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I was disappointed with this trail. It started nice and pretty. then end up having to cross the highway twice. We were unable to locate trail upon second crossing and had to walk highway back. when returning couldn't locate other trail head. the trail had plenty of sharp rocks and some glass so be careful for any 4 legged friends paws.

Fun trail. Good for kids

Fun and quick

Beautiful trail!

Great little, short trail. It's a nice trail for a quick walk and fairly easy for older and younger hikers.

Did this trail in July of 2017. Loved it!!! Bring snacks, extra water and watch for rattlesnakes in the rocky area.

Beautiful trail and our dogs were worn out afterwards.

Time just flew by hiking this trail. Love seeing the water nearly every step of the way. The damn is great and this is a must see trail in ES.

My family enjoyed this hike. Water views throughout. Well maintained trails have enough traffic to make you feel like a part of a community but not so busy they feel congested.

Enjoyed seeing the water throughout the whole trail. Perfect place to stretch your legs and spend a lunch break getting some fresh air. This trail is easily overlooked with all the activities available in Eureka Springs, but it is definitely worth a visit!

Nice walk along the water. Don’t miss the path to the top of the rock overlooking the lake!

I really enjoy going there. I can hike,mountain Bike, kayak and paddle board. It has it all. They have rv spots and cabins for rent plus new biking cabins.

2 months ago

This is a nice trail to hike. Once you cross the road you walk straight across. We ended up walking the trail across the road backwards. Once you cross the road the trail gets a little more difficult. A walking stick might help on the ip and down parts.

Beautiful scenery on this small trail. My only complaint is how short it was, but it would be the perfect trail if you want to do a quick hike.

Cool rock formations and pretty lake!

2 months ago

Dogwood was a nice trek, took us about an hour to complete. Parking by the dam. We stopped quite a few times for photography. Started off w a few flights of stairs to get into the wooded area. Like other reviews it was a bit confusing once crossing the highway. You would want to walk straight across the Road BUT The entrance is a little bit to the right and the sign was hidden. There were a few times when the trail disappeared but for the most part there were enough trail markers to not get lost. It’s a short loop, but a few tricky parts where I was thankful for my hiking boots. There was a nice part that went behind rocks with water falling off of it, and a few benches for scenic lookouts. We were sad that it was over so quick.

Loved it for a short hike! The water is gorgeous, the trail was kept clean.

Great hike, bird blinds quarry, creeks and hills...love this hike

3 months ago

nice easy trail. it crosses a WPA era dam. some of the rail is missing on the dam. Don't let kids cross it alone.

3 months ago

Beautiful hike while the dogwoods were in bloom. Great overlook of the Lake. Mildly strenuous at first but gets easier once you reach the overlook. Nicely marked!

me and my little family loves this place ♡♡

Came to Eureka Springs to explore the city, but I wanted to check this place out first. its a beautiful lake with pretty clear water. I didn’t get to make it to the dam, but i will definitely come back.

Nice trail. More easy than moderate. Lake views are nice

Great afternoon hike. Not too busy, and it is dog friendly!

Great trail. The view from the dam was amazing. Took my dog with me and had no troubles.

5 months ago

Great trail, prob closer to easy vs moderate but enjoyable terrain

The trail was great. However, I recommend AllTrails removes fishing from the things to do. There is no place on the hike where you can get close enough to water to fish. Well, unless you scale down an incredibly steep, cliff like overhang.

It’s an alright trail. Probably better when the trees aren’t all dead in the winter. It turns into a long stretch of the same thing towards the end, good views though.

Made the Beachum loop today. 4 miles. Saw probably close to 10 deer. Lovely day in the woods with the sun shining. It has rained heavily over the past few days, so essentially the whole trail was damp, but it’s mostly a rocky path so not too much in the way of mud. Of note, there are several creeks/stream crossing, all but the last it was easy enough to hop across rocks without getting feet wet. The last crossing however there was no avoiding going through knee high water., despite my spending quite a bit of time searching for a better crossing. Looks like there used to be a wooden bridge but it is now washed out. All in all a great hike save for the wet feet for the last half mile.

5 months ago

What a neat treasure so close to Eureka Springs. The easy terrain and distance make it perfect for children or other reluctant hikers in your group. The main trail is very clear and stream crossings have sturdy bridges. There are plenty of additional trails which branch off. The lake is surrounded by stunning bluffs and the same tall pine (?) trees that line highway 62 on your drive in. The parking area is just below the dam and there is room for several cars. A map of the park and it's trails are posted there. (There is one additional trail head on the road in with room for 1 car to park) There is an additional higher elevation parking area for handicap parking which puts you on the same level as the lake. The path on that side of the lake is wide and relatively flat. There is a picnic table next to the lake on that side about 5 or 10 minutes from the upper trail head.

If you are looking for something a bit more ambitious Lake Leatherwood is close by and larger. The dam at Leatherwood is also a bit more fun as you can actually walk across it. It does not have quite the same beautiful bluffs that Black Bass has however.

If you have an hour - choose Black Bass. If you have 3 hours choose Leatherwood. They are both great.

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