Mountain White Trail was recommended by nearly all experienced MTB bike owners. It did not disappoint and I'll be back in a few weeks.

The trail loop is roughly 5 miles long so bring water for sure, nutrition if needed, emergency bike parts just in case. Closer to 10 am we saw other bikers on the trail, traveling in both directions.

A great time!

My family enjoyed this hike. Water views throughout. Well maintained trails have enough traffic to make you feel like a part of a community but not so busy they feel congested.

Enjoyed seeing the water throughout the whole trail. Perfect place to stretch your legs and spend a lunch break getting some fresh air. This trail is easily overlooked with all the activities available in Eureka Springs, but it is definitely worth a visit!

I really enjoy going there. I can hike,mountain Bike, kayak and paddle board. It has it all. They have rv spots and cabins for rent plus new biking cabins.

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