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Arizona Map
1 day ago

Amazing hike. Visited through Strawberry. As previous reviewers note - it is all down, down, down to begin. Which, of course, means it is up, up up as you leave. Take your time, drink PLENTY OF WATER, and rest when needed and you'll be fine. Trail is well-signed. . . but somehow we missed the turn to the water!!! Accidentally hiked an extra 1.5 miles. Once you see the falls (there is a big info sign to your right), head down and left. Swim, sunbathe, relax. Pack out what you pack in!!!!! Not a lot of litter, but the few pieces we saw (including a large deflated raft) made us sad. I can't wait to return!

The views on this trail were amazing!

I am an avid hiker and I'm not a fan of this trail at all. We ended up hiking 13.5 miles, since we missed a turn off due to poor signage. So we ended up hiking a few more miles than the 8.9 we were expecting. There were great views as we started out to the left but then not much after that. It's not a tough trail just very boring and with not much to look at. If you're looking for a long nature walk this is the perfect trail for you!

Hi everyone! I'm hiking in on Memorial Day and wondering what I should pack for the evening? Is it getting chilly in the canyon? Right now I'm planning on just a blanket for my hammock. Or do you think I need a sleeping bag? Looks like he low will be 50. Let me know what you think! Thanks for the feedback! DM me on Insta lesannlow

1 day ago

Hi everyone! i will be exploring this area with a girlfriend on 6/18-6/19. Please let me know if anyone has room on their reservation for us. We will help with costs, of course, and anything else thats needed! :) email me at ale.bibian11@yahoo.com

This is a fabulous day hike if you're in shape and able to do it. It is a unique experience hiking in 40 degree weather at the top and 90 degree weather at the bottom, and having to hike down to start and up to finish. There are not many hikes in the world this long where you can do that.

I still prefer hiking in the mountains at higher elevation, but this hike was enjoyable. It is definitely the best hike easily accessible from the Grand Canyon shuttle system.

It's a pretty easy hike and very cool to see wevers needle

Great hike! Lots of steps but we just took it slow and in chunks on the way back up. We are not in the best shape and it was a very enjoyable hike! The ruins were pretty amazing, great views, and lots of pretty birds.

1 day ago

Hiked this in late May and only made it a little over halfway - snow pack and our lack of crampons stopped us. The hiking was absolutely beautiful. Not really steep in the portions we did, just a steady climb. The biggest obstacles were the incredible number of deadfalls we had to go over, under, around, or on, and then the snow pack that increased as the elevation increased. We would recommend having a trail device, at least in the snow. Twice we lost the trail and the second time we spent a good half hour discovering we were off trail and working our way back. We'll be back to conquer this hike when the conditions permit!

1 day ago

I echo all of the comments about the trail quality - the last 1.25 miles are pretty interesting. When you are just about at the crack there is a Y in the trail. The right path goes down to the water and I believe the rest of the trail. If you're looking for seclusion and shade this is the place for you. The left trail brings you to the crack very shortly. What a blast! Rock ledges ranging from about 8 feet to 30+ feet, with water depth of 8 feet or more. We went in late May and the water was running well - not sure how it runs in late summer. All in all a pleasant hike with a great break in the middle. I rated it 5 stars because of the crack - the hike is maybe 3 to 4 stars.

Follow the signs to get to the trail head. Apparently they put a gated community in the way so following the gps won't help you. Great hike with lots of picture spots. The top is closed off right now due to Hawks nesting but still can get pretty close to top.

awesome trails!