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This proved to be a little more of a hike than I thought it would be, that being said we still knocked it out in 2 hours and 47 minutes. It’s very touching and well worth the work getting there.

It was a nice, scenic hike. there was plenty of water in the pools below to swim in. The hike back up definitely works your thighs and calves.

2 hours ago

Really fun trail. You definitely have to pay attention to where you are going, since the trail isn’t marked besides one sign in the beginning. It is definitely a harder moderate hike, challenging at the end but that’s when you know you are near the cave! The views are well worth it. Love this one!!

Give yourself 5-6 hours to complete this and bring at least a gallon of water. Amazing views but it is definitely one of the more challenging hikes in the area.

2 hours ago

We looked for an easy hike for beginners and it was as expected. Easy, beautiful and simple.

The first few miles of this trail is absolutely beautiful with some really cool hoodoos and balancing rocks & some really needs caves and grottos. So neat! The first few miles were my favorite— the Trail To inspiration point was not as neat and the Trail was a little overgrown but overall a great hike! Put this one on your list! We weren’t expecting it to be so chilly either so check the weather. We got there around 8:30 am and in the 60s and very windy. We LOVED this one.

3 hours ago

The trail to the tunnel is a bit confusing. We ended up doing the loop which isn't that bad. Very steep and lots of loose rocks. To our surprise there was a black rattlesnake right at the entrance to the tunnel. Almost stepped on it.

4 hours ago

Beautiful hike. Cliff jumping is great! Word to the wise when the trail says cross the river don’t... go to your left and follow the river bed. It will take you to the swimming hole. If you go over the river you’ll continue on Bell Trail with some good elevation climbing into the forest. This spot is great if your training for a big hike or going for distance and want to see more of the canyon! Super Beautiful but be aware it’s dry and literally continues on forever. We went three miles past the river mostly incline.

This was an epic little trail, so much fun! Gotta climb a little bit here and there. Something unique and different !

We had a jeep and were able to drive in to avoid walking the dusty trail in. The view from the top was amazing and a must to go on the bridge and take some pics!

6 hours ago

Haven’t been hiking in awhile so this trail was a great way to start. It was very helpful that a lot of it was in the shade. Can see views of Sierra Vista and surrounding mountains. I would recommend it.

6 hours ago

We hiked Rim to Rim (N to S) over 2 days the week of July 4th, 2017. In preparation for the trip, the starting point is to get a resv @ phantom ranch (PR) - they have private cabins and dorms (male vs female); we were in the dorm. I think 2018 they started a lottery, so you will need to investigate that. We left our car on the S side of the rim, spent the nite on the rim in a GC Park lodge and then took a shuttle (private shuttle that picked up a group right at one of the lodges on the rim) to the N rim - it’s ~4 hr drive. We spent the nite at the N rim in the only GC park lodge (very rustic cabins, but have bathrooms). And then the morning of our hike, the same shuttle that drove us to the N rim came and picked up the same group for $5 per person and drove us to the trailhead (about 2m from the cabins). He picked us up @ 4:30am and we were on the trail by 5am. Needed headlamps then. Would recommend trekking poles. 14m down N Kabob Trail (took us 7 hours) to PR and then I think 9 m up Bright Angel Trail (took us 9 hours) (this was the killer; constantly stepping up over logged steps.). Going down, the last part before reaching PR is what is called ‘the box’ which is 7 m long. It is the lowest level of canyon rock, is black rock, and the canyon is very narrow in The Box. Heats up with the sun and can be very dangerous. Supposed to get thru it by 11am; which we were not, and knew we wouldn’t be. We got to PR around noon. We then sat on a rock in the river and cooled off. We had reserved dinner at PR (there are a couple of seatings to choose from; would recommend the early seating since you arrive at PR around noon.) We also reserved a packed lunch for the next day (we also bought early bfast, but left around 4:30am before it was served @ 6am; we did this to beat the heat.) We hiked 4th of July week; crazy hot. It’s a great experience, but need to research the trail (can be a little confusing at a couple of points and not a lot of hikers on the trails) and be prepared as people have died on the trail. We passed a couple of girls in their late 20s and one had been sick on the trail and they spent a very cold nite on the floor of a bathroom on the trail. Have to know about water consumption and not to drink too much or it throws your chemicals off and can become sick. Lots of research. When we got to the S rim, we had lunch and our car was right there. It’s absolutely beautiful seeing the sun come up in the GC. We carried very little with us, ea had a hydration pack, large brim sunhat, cooling cloth, electrolytes , snacks, emergency kit, chg of underware /socks, toothbrush, slept in our shorts and sports bras, ... Some people were doing the R2R in one day (not spending the nite) - wouldn’t recommend unless all are in excellent condition.

