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Youngberg, Arizona Map

Do not attempt without map or this app. Beautiful. I would rate moderate for 70+ crowd. Will do again

Absolutely beautiful!!!

10 days ago

This review is about a specific side trail, off this loop (see photos in my profile), to an abandoned mine. As it is almost impossible to find and barely a trail going there, I'm providing the approximate GPS coordinates (per google maps). The tunnel is about 100-200 feet long.

33.498281, -111.433312

This is not for beginners!!! Do not attempt this if you are not familiar with the area. Hike at your own risk.

great Sunday hike

20 days ago

the springs area is stunning!

Beautiful hike. The biggest challenge is staying on the trail, but using the alltrails app with the phone's GPS made that relatively easy.

Good hike to get your heart pumpimg and legs burning without pushing yourself too hard. Great for beginner looking for more of a challenge. We followed the trail counterclockwise, but once we reached the "canyon" area towards the end we sort of lost our way and crossed back across to the loop to near where we started because we started following the riverbed instead of the map. Oops! Would love to try again and complete it properly. I love the little area you pass through on this and the Garden Valley trail. It was a little busier than I'm used to because I've never visited the Sups on the weekend, but not too bad and everyone was super friendly.

We couldn’t find any markings for this trail and ended up on Black Mesa. My AllTrails App didn’t work after the 1st mile so we had no way of knowing where we were so after 2.2 miles we decided to turn back. I gave it an extra star because it is beautiful but I’d stick to 2nd Water or Hackberry if you aren’t really experienced in the area.

1 month ago

The trail entrance to go counterclockwise is down the road from the parking lot, a few hundred feet and on the left. There are no signs to mark the trail and there are many forks along the way, so be careful to stay on track. But there are some beautiful sights to see and it is lots of fun for beginner/intermediate hikers like me. Great variety in scenery. Just what I was looking for!

Loved this hike! Agree with other reviewers, the trail is not marked well and we had to double back because the All Trails map showing the loop did not appear to match the printed trail map we viewed from passers by, so we wanted to make sure we didn’t get lost.

The trail is gorgeous and mentally stimulating with all of the boulders you have to navigate. There is a beautiful mossy green gorge as well with some much needed shade.

I would definitely do this trail again, loved it!

Beautiful walk. Really rocky. The road to the trail head is rough. 1st 1/4 mile easy and not much to look at. After that it gets interesting. A lot of the trail is creek bed with a lot of rock ( boulders). I didn’t find it to hard. There’s not a lot of elevation. It had rained a few days before I hiked it, so some pockets of pooled water. I agree with a former reviewer. This is not a well marked trail. I missed my turn off. In stead of a 3.5 I ended up doing 5 miles. If you are careful with you map you will do fine. I found it a easy to medium difficulty. If you can go with someone that has done it before, would be helpful. I really enjoyed this trail. I wouldn’t hesitate to do again. I wish I would’ve marked it on my map, but a little section (150-200 yards) Of down hill cliff has been badly groomed. Vegetation has been cleared from the edge of trail. Be careful and look for this. Stay to the far right. It’s a long fall. The trail is plenty wide there.

This trail needs more reviews!! What a beautiful hike!!! Lots of desert and rock. The first leg of the trail was kinda meh near the ranch area but afterwards the cactus views were great!! This trail was rocky and sandy and boulderous. I would rate it easy tho! The empty washes were my favorite!! Mesquite trees and huge walls surrounding! Not sure it was part of the mapped trail here but wowza I loved hanging out back in the wash/cavern!! The trail DOES need better markers though as I got off trail at least 6-7 times. Added more distance to my overall hike coming in at 4 miles. Will return!! Road to trailhead was long and bumpy tho so just a heads up!

The trail is not marked well but mostly due to part of the trail being on private land. Stick with your All trails app, and utelize your map. Garden Valley trail ends and you are actually on Hackberry Mesa trail. That will lead you back to the overflow parking lot and you can easily walk back to the main lot. Even though the trail is a little confusing, it is so beautiful and worth the hassle. The ranger said they will be working on marking the trail better this coming year.

Fantastic trail! I would definitely rate it moderate, not easy. This is not an official park trail, so parts are a bit tough to follow. Just be sure to have your phone charged and GPS tracking in AllTrails. Enjoy!

Gorgeous views but poorly marked trail on the second half. We had to search around to try and find the trail a lot which took away from the beauty of the area. There are better hikes that are just as pretty that I’ll stick with.

7 months ago

I've completed this loop twice counter clock wise once and in March and May 2017 and would have to say the best way to go ending in the easiest/prettiest part of the trail. I've completed the AT 2016 and lots of trails in Arizona. Dessert backpacking is hard regardless and you have to be smart! That said I've packed 6lts first time no need maybe this time of year. I would say the hardest part of this trail is about mile 8 or 10 when you hit a dry river bed. I couldn't find the trail that route scout had so I found a trail that was marked with stacked stones on the right hand side going up the hill. This part of the trail is over grown with hidden cacti in bushes (Voice Over: “Then it felt like something just jumped up and bit me.”) to the shins. It was some of the coolest valley views all the way to coffee flats. Fyi no were to camp till you hit the stream 3 or 4 miles after the river bed. Distance from the spring before that is 7 to 8 miles if you want a good water source but you can find water puddles along the way. All along coffee flats you can find come good camping the the spring if you look.

11 months ago

This is our first backpacking overnight trip and I do agree with the Moderate rating. Views are fantastic! We actually ended up completing a figure 8 loop trail so this review does not include Calvary Trail and Boulder Canyon. We parked at First Water TH > Dutchman Trail > Bull Pass (should have read the previous review, because it is difficult due to elevation gain so I recommend not taking this trail unless of course you prefer a challenge :) > camped east of White Rock Springs > Back on Dutchman Trail > Black Mesa Trail > Second Water. We did carry all of our water but there were a couple spot which we could have filtered (we also checked water report on fs.usda.gov but being out backpacking first time we didn't want to risk). We completed this backpacking in April. Also saw two gila monsters near White Rock Spring area!

I took Jacob's Crosscut to Treasure Loop to Prospector's View and back to Jacob's Crosscut. A well-traveled trail with some youngsters, trail-runners, and dogs. Prospector's View had some horses. Plenty of cool side-trails that explore some of the rocky overlooks at the base of the Superstitions. I took 2 hours and 3 liters of water. I should have started earlier than 10a.
I was honestly looking for Black Mesa Loop, but was hesitant to take my husband's Impreza (with awfully low clearance) on an road that "isn't maintained for passenger vehicles." I certainly could have taken it to the second parking lot off First Water Road, but no clue after that.

11 months ago

This was a really great trail that is a combination of portions of the Second Water, Boulder Canyon, Calvary, and Lost Dutchman trails. I went counterclockwise on the trail and I really enjoyed the Second Water and Boulder Canyon trails. The Calvary Trail portion was a little difficult because you are going up the canyon and I was doing that portion by the middle of the day. Instead of taking Lost Dutchman's Trail all the way through on the bottom portion, I actually did take Bull Pass which was difficult because it is a steeper downhill hike. I ended up sleeping at the foot of Palomino mountain. It was a beautiful night to compliment a beautiful day. Plenty of stream crossing where you can fill up (if you have a water filter) and if you get tired/injured there are a few shorter trails you can take. There was a ranger at the beginning (Ryan) and he was very kind (I got to the parking lot early, get there early or you will have to park somewhere else). You will occasionally see another person on the trail, especially as you get within 3 miles of the parking lot as it seems to be a popular place to hike. I went in March so the weather was great, but I can see it getting hotter in the summer and the springs being less dependable.

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