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This is spectacular. I broke my arm... it was when we were all the way in to the eye of the needle. An accident can happen in a parking lot  and the hike back out was torture with a broken arm. But my review stays the same—-spectacular. Just use caution because it’s rated HARD for a reason.

We went out and went camping on the trail and had a blast. You definitely are isolated and there's lots of animals down there at night but its incredibly relaxing. The hike can be taxing but if you make sure you watch where you're stepping and take breaks if you need to you'll be fine.

Very hard trail to hike if you’re not in shape. Beautiful scenery throughout. Can be tough to navigate but if you stay on the creek you’ll be fine.

Super short and easy with beautiful falls, but go when there is water.

My favorite buffalo River trail! Gorgeous, once you start climbing it's one beautiful spot after another!

The connector from the parking area is steep. The crash site is interesting and the views are great.

18 days ago

Short and easy trail. Not the prettiest in fall but should be fantastic in spring after a good rain.

GREAT TRAIL. The only issue my wife and I had was that we missed the waterfall. I don’t know if the offshoot for the waterfall was covered or we just overlooked it. Either way this was a great trail. There is a pretty good sized cave on the trail so definitely take some extra lights and extra clothes if you plan to explore.

20 days ago

There are a lot of amazing hikes at the Buffalo National River area but this one is the best. That’s why it gets 5 stars.
This trail is amazing, hard, challenging, can be dangerous but it’s worth it. Expect to climb over rocks, jump over water in the creek and climb 100 feet of rope up an incline to get to the Eye Of The Needle. This is my all time favorite hike.
If you’re in the area, this is a must hike. You won’t regret it.

Good hike!

My boyfriend and I did this trail a couple weeks ago. The road down into Kyle's Landing is rough; four wheel drive is highly recommended, if not required. Despite intimidating reviews, we found the trail moderate to easy and fairly safe if you extend a sensible amount of caution. There are indeed high ridges, and the rocks along the creek are slippery, but nothing too bad! Plus the ropes near the end are in great shape. The Eye was breathtaking. I can't wait to visit again! It was a truly beautiful hike.

Poorly marked
No grand views

Very physically demanding
Poorly marked (also a pro because I like a challenge)
Unique scenery (rock formations and boulders mostly) Feeling of complete isolation
Low traffic

Don’t drive a car to get to it. I drove my miata (survived) and am still shaking gravel out of places. Apple maps will lead you right to it though. Kyles Landing provides great camping as well beside the trail head for $6, self-pay. Restrooms as well.
The trail itself as I stated is poorly marked and some trees have fallen blocking certain paths. When in doubt or feeling lost, follow the creek bed and you’ll reach the cave at the end (which is inaccessible due to the prevention of white nose disease for bats). If it’s dry, it’s not a huge problem navigating upstream. Didn’t get my feet wet once in October. Definitely dangerous in some places, but that’s part of the fun! Took me nearly 3 hours to complete the trail, and I stopped and took plenty of photos and plenty of meanderings. Only ran into 2 other people along the way. Would rate this 9.7/10, just wishing the camping was free.

Nice trail on a clear day has some awesome views.

Great, hard and dangerous