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11 hours ago

One of the best backpacking trails. I did the hike in a span of multiple days and during the fall season. It was the best decision, not too hot and have the whole trail/river to yourself. Def a tough hike but well worth it.

Super easy but the trail is hard to stay on since you go over water and it's not marked well

I don't know that I'd do it again. definitely won't be in the summer.

off road driving
11 hours ago

14 hours ago

Beautiful cedar, pine and fern-lined trail at an altitude to keep you cool in the summer.

15 hours ago

17 hours ago

Did this hike yesterday. This hike is tough if your not used to the altitude. I'm 54 and hike a lot in and around Phoenix (including a number of 10+ mile hikes throughout this past spring as prep for this hike) and went with my 30 year old son-in-law. We did ok, took it slow, starting at 6:00am, reached the top at 11:am. We had and drank plenty of water, 3L each plus some coconut water and lots of fast absorbing carb snacks and nut bars which really, really helped, both on the way up and down. I hit a wall on the way down about 2.5 miles from the trailhead and felt really tired, but took plenty of rests despite the weather, and made it down fine. The weather HAS to be watched closely. It was sunny, beautiful and calm on the way up, then at the summit we noticed a few small looking rain clouds that did not look threatening, but then as we left the summit it began thundering and lightening before we knew it and we were rushing for the tree line (which, at that altitude, contributed to my fatigue I'm sure). Oddly enough we still encountered people going up! Once back in the trees, the storm intensified and we had heavy rain and hail large enough to sting when it hit the skin ... and it got quite cold! Luckily we were prepared with plenty of warm rain gear. Many others on the trail were not. In spite of a number of wild fires in the area, the views from the top were beautiful and made the hike worth the effort and the time to train for it! I recommend this hike, but know you will enjoy it so much more if you take time to prepare for it and bring the right stuff!

19 hours ago

My best suggestion is to not wait too long to do this hike, the bugs at the peak get really bad as the weather warms.

My second best recommendation; water, water, water. Bring enough that you can drink it on the drive back to the main road, or give a bottle to some poor old (elderly) woman, like some young kids did.

On our hike we encountered three people with altitude sickness - older guy (maybe 50's - 60's) who dropped to his knees upon arriving at the saddle and puked his guts out, the younger guy (30's?), about 1/4 mile down from saddle, who was wrapped up in a blanket, waiting for the rescue team to come get him (we passed the rescue team a 1/4 mile down from younger guy), and the woman (40's?) with nausea and headaches - she made it up/dn on her own.

I saw at least 5 people take some nasty falls - exposed tree roots, loose gravel, rocks in the path, all trip the inattentive.

The last piece of advice - consider who you are hiking with and their conditioning.

This is an awesome hike until you find yourself taking care of some other fool..Ak

off road driving
19 hours ago

Great trail, no traffic, 110 in valley & 88 at top!
Great views!

21 hours ago

Easy, and so beautiful!! Great family hike.

great place to check out Some ruins

23 hours ago

I've done this three times now and each time is more amazing than the last. definitely go here. its a must

great views. pretty hike.

one of the most beautiful places I've been. spend more than one night there!