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Arizona Map

Easy trail for the most part. Not always well marked. Got off the trail a view times, but found my way back. Good trail for your off workout days. No shade, very hot in the summer.

I did this trail unexpectedly as I was planning on doing the three sisters. But I parked in at the wrong spot and took off up the trail I thought was correct. Before long I realized my mistake - oh well maybe I should up grade to PRO...

Anyway, this was a good solid to hard hike for me. Started off around 9:30. Should have begun earlier as it warmed up more than I expected that day. No biggie. This track is a little more rugged in places than my normal climbs on south mountain (Holbert, Mormon Loop, Geronimo, Devastator) but there was nothing as demanding as the steep parts of Echo Canyon @ Camelback.. Probably could use the up grade from Brooks runners to climbing shoes due to the rocks, but they did fine - no slipping.

Lots of people on the trail: couple scout troops, families even some dogs - but definitely more than lightly traveled on the weekends.

Overall great trail, great views from the saddle and on the way up. Will do this one again but would head off to the needle to extend the hike to 8 or nine miles or only after I get those 3 sisters in.

Chose this as our one true hike at the Grand Canyon. I don’t regret my decision.

The way down Bright Angel is a breeze. Awesome views during that descent. Coming into Indian Garden is cool too. After Indian Garden the Plateau Point Trail is very exposed and is much hotter than the rest of the trail. Stick with it though and you’ll have great views of the Colorado River. On the way back, it’s cool to see Indian Garden sticking out compared to the rest of the canyon. We stopped there and soaked our feet in the water. The trek up Bright Angel is brutal. I’m in pretty good shape and it was tough. I’ve hiked a lot of trails with similar elevation gain but this one seemed like one of the tougher ones. The sun takes it out of you, and the dusty air seemed to mess with me a bit.

This trail was totally worth it. Bring lots of sunscreen, water, snacks (a solid meal probably), and make sure you’re acclimated properly before hopping. While there are water stations along the trail, I wouldn’t depend on them!

Great hike with great views.

Holy.... this was a very very hard hike. It didn’t help that the temperature got to 114 degrees, but it was insanely rewarding coming out of bright angel 13:35 hours later. Please train for this hike, no one will be able to help you if you can’t make it back out. Bring ample water and bring hiking poles. This isn’t a hike to take lightly. But it is an amazing hike and you will love it.

Parked at the end of Ernie's road but missed the turn off about 50 yards in to go left. Not sure if there was a more marked trail that way but we bushwhacked around looking for the rim/edge and did not find a grand vista. There is definitely no trail in the location marked on the map here (we had a GPS and crossed the "red trail line" on the map several times near the saddle but did not come across anything. HikeAZ has it right: "Follow this "trail" as long as you can as it quickly disappears near a fence/property line." Just be aware. It's still a nice area though.

1 day ago

Great trail for a nice quick hike. It does get a little tricky once you go passed the maintained trails though so proceed with caution.

1 day ago

Located in scottsdale, camelback mountain is an extremely fun hike with beautiful view of the phoenix area.
This is considered a hard hike but if you are in good shape and like a hiit exercise then this is for you. Make sure you take plenty of water and hike either early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Trails are not covered by sub most of the time.

This was an enjoyable hike! Clean, scenic, and it was really cool to see so much wildlife!

Hiked the trail down on 4/23. Amazing views every step I took. I would recommend the hike, but make sure you have plenty of water and you're sure-footed!

Awesome! Falls were dry but it was still beautiful and fun. :) The Pomeroy Tanks were gorgeous, walk further back to see water lilies and frogs.

Beautiful and amazing hike!

Not super scenic, but a good alternative to Camelback Mtn. and Paiestewa Peak. Similar distance and elevation gain without the parking hassle.

This is one of my all time favorite hikes. It’s beautiful and the views are amazing.

1 day ago

Awsome, easy hike. Gorgeous views at chicken point (end of broken arrow). Recommend doing it. Do it early as it gets busy and there isn't too many parking spots

Very scenic; starts out with a lot of uphill then gets easier. No bug issues May 24

We definitely recommend stopping here, just be prepared for a crowd - especially at sunset. It's popular because it's just so beautiful! The hike is short and relatively easy, although some older family members had to take a couple of breaks. There are benches conveniently placed along the trail for this.
We also went back in the middle of the night and there wasn't a single person there. We planned it based on moon set so we could look at the stars. Bring flashlights, sweaters, and be super careful around the edge (there's no railings).

Definitely a steep and rugged trek to the summit. Awesome 360 views! Can see quite a bit- Piestewa, Camelback, Tom’s Thumb, Pinnacle, even Flat-Iron and Weavers Needle. Pretty easy to get off track as there aren’t really any markings so I would check your map periodically. Gave this hike 3 stars because of the abundance of bugs and horseflies at the peak around the American Flag. Couldn’t really stay up there for too long to enjoy it(I’m assuming it’s just the time of year). Also, it doesn’t feel super rewarding considering you can’t really “run” enjoyably.

Steep trip up but the vistas at the top are great.

The southwest point of Mescal Mountain is a fantastic place to watch a sunset over the valley.

beautiful hike in am. A little bit more challenging then reported, but so worth it.

Does anyone know if this hike is closed due to fire restrictions?

This was our first hike when we arrived in Sedona. We decided to go in the evening and made it to the top before sunset. It was a pretty tough hike for 1 mile, but the views at the top were amazing!! Well worth it and a must hike when you are in Sedona.

1 day ago

This trail was way better than I expected it to be. Planned for just a quick and easy down and back. But this hike got 10x better when we climbed up the rocks at the end of the trail. At the top we followed a small path that went deeper into the canyon to where you are high enough to see above the growth and down the canyon for some Awesome views!! Was very quiet and peaceful and ended up being one of our favorite hikes in our time here in Sedona. Highly recommend.

Pretty busy trail at the trail head to the first 1.5 mile stop. Then thins out and becomes a really great hike. We only made it down to the three mile stop before we turned around do to time, but the scenery is amazing!! Hike back up is harder for sure. Double the time down. Took us total of about 4 hours to complete stopping to take pictures and a couple rest stops. Water fill spots are really nice, but bring some snacks too. Next time will be prepared to go to the bottom!!

1 day ago

This trail is not within the closure area according to www.FS.USDA.gov. Has anyone been there since the closures went in to effect on the 23rd. Thanks

2 days ago

Always a good hike.

Decided to hike here to watch the sunset. Just way too crowded. As of right now, you CANNOT hike the “loop”. Northeast side of the mountain is completely closed due to maintenance/construction. Could only access southeast side(which is a steep incline for .7 miles to the summit(be aware that there are towers at the top) then had to turn around and come right back down. Short and did not get a good workout because of the amount of people. If you are a nature inspired fitness guru, I would highly suggest plenty of other mountains to get your fix.

great trail. all day affair for me. 3l of water worked. shaded most of the way.

This trail was a gem. shaded most of the way. I would rate this as hard if you stick to the Baldy trail but it is nice to have the option of the super trail going back down. as always start early. I took 3l and did fine.

2 days ago

Trail is closed until further notice (most likely until it rains).

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