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Arizona Map
56 minutes ago

A very beautiful & easy hike. You can add in a trip to the Peak if you have time as it’s right off the trail. Definitely less people once you get off the Peak trail. The rock formations were stunning! The trail is very well marked and clean. Some nice inclines. A very enjoyable hike overall, I’d do it again.

Great variety and great Boulder climbing!

This was my fourth time up the draw. The first time I took a wrong turn and went way out of my way.
I recommend your first time you go with someone who has been here before. If this is your first time and your not with someone who has been here before... here are some hints. The trail up to the springs is well traveled, at least 75% of folks turn around at this point. Above this is about 100 meters of slick rock, hike up the slick rock and follow the trail above the slick rock to a saddle. Keep going straight, dropping in elevation about 8 meters, do not follow the faint trail to the right!! From here follow the draw to the top. There are several areas where there are trails that head up the slope to the right towards the base of the flat iron. Do not go up these trails, If you find yourself close to the base of the flat iron, you are not in the right spot. Stay to the left up the draw. If you go up the other way (to the right) near the base of the flat iron, the climb at the top is much more difficult. Once you get to the top of the draw, continue up the hill to a saddle between peak 5024 and the hill above the flat iron (topped by hoodoos). At this saddle turn left and work your way between the hoodoos up to the summit. There is one area you have to go under a fallen hoodoo. I takes me about 2 hours from the trailhead to the top of the draw and then another 10 to 15 minutes to the summit.
The views at the top are fantastic. I highly recommend going to the summit of 5024 and not just stopping at the flat iron. You have come all this way... what's another 10 minutes?

This was my second time on this trail ! Totally love it .It is So worth hiking to the end!! The first time I hiked it I got to enjoy flute music from someone way up on the highest peak just as you enter the trail, the sound was incredible! I could hear it for a long distance as I continued on my hike! I hoped I could experience it again , maybe next time. As I started my hike it was warm then hot , as I entered the forest the temperature dropped , which was very inviting! Meditating and experiencing he vortex areas is very spiritual for me ! Try it you’ll like! You’ll see!

2 hours ago

Its a nice easy hike with great scenery and overlook after a short uphill climb. Ranger is really nice and helpful and the ruins are gorgeous.

This was my fourth time up to 2057 but my first time via the Hieroglyphic trail. I was hesitant to use this route because my old (2002 edition) guide book by Jack Carlson was so vague about this route. I was happy to find such a good trail all the way to the top of the ridge. Where the 'tanks' and hieroglyphs are located the majority of hikers turn around. At the upper end of this area are two house size boulders, go to the right of these boulders (looking up the canyon) to find the trail. The trail is on the right of the drainage up on the right slope for at least a mile. It is a definite, well used trail, well marked by cairns (and some wonderful volunteers have trimmed back the brush). Only about 2% of the trail is in the drainage, so if you find yourself boulder hopping, and fighting cat's claw, in the middle of the drainage you are not in the right place. I found it easy to follow all the way to the top of the ridge. Once you reach the ridge the route to the 2057 summit is also well marked by cairns but you need to hike well past the summit (and lose some elevation) to find the trail to the summit. the trail to the summit is a branch off the Superstition ridge hike. I found this trail easier (less steep) than the Syphon draw trail, but it did seem longer. It took me 1 hour 50 minutes to get to the ridge from the trailhead and another 45 minutes to get to the summit of 2057. I am 65 years old.

Love it. Short, but so many features and outcrops to perch on to look at the amazing views to the south towards downtown. The stone stair section is the most taxing (up and down). However, my 6yr made it up to the top; no trouble. Up in 45 mins, down in 15. Really fun.

This was a fun hike. It is a steep trail in places but the view is worth the hike.

4 hours ago

Nice. Wanted to hike here for ages. Nice a gentle, with just 2 steep inclines to challenge my 10yr old and 6yr old girls. The views of the north and west are fantastic; though I preferred north mountain for views of the south and downtown. Busiest trail we’ve been on so far this year. It was almost consistent traffic between 1-3pm!

This could become my new favorite hike.

6 hours ago

A nice hike for bigger kids. Steady incline till the end, where you have to scramble up the rocks a bit. The trail would have been hard to follow without the app. It is also pretty rocky much of the way.

Awesome trail, no 4wd needed, several campsites available along trail

Nice hike - definitely add the Chuckwagon Trail as opposed to the road. It was not as heavily trafficked as I feared from the comments and everyone was super chill and nice. If you’re a serious climber/hiker, I can see why you might be underwhelmed, but for the “Average Joe” it was quite enjoyable.

Great hike—beautiful views, not too steep, well marked, cacti.

Great hike for a moderate level. No bathrooms. Busy trail. For the first mile the upward terrain can be a bit slippery so wear good shoes. Hardly any shade. Beautiful hike.

7 hours ago

This is a beautiful canyon to hike! And switchbacks lead you down to the bottom to experience the ancient White House Ruins with stunning views of the canyon along the way. A Navajo vendor was in front of the ruins today so we got to purchase some original art pieces, too.

Hugh Norris is 9.8 not 8.9. Nice trail; lots of stairs. Can be really windy on the peak!

8 hours ago

I would suggest going further than the map suggests to get to the flag. Gorgeous views!

Nice easy hike

Nice trail.

Spectacular views of Watson Lake are available on this trail.

9 hours ago

Great hike. Easily done with a 10 year old. Love the views! Hiked on a Saturday, late morning. Few small groups but not overly packed. Would certainly do it again.

Climb from trail head near intersection of Congressional and Olympic Fields Ct (need access to get in Anthem gates) is a nice 2-3 hour round trip climb. This avoids the flat meandering trails in the trailhead west of the mountain. This approach to trail has about 10-15 climbs of 1-2 minutes each with rest of trail walking along ridges and switch backs. Recommend walking with a stick since down hill can be slippery due to loose rock.

mountain biking
11 hours ago

I have hiked and biked this trail. It is a good trail as others have noted. It is exactly 6 miles round trip from the parking lot. Not sure why AllTrails says 5.1 the loop alone is 5.7 miles


One of the best hikes I have done in Southern AZ, and maybe my favorite. Easily up there with Heart of Rocks, Romero Pools, Marshall Gulch, etc. This hike was like a “Sonora Sampler”. It had everything you could ask for, including a cave, incredible views, and nice facilities, including the best trail maps I have ever seen. Easily surpassed our expectations and you need to do this hike.

Don’t stop at Fremont Saddle.
Go to the Lone Tree like this trail says for the best views.

App map is not current. F.H. opened new Adero Canyon Trailhead mid November 2018. Lower Sonoran trail is shown on my map. Narrow and In your face trail. I have done loop 1 lower to upper Sonoran is about 3.5 miles.

Loved this hike. It was definitely difficult but very doable since it’s so short. The views from every spot on the trail were beautiful and the top was just stunning. Good hiking shoes are a must. We found that there was enough parking but would assume that the parking gets full quickly in better weather. I would recommend using the gps coordinates from this app to find the trailhead because putting “cathedral rock trailhead” into google maps took us to the wrong spot.

One of my favorite az trails!

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