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Fun trail, very rocky! Wear good shoes. The path up the mountain is more of a steep climb and a little strenuous but exciting! It was a good workout.

Trail is very beautiful hike, rather easy until you get to paved part at the end!!! It’s very steep and hard climbing

Did it twice and it was a gut Check ( challenge) but everyone was very friendly & encouraging along the journey.

I’ve done this trail quite a few times since moving here. I’m looking forward to the 1st annual duathlon there in November. 5 mile bike then 5 mile mountain run

Great trail, quite a challenge one you pass the hat and hit the paved trail up. Take your time.

Beautiful view! Love the challenge of this hike.

4 months ago

Helluva walk! Be sure to sign the trail log & follow the instructions from the Phantom Hiker!
Bring a bag and help pick up some of the trash on your way down - please and thank you!

I did an early morning hike and was rewarded with a great sunrise at the top, as for the rating, this should be rated a hard hike once you pass the gate at the bottom of the hill, it is quite steep and long.

Good hike in cool weather. Starts out easy and gets hard once you reach the paved road going up the mountain. The view is worth it.

6 months ago

Easy trail and easy to navigate, great views

Totally worth the sore legs if you make it to the very top!

this trail is a nice hike in the beginning with beautiful scenary. once you hit the pavement road it gets really steep and tough

This is a fairly difficult trail with rocks and hills. I didn’t make it to the top-legs were trembly after climbing rocks. Will plan better next try.

Decent hike for Yuma

Who rated this trail as MODERATE? I’m a a regular hiker who likes climbing and I found this hill challenging. And I also find myself being called back....

7 months ago

This was a great workout. I would definitely label it as a hard hike though. This is not for people who are out of shape. The grade up the mountain is quite steep and pretty long. Beautiful views at the top. The only thing I didn't like was that the road was paved. It kind of takes away from the hiking experience. But it is an access road as well as a "hiking trail" so I understand why.

7 months ago

This is a great trail for hiking although I cannot understand how people who bring their dogs along are too lazy or inconsiderate to clean up dog shit. You really have to watch where your are stepping. This selfish act by others really ruins the hike for other people.

it's a great place to scoop trash out of the water......half a dozen dirty diapers in the fire ring right next to the water. you're better off walking the road around the lake

off road driving
8 months ago

the trail is fun to do. Light traffic and spectacular views of the valley. A lot of cross roads and narrow passages on top of the mountains. A few 12" boulders seens but for the most part it was a easy-moderate offroad trail to travel. We had a 4drs Jeep with a 3" lift.

Good local trail! The paved path gets pretty steep. Great place to watch the sunrise or sunset.

** NOT TRULY A HIKE - MORE LIKE A QUICK WALK** Short little trail, won't take you too long. Centers around Mittry lake. Good spot for fishing and bird watching. Surrounded by palm trees. Constantly saw large cat prints on trail - likely mountain lion. Not considered a hike, more like a "quick walk".

Friday morning. Arrived at 8:30. More people coming down than going up at that time. This was my first time on the trail and my wife's second. Very steep toward the summit by the microwave towers. The views at the top were well worth the effort. We will definitely do this one again.

9 months ago

the walk to the trail is easy and the trail is easy to moderate. there was great weather and desert views.

My first trail in my area! So excited to get out and about in Yuma. Definitely has some super steep trails. Learned to zig zag the trail or walk backwards to change up my muscles on the steepest part of the mountain climb. Thanks to the wonderful people on the trail. Especially for the encouragement! So appreciated

Good challenge for first timers! Decent altitude climb, particularly in later stages.

9 months ago

At about 700 feet elevation there’s a widening of the road and at that point you can get on a single track trail that will take you to the top so you don’t have to walk on the road. You would take the road down after taking the single track up.

It has a great view of Yuma...easy trails to follow...hike traffic slim, i saw about 10 people along the trail on a Saturday afternoon...overall a fun time with friends, family or by yourself:)

Not much to write home about. Probably wouldn't do this ever again, unless on an ATV. Haha. EASY to get lost off the main ALL TRAILS path, tons of foot paths all over. Decent. Follow your GPS.

Just a walk out in the desert a lot of Razor crossroads

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