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13 hours ago

All you first timers, don't forget to contact the Caddo Womble ranger station for a free patch!

4 days ago

The trail definitely has some great views of the lake. Unfortunately, it also runs through what appears to be someone's cow pasture. Which is something that very much detracts away from the overall experience. Especially when there happen to be a whole flock of cows right up on the trail.

5 days ago

I would recommend this trail, plenty of water along the trail and several good swimming holes. There was multiple water crossings so be prepared for that.

6 days ago

Amazing trail! Did it in about 2.5 days which was a perfect pace January 14th-16th. Eagle rock loop has it all and offers a beautiful variety of scenery ranging from mountainous views to valleys covered in tall pines. Be prepared for the water crossings! Fortunately there were only around 4 big river crossings that required actually getting your feet and legs wet. I would say starting at little Missouri trail head was a good going counter clockwise. Especially if you want to get some of your major elevation gain out of the way and with only 7 miles to the vista, which makes a great first nights camp with its gorgeous view of the surrounding mountains. If you get the chance, do this trail!!

Fabulous views for a relatively short hike

Nice short trail to a waterfall that made the drive well worth it. Have gotten some rain yesterday and today. Pretty easy trail but some rocks were a little slick with the rain.

This trail is super easy to follow. The view is breathtaking! You think it ends but it doesn’t! It’s about a 6mile bike there and back.

11 days ago

Nice Trail around a small lake, has a spring. Well laid out.

nice trail, Eagle Scout project bridge over first large stream was very helpful, but many dog owners (5 or 6) let their big dogs run loose, which scratched up our granddaughters with muddy paws.

13 days ago

Coming from two 23 year old, able bodied but slightly out of shape dudes, each carrying 40lb packs, this loop is definitely hard. If you do the full loop I recommend starting at the lake and going up the west side. It’s much prettier in terms of water features and is shorter in distance, still very steep. The east side (going down after camping on the mountain) is still very pretty but you barely see the river that is on that side. Lots of up and down expanses high up on the east side. It took us almost 5 hours to get up the mountain from the west side (stopping every 20-30 min with one break longer 15 min break for lunch, abt 12-15 stops). It took us only less than 4 hours the next morning to go down the longer east side (about 10 stops). If u want to just go for a day I would take two cars and park one at the lake and then start at the top of the mountain and go down the west side. 8/10 for views and overall experience, 2/10 for easiness. Wouldn’t go back unless for the day hike I mentioned.

13 days ago

Great little hike with great views. Lots of recent rain so be prepared for some mud and water but still very doable. Only four stars because of all the people.

13 days ago

A great trail! If you start on white rock mountain, the hike back to your car Is pretty tough. Overall, the views and scenery were great. We went early January and got great weather. Tons of water flowing throughout the mountain and multiple waterfalls. Highly recommend.

I had done this hike in July and it was not a good experience. Each of us got about 20 ticks, hardly any water sources, and overgrown. Wouldn’t recommend then, but highly recommend late fall and even in the winter if you don’t mind camping in the cold.

The most beautiful trail In the state. One of my favorite places to be.

Good trail

14 days ago

Excellent tail, not for beginners! Don’t forget your water shoes, and have fun.

The two bluff trails are pretty unique as far I know and the scenery even on a rainy winter day is great. The trail is well maintained and easy to follow.

Great location close to town with great scenery. Disappointed in how much trash was present. Perfect hike for kids under 5! The lake is a great place for them to throw rocks and see lots of turtles!

16 days ago

I brought a first timer out here on new year weekend. She ended up loving it and now we are planning our second trip. We posted a video of our experience here if you want to get an idea of what the trail looks like https://youtu.be/B2vhT4QxFjE

Nice little trail. Just over a mile but perfect if you have limited time, but still want to get a quick hike in.

Great view from overlook. We've had some good rain and there were several nice and unexpected streams.

18 days ago

Beautiful and worth the drive as long as you go when the water is flowing

Hiked to the end of the Goat Trail today with hubby and 3 kids (14, 8, and 6). Yes, it could be dangerous if you don’t watch your children, but be responsible and stay safe. I certainly wouldn’t say “not for kids.” Maybe not all kids, but if you have an active family,it’s worth the effort. Everyone enjoyed the hike and the views at the end of Goat Trail. The hike out is uphill as all the reviews state, but I’d rather hike uphill than down, so I prefer it this way. Giving it 4 stars because there are some places that are really muddy, and there isn’t a lot to look at the first couple of miles. We walked to the trailhead from our cabin, so we went close to 7 miles total. Even the 6 year old said it was worth it!

attempted the full hike yesterday(12/30) and was a little disappointed. trail marking in some places were scarce and because of the time of year the trail would kind of "run out" in some places leaving you wondering if you were on the trail anymore or not.
at one point around mile 5-5.5 there was what looked to supposedly be a bridge for a water crossing that was missing so I had to wade through the water (roughly 10 feet across). and then around mile 6.25 the trail ended on a road with no indication of how to finish the hike so I had to turn back prematurely.
Decent hike but I'd be okay not doing it again.

Well maintained, easy to walk, some steep short climbs, nice walk but the overlook is the main attraction, the lower portion near the bottom of the hill does have nice views and some rock formations.

I really enjoyed this trail. It was what I needed after some holiday over indulging. I think "moderate" is pretty appropriate for this one. I did it at the end of December 35-40degrees, all the falls were running and that added some cool points to it. Only a couple other hikers on the trail the day I did it. I started right at the entrance for Redding Camp Ground and did the west side first. Made it out to Spy Rock and back down the east side of the loop GPS said it was 7.45 miles 2 hours 59 minutes moving and 52 minutes stopped.

Easy hike for experienced hikers. We started at the falls and went south. Due to a storm that went through the day before, the falls were roaring with run-off. This made the first river crossing about 1.6 miles down impassable. We ran into a solo though hiker that back tracked about 0.25 miles and found a spot to cross. The water went up to his knees. Our group had younger children so we decided not to cross.

trail running
20 days ago

great trail 5.5 miles, ran 2 loops yesterday. it also leads to other trails so lots of options for a day run.

Nice hike with some length. Had a nice wet weather waterfall. Several creek crossings, some were dicey because water was up. A few views but mostly a simple walk through the woods.

Pave walk, great for ADA accessibility. Not many of those. Just a brief walk to stretch legs.

20 days ago

I hiked clockwise. First 1/2 mile very steep, after that pretty mild. A couple of views, other wise simple hike.

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