7 hours ago

Awesome Hike
One of my favorite hike
Took me 2 hours to the top

Amazing Hike with beautiful views and a great incline workout....went beyond Trail to “The Rock Castle” Hiked with Girl Take a Hike this morning. Friend Patty needed assistance down Trail as ankle injury...MANY THANKS TO fellow hiker stranger KEVIN for assisting her down the trail back to safety.....KUDOS KEVIN.....Thank You! Porta Potty’s At parking lot!

Beautiful way to experience the Grand Canyon. Spend 2 nights at Phantom Ranch if you can as there are great side trails and a creekside area

It was a nice view worth the hike. Went 9/23 started @ 930 finished @ 1230 sat up there for about 40 minutes to see the view & snack. The inclines can be a little tough on knees and stuff but keep your hands free to help climb a bit. Water for sure needed. If you go earlier I’m sure it’s not as hot

10 hours ago

Great little hike (just wish the trail really went up all the way up). Once arrived that the trail end, you can keep on going (as mentioned here) ... but the trail is really hard to see. Just be carefull about getting lost. This trail is kid friendly and really doesn't have any rock climbing - there really isn't much to it, but still gives a great view of the valley.
Note: instead of paying the entrance each time, ask about the coupon book - will save money.

Start early, it gets hot quickly. Good hike but very rocky. Lots of people out on the trail. We saw a couple of chipmunks darting around. Great view of Scottsdale near the top.

11 hours ago

Wow! The views from this hike are phenomenal!!! Watch for snakes, I saw 2.

12 hours ago

Did this peak as part of the Dixie loop with 2 summits. Great hike!

Did this as part of the Dixie Loop with two summits. Good Trail!

A good challenging hike in the summertime. Last time I was here, I only did the loop and Dixie Summit.
This time I did both summits and the loop. Started getting a little hot and worn out towards the end of the hike, but it was worth it. A lot of good up and down on this one and pretty scenery. Just watch out for all of the Cholla cactus!

12 hours ago

This trail is misnamed - if you look at it, it actually doesn't go along the Pima Wash trail at all. It starts where it could, but then it goes on National Trail and Ridgeline Trail (or vice versa, if you go counterclockwise). It was a perfectly fine path to hike but most of National is more like walking on a dirt road.

Beautiful hike! We started around 0630 and ended around 1545. Park at Bright Angel and took the early morning hiker's bus to the South Kaibab TH. We only saw one other person on the Tonto trail as we crossed over. As others have said, bring plenty of water. There are a few stations on the Bright Angel Trail but none coming down on the South Kaibab or Tonto Trail.

13 hours ago

Nice little hike nice view on top and near home

Really awesome to see the dwellings!

13 hours ago

As a beginner this trail was a challenge for me but doable! There are great views and room to rest on your way up. The elevation was a good challenge for me

Excellent beginner trail. My 9 year daughter and I hiked this very easily. Plan to get there early as the parking lot fills up quick.

13 hours ago

First mile is very difficult. After that it’s pretty easy. Great view

Nice hike. Not too difficult. Beautiful views

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