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Williams, Arizona Map
5 days ago

Fun short trail. Some parts are challenging with short steep elevation.

8 days ago

Great trail for almost any skill level, only one real uphill section pretty level otherwise. nice relaxing hike with plenty of scenery. Very easy trail to follow, I never needed my maps, plenty of cairns.

What a beautiful hike through the woods. So peaceful, and then beautiful views at the top. I clocked this at more like 9.5 miles, with the last bit to the lookout (go up the tower if it’s open). An unexpectedly wonderful hike - did this on a whim as I headed back to Phoenix.

This hike was more beautiful than I imagined. I started early (Sept 5) to avoid getting rained out due to monsoon season. I would rate this hike as moderate not difficult or hard due to the somewhat short length. Perfect lung-buster hike due to elevation and the gain. I loved this hike and would do it again if I lived here!

The first 1/2 mike was wonderful. Loved the forest. Unfortunately the trail went close to the road several times with 3 different actual road crossing. All we could here for most of the hike were side by sides on the road. Very frustrating. When we finally got to the summit we found several radio towers. So much for nature. Disappointed is to easy a word for how we felt. Did it once. That was enough.

1 month ago

I only got about a half mile in before my dog wanted to turn back but it was really nice out there. It felt like we were just strolling through the woods. Signs are easy to follow but I didn’t see how it looped back. Maybe I just didn’t go far enough out to see the split.

Amazing scenery! We were lucky with weather but unfortunately the falls were dry. Still worth the hike u won’t be disappointed. We had our Goldendoodle and she loved it too

This trail is definitely hard. The trail steadily gains elevation but the last mile is where a lot of it comes from. The trail is 3 miles to the junction with lookout trail. The lookout trail is another 3/4 mile. Round trip is about 7.5 miles.

This is a long trail. If it wasnt so long I would say the hike over all was pretty easy. It is 5 miles to the top. You cross a few dirt roads. When you get to the top it is very scenic. I am glad I did this trail but I am only doing it once.


2 months ago

We did the full 11 mike loop. Gorgeous and easy to follow the trail. So many mosquitos! TONS. I’ll be back when there are no mosquitos! Hike wasn’t too hard. We hiked it clockwise ...about 5.5hrs with breaks

Great hike , wish I would have stopped when I got to the road . It’s sad to see all the cell phone towers at the top . Had a great day !!!

2 months ago

Took my dog here and overall it was a nice hike with plenty to see, we got to about the 7 mike mark after Sycamore Falls and got lost. The trail was clearly marked and I think because of the excess of water (due to rain) we got turned around. Luckily the road was only about 2 miles from us so we found our way back

Beautiful hike that ends on a service road for the radio towers. Climbed up the lookout tower for fantastic views. Millions of ladybugs clumped in the bushes! Easy access and well marked with plastic diamonds nailed to the trees. I’ve never seen so many downed trees. One 3-foot diameter tree completely snapped off. Glad we weren’t there on that day!

It is beautiful

3 months ago

Trail is closed due to fire hazard. Permit required to enter

4 months ago

Awesome! Falls were dry but it was still beautiful and fun. :) The Pomeroy Tanks were gorgeous, walk further back to see water lilies and frogs.

5 months ago

A pleasant very easy walk around the lake. The birds were a great unexpected treat.

6 months ago

Pretty strenuous hike and my husband and I are pretty avid hikers. Falls were dry which didn’t make the 11.5 mile hike worth it.

Relaxing walk around Dogtown.

Realy nice place
But i was lost on trail
I think you have to gate a gps to do it

Me and a friend finished this trail in 5 hours and some few minutes **brushes shoulder off ** which includes getting lost on a few falsely appearing right paths that actually ended up leading to nothing and having to turn back. I ended up at 12 miles total. When hitting double tanks, we saw an interesting character who asked us if we saw the big waterfall and we hadn’t reach that point, so she led us clear across the forest off path straight to sycamore falls (we were convinced she was some forest dweller or extraterrestrial) however she took us to sycamore falls and then she disappeared. We could have easily missed the falls because it’s not actually a destination on this trail; one must cross over a rocky river bed to sycamore falls trail and take the trail to the tank so plan your visit accordingly. Thank you forest lady!

I must say whoever the younin’ is that threw the soccer ball into the tank at sycamore falls...why bro!!!!???? I also recon to download the trail so ya don’t get lost; I downloaded it and still got lost. The water was frozen and started to melt and it was so beautiful. The forest..beautiful. The rocks...beautiful. Loved the part where the trail follows into pomeroy tanks. Didn’t see Bigfoot like I had hoped but I was overly satisfied with this trail and can’t wait to go back.

My first time doing this trail today so I’m not sure how it normally is. But there was a blanket of snow covering a decent amount of the trail. As a previous review said the views at the top are pretty obstructed by buildings and towers but awesome views the last couple miles of the hike.
Took my dog and I about 3 hours and 10 minutes in total walking pretty quickly.
Definitely worth doing just be prepared

Rocky trail, but the view on the top is great. dogs can use these trail.

trail running
9 months ago

Great run. About 9 miles to the lookout and back on a good single track with only a few steep sections. It's fairly moderate on the way up and cruiser on the way down. Beautiful scenery and no one on the trail on xmas day.

The towers at the top and the fact that the trail crosses the road up in several spots does detract a star.

10 months ago

Did this hike in November and I may have missed the fall colors but the temperature was perfect and the hike was still amazing.

10 months ago

One of the best best hikes I’ve done in the state. The whole trial took me 5.5 hours. I spent a lot of time at the Vista overlook. It’s a very flat hike for most of the time. Very easy overall. I only lost the trail at the very end of trail after KA Hill. But it was easy to find again. Make sure and do the loop clockwise. The trailhead directions on this app were Vital.

Great trail.

Good for kids. Beautiful scenery.

11 months ago

A few sections are tricky. The trail can sometimes be hard to find, and it’s very rocky. Still, the view is absolutely worth it, though you may just want to take the Vista Point trail to quickly reach it.

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