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Great hike, bird blinds quarry, creeks and hills...love this hike

1 month ago

nice easy trail. it crosses a WPA era dam. some of the rail is missing on the dam. Don't let kids cross it alone.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike while the dogwoods were in bloom. Great overlook of the Lake. Mildly strenuous at first but gets easier once you reach the overlook. Nicely marked!

me and my little family loves this place ♡♡

Came to Eureka Springs to explore the city, but I wanted to check this place out first. its a beautiful lake with pretty clear water. I didn’t get to make it to the dam, but i will definitely come back.

Nice trail. More easy than moderate. Lake views are nice

Great afternoon hike. Not too busy, and it is dog friendly!

Great trail. The view from the dam was amazing. Took my dog with me and had no troubles.

2 months ago

Great trail, prob closer to easy vs moderate but enjoyable terrain

The trail was great. However, I recommend AllTrails removes fishing from the things to do. There is no place on the hike where you can get close enough to water to fish. Well, unless you scale down an incredibly steep, cliff like overhang.

It’s an alright trail. Probably better when the trees aren’t all dead in the winter. It turns into a long stretch of the same thing towards the end, good views though.

Made the Beachum loop today. 4 miles. Saw probably close to 10 deer. Lovely day in the woods with the sun shining. It has rained heavily over the past few days, so essentially the whole trail was damp, but it’s mostly a rocky path so not too much in the way of mud. Of note, there are several creeks/stream crossing, all but the last it was easy enough to hop across rocks without getting feet wet. The last crossing however there was no avoiding going through knee high water., despite my spending quite a bit of time searching for a better crossing. Looks like there used to be a wooden bridge but it is now washed out. All in all a great hike save for the wet feet for the last half mile.

Great trail ❤️

4 months ago

Beautiful trail. Hiked Fuller and Beachum (sp?) trails. They loop around the lake in different ways. The dam is gorgeous stacked stone. It was mid 60s when we went but lots of residual ice from previous cold weeks, so lots of iced over stone. The stone bed creeks feeding the lake are gorgeous sights along the trail.

Planning to come back to hike, camp, and kayak another time.

Very fun hike! Neat trails for sure

so false advertising maybe... the gps got us lost but we found what said was leatherwood trail it looked nothing like the pictures... we still had fun though

5 months ago

Nice trail. Just watch ur step.

It was a good hike, though not super challenging. The east end of the lake was probably the most fun. Got a bit confusing on the Overlook Trail. Overall good experience. Make sure you wear good shoes as the rocks tend to be pretty sharp.

6 months ago

Great views and a quick but difficult hike in some places.

I live a few miles from this park and have hiked this loop trail several times. Always clockwise. The dam is beautiful and if you can go first thing in the morning you'll often be rewarded by fog on the lake. After heavy rains and/or flooding the footbridge can get washed out or submerged.

Just finished this beautiful hike. Did a combination of Beachum and Leatherwood trails for a total of 4.9 miles around the beautiful lake. Would recommend this great hike and will repeat it again

7 months ago

Nice trail! Beautiful areas. Lots to see and explore. This is an easy trail and offers a range of elements to experience.

trail running
7 months ago

Great trail! Not too much traffic (we went on a Friday morning). Very rocky in places with a lot of elevation changes. Not for the faint at heart. And make sure you’ve got a good pair of shoes.

It was very dry when we ran this. October. It looks like the trail could flood though after a rain.

Beautiful views of the lake and surrounding mountains. Free to get in (donations accepted)

Nice hike through the woods around the lake

We hadn't been to Lake Leatherwood since last summer, and, on that visit, we stuck to just the trail around the Lake. This time, we also explored some of the side trails: Hyde Hollow and Lost Ridge. The Creek that runs through here could be quite lovely in the spring, and I'm making a note to come back and check it out. It's fairly dry now, which, at least, makes for dry crossings. There are some neat rock formations on the Lost Ridge Trail. We found Paw Paws in Hyde Hollow!

The Lake views on the main trail are great, and there's plenty of animals and wildflowers to see if you're observant. The trail is fairly clear of overgrowth, it's well-traveled and easy to follow. The dam is neat, and it looks like one could wander around the spillway below if so inclined. We visited early on a Monday morning and pretty much had the place to ourselves.

8 months ago

Nice family fun trail.

9 months ago

Not well marked when crossing the highway. Not well maintained, a lot of brush on the trail and we all got a lot of chigger bites

9 months ago

If you do the loop, I don't recommend following the trail once you cut back up to the highway. It was very overgrown on that end, and we lost the trail at least twice. Nothing interesting to see on that stretch, either. Awesome overlook and long, beautiful bluff line on the segment that goes across the highway. Worth seeing!

10 months ago

Great trail well marked. The water is a little low but still got really great photos.

We did this in an hour and a half. Nice well marked and well maintained Trail with variety.

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