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Nice trail, well maintained, well marked with white blazes and fairly gentle grades for this area. Very enjoyable day hike. Bring water and a lunch and make a great day of it!

Great views, will have to come again.

We hiked this trail the other day. It was a little over 6.5 miles roundtrip taking the Goat Trail to the Big Bluff with around a 1000 ft. descent going in and a 1000 ft. ascent coming back. The trail is an old logging trail and can be rocky at times. The views are definitely worth the hike. The goat trail is narrow, but is not dangerous if you are paying attention. Bringing a lunch and having a picnic at the Bluff is a memory that we will cherish.

very relaxing hike.

6 days ago

This is a great trail for the whole family. I have three boys ages 9, 7, and 2. I put the 2 year old on my back. We have hiked this loop many times. Great scenery.

11 days ago

Loved it!

This is one of my favorite hikes in the Buffalo. It’s view is stunning. The hike is difficult but so worth the effort! You can continue the trail down to the river but sometimes it’s closed so beware!

Good trail well maintained. This is a 9 mile trail per Hobbs State Park.

well marked, 1 hour 15 min at a relaxed pace, great view at yellow rock, 5 whitetail and countless squirrels

13 days ago

Great trail if you live within four hours or so for a nice weekend escape. Lots of spiders in the late summer but great fall and spring temps.

Awesome hike! Lots of water to tred through along the way, beautiful sights, and good swimming hole spots!

17 days ago

My 7-year-old and our German Shepherd mix dog took this trail, beginning at the CCC Pavilion. It's a neat trail but we ended up not getting through it all because we got a late start and had to turn around. We somehow missed the Yellow Rock so I don't know if we didn't go far enough or just missed it somehow.

Down the entire way to the goat trail and bluff so be prepared for that! Some of the descents (and eventually ascents) are steep and the rainy weather makes them all that much more difficult but not bad at all and very doable! I’m not in shape and I only had to take a break once at the very end.

The scenery is nice on the way to the goat trail, but the goat trail is gorgeous and makes the whole trip worth while and then some! Highly recommend. We stopped and spent a good amount of time at the end and still got back to the car in 3.5 hours.

Nice and easy.

19 days ago

Nice and rainy hike.

Great trail, Good first backpacking experience, lots of spiders and webs along the trail when i came through but hey its nature! will definitely come back!

25 days ago

Wonderful trail with excellent views and great rock features. The trail is actually 3.6 miles long (if you head SW to a parking area). There are many "side" trails that can confuse so make sure you follow the white diamonds! The first 0.5 mile is a steep climb but then evens out to a gentle slope up to the overlook. My dog also enjoyed this hike and running around the trail.

I absolutely love this trail. Somewhat challenging but very much worth it. If you’re a photographer, great place to go shoot! :)

Beautiful views from the look-out on this trail! Definitely a must-do if in Northwest Arkansas!

A great beginner’s backpacking trail. Some gorgeous views and good backcountry camping sites. For my first solo backpacking trip, I hiked two half-days on this trail in early November, and the temps were perfect (highs in the upper 50s and lows in the upper 30s).

Beautiful views. Downhill on way in so plan for uphill on way back. We rested a little on way back up. Really worth it.

1 month ago

We hiked down to the bluff first! Amazing views!! Easy trip down!! Then we hiked above the bluff!!! Even better views!! Next we went back to the bluff then went right further down to the river!! Worth the hike down!! After the river we went to granny’s house!! Neat little place!!! Lastly after all of that we hiked ALL the way back up!!! We spent about 6-7 hours exploring!!! The hike from top to bottom was rough so take breaks and go steady. Had we just don’t the bluff it probably wouldn’t have been to hard back up. Enjoy!!!!!

This hike is totally worth the view! It took us a little under an hour to make it down and about an hour and a half to make it back up. We brought a lunch and hung out on the bluff for a little while. Make sure you bring enough water and a snack. The hike back up has some hard patches, but it’s doable. We stopped about 3 times on the way back out for a breather and water break.

No real scenery until you get to the cliffs but once you get to the cliffs the view is amazing!

1 month ago

Nice hike. Nice views. Good cardio going back up! I definitely recommend doing an overnighter. Really nice!

if you like history you'll enjoy the walk. it is basically a flat and paved surface even when you choose to go into the woods for a little while it doesn't appear to be a long stretch.

Great overlook! Well worth the uphill trek out!

1 month ago

This is a pretty challenging trail, and I think a little longer than it is listed as. I planned for a three day hike so I could take my time and enjoy a couple nights of backcountry camping. The trial is pretty rugged, with lots of ups and downs, and most of the trail is riddled with large stone. I wound up bruising/spraining the bottom of my foot on mile three and limped through most of the trail, so that only made the trip harder. That being said, I was impressed with several primitive campsites along the trail that other hikers had made. The site at Quaill Valley was especially impressive. There were a few places to filter some water, just before mile 5, and several places from 6-9(Junction camp I believe is the last place for water). There are also several campsites right along Blackburn Creek from mile 6-9. Butterfield Falls(a rock garden) was a challenge, but a short one. I was through it in a couple of minutes. At the top is a primitive camp with a gorgeous view. The next couple of miles ware fairly easy, and another primitive camp around 11.5. The last two miles of the trail are pretty rocky and steep. All in all a good trail, but be sure to wear proper footwear. If I had less give in my sole, I think the trip would have been a lot more enjoyable.

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