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4 days ago

Great trail, but a few challenging places for younger kids.

One of the best sections of the Buffalo River Trail, due to access to river bank, view of historic railroad bridge piers and Red Bluff. Thanks to local citizens who adopt this trail and keep in good shape.

when you start going up the hill there are tons of fossils on the side of the trail in the rock mounds.

Nothing special. It may start at a Museum but there is nothing else of interest on the route. It is a basic residential neighborhood with questionable sidewalks.

1 month ago

Simple hike overlooking the lake and and remnants of a homestead.

This loop is essentially two trails, counterclockwise (1) south half is well maintained "tourist trail" visits a half dozen old mines, mine entrances fenced off, J-shaped, moderate, some gradual uphill. No problem with ticks & chiggers, trail is mostly a wide road.
(2) north side enters forest, is primitive, not maintained, essentially a bushwhack. Good Samaritans hung ribbons on trees, carefully follow the fading ribbons (tread buried under leaves), ascend the ridge thru rock formations, nice vista, then descend back down to the well-groomed tourist trail on the north side. Don't attempt the wild unmaintained north side of the loop unless adventurous and fit.

4 months ago

Perhaps my favorite place...a challenge to get in and out and lots to explore.

Would have been better to wait for leaf off for better valley views. Dry this time of year (late September) so take plenty of water. Listening to elk bugle at night was the highlight for me.

Loved this trail. Well marked and just the right amount of challenge.

Well, what can I say? Let give an overall review and then some pros and cons.

The trail starts off at a pretty steep ascent but levels out fairly quickly. The main trail all the way to Clabber Creek is marked well but has some fallen trees covering the trail in different places but these are easily detoured around and then you're right back on the trail.

There is a lot of history and information for this trail. Clabber Creek is absolutely gorgeous.

Most of the 'attractions/activities' along the trail are fenced off and hard to get good photos. The scenery along the trail is thick and you can't see very far into the woods. The prettiest photo ops were actually off the main trail.

Under NO circumstance take the trail past Clabber Creek that's marked 'Over The Mountain Top Trail'. The trail on this app at that point leads you through thickets, briars, and we had to traverse an 8 foot cliff wall in order make our way back to the trailhead. This is a VERY DANGEROUS ROUTE.

6 months ago

The trail was pretty overgrown in some places and a little rugged, but the hike to the creek was definitely worth it! There are some beautiful falls and swimming holes, and I didn't see anyone else on the trail all day. I would definitely go back!

One of my favorite places. The ambiance of this place make me come back again and again.

WARNING: There is a lot of poison ivy along the sides of the trail!! But heck, this is the Ozarks, it's everywhere this time of year. That in mind, this is a nice relaxing hike through the woods that offers views of the lake and different rock formations. I only made mention of the poison ivy for those who are allergic to it. Which I am, and I probable would have wore hiking pants since it was a nice day and not too hot. And FYI, you can actually make this a loop hike if you take the Shepherd Springs Loop trail which links towards the beginning and end of this trail. The Shepherd Springs Loop also offers views of different rock formations. Only 4 stars because we save 5 for trails with awesome, spectacular views.

This trail allows you to start and finish at the same location. The official park trail map starts at Gulpha Gorge and finishes on West Mountain which means that you would have to park a car at the trailhead and the finish. This route simply starts and ends downtown using other hiking trails to connect the gap. This is a very long hike and you should set aside several hours to complete. My gps measured 13.13 miles. Parts of the trail are very steep and washed out. Take plenty of water, there are no water sources along the way. Plenty of deer to see along the way.

love camping there in the fall..hiking is pretty fun ...on the trail if you haven't walked it before there's a spot were the rain washes out a spot if you don't k ow the trail that's the only confusing spot..it's a little overgrown. .here and there but still a good hike..my 6 year old girl can do it so can you..watch your speed in the park and buckle up..they patrol well and keep it safe and are there to help..

Came back for another rainy day hike, but decided to do the Shepherd Springs Loop. Half of the loop is the Ozark Highlands Trail. There are some nice overlooks on the SS Loop, but there's not much to see this time of year with everything fully leafed out. I'll come back when the leaves are gone to check out the views, but probably not until then.

I think one of the neat things about hiking in Arkansas is one's occasional brushes with the "big" trails here: the Buffalo River Trail, the Butterfield Hiking Trail, and the Ozark Highlands Trail. Deliberately hiking on one of these trails, right where it starts seemed like a proper way to pay homage.

The trailhead is easy to find. There's a large, beautiful trailhead sign to the left of the visitor's center, and then smaller signs later on to make sure you stay on the trail. There are some scrambly, rocky areas, but, for the most part, the trail is level and clear. There's a lot to see: great lake views, a nice little waterfall, two home sites, an old cistern. The spring wildflowers were everywhere on our visit. It was also raining that day, and there were lots and lots of little streams and creeks to cross.

Once you get to the Frog Bayou Creek area, you'll see why this area can be a no-go when the water is high. Two women ahead of us who were thru-hiking managed to cross, but I'm not sure where. Continuing on is certainly an option if conditions are right. Turning back here made for a nice, 6-mile hike.

One of our favorite trails.

mountain biking
11 months ago

This area is beautiful. Just above the Boxley Valley is a OHV Park that welcomes mountain bikes. There are over 2000 acres of pristine trails. Everything from mild to wild. Check out The Wilderness Rider Buffalo Ranch. http://wildernessrider.com/ I'd like to schedule a ride there. Anyone interested?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This is a longer, yet scenic trail for hiking down to the Buffalo River. The first part of the trail is rather steep and rugged, for it is also a horse trail, but levels off to a flatter hike once it reaches Sneeds Creek.
There are old broken down cars along the trail as well as many waterfalls. There is also a small cave near the end of the trail. There are a few water crossings, but I really enjoyed this hike.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

not much to look at.

Love this area, take a map or pay close attention to make sure you stay on the correct trail! This trail links up with several others, all of which are great but be prepared for the amount of time it takes to get around on the trail.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Love this little trail full of history!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Its a great trail with very Beautiful sights! You can really feel the history while there its a must hike but be cautious of the uo and over "unmaintained" portion of the trail you must knw it well for i myself have found lost and stranded hikers on this part!!! I've hiked this trail about once a week for for 10 years and is always enjoyable and always finding new things "off trail"!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Love the history of the area. Completed this little trail after visiting the ghost town nearby.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hiked from Boxley to Erbie in summer. It is a beautiful hike and saw a lot of wildlife; deer, armadillo, skunk, hogs, etc. However, I wouldn't recommend hiking during summer; it's too humid and full of ticks, chiggers and mosquitos. I'd assume it's a lot nicer in fall.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The more primitive part of the trail was almost completely unmarked. My group and I got very lost until we found an old service road that followed back to the gravel road which led is back to our car. I would not recommend going without someone who has hiked it before.

scenic driving
Saturday, June 18, 2016

I didn't realize the toltec mounds had a trail name. the trail is not so much for hiking but for touring the exhibits. You'll only need a bottle of water and a camera for this trail.

with that being said, I really enjoyed this place. I took a wrong turn and found the place by mistake. they have historical/anthropological facts all throughout the trail. there is a reasonably priced gift shop, a small museum, and I believe they have a small theatre as well.

great for a family day outing.

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