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We did the Big Loop today and loved it! The weather was perfect so we decided to veer off on the Heart of Rocks Loop as well as Inspiration Point. The hike was challenging, but the views were so worth it! The staff at the Visitor’s Center was very helpful when we arrived, offering a map and information regarding the trails and the shuttle even though they had not opened yet. They were also very friendly when we stopped to buy a souvenir after our hike. I would definitely recommend this hike to others, and we definitely plan to go back!

Started at Echo Canyon parking lot and entered to the right into the canyons. Beautiful views. If you're doing the whole loop back to the parking lot, it's not 8 miles like listed, it's between 10-12 miles. For us ended up being 11.8 miles because of the confusion at balancing rock and Heart of rock junction. We did not do the heart of rock loop so keep that in mind for your mileage. The second half of the trail past Balancing rock is not as breathtaking as the canyons but still beautiful. It's all mostly up hill from there!! 7 hrs total time for an unexperianced 54 yr old. well worth it.

2 months ago

This is a great trail. It is a 5 mile (10 round trip) hike from Upper Arcadia to Shannon campground. Take caution as some of this trail crosses through areas that were devastated by the Frye Fire. The trail is kinda hard to follow in a few spots but the worse spot is about a mile from the Arcadia campground. It crosses through a creek that has been severely washed out making it hard to find again once you work your way across the washed out creek that is now a small gorge. (Look for large piles of rock that have been placed as trail markers) Other than that one spot the trail was easy enough to stay on. It is overgrown in a few areas so large packs will be snagged on branches and brush. As you get close to the Shannon campground there is a fork in the trail that will take you to the Heliograph lookout (1 mile to lookout and 1 mile back to Arcadia trail) That fork is 1 mile from Shannon campground. Overall this is a great hike with amazing views! Well worth the effort. I saw wild turkeys and plenty of other wildlife, I highly recommend this trail to anyone considering it!

We camped the night before the hike and mosquitos the size of horse fly’s arrived! Lol.

The hike was way worth it. Every turn was jaw dropping. Wall Street was so cool. Thoroughly enjoyed this hike. We were sandwiched between flash floods and oncoming fires so we couldn’t do it all. Will be back to finish it all.

Love this place!!!

3 months ago

From the campground the trail switchbacks and is in decent shape however the trail quickly deteriorates as you approach the burned zone. I was turned around from both directions due to downed logs and uneven trail starting both top and bottom. Needs some chainsaw work and could make for an excellend MTB shuttle.

mountain biking
3 months ago

I could not locate the start of the trail as the area was devastated by wildfire last year and the trail has not been re-cut. You can reach the upper section of the trail by taking the dirt road just east by the yellow winter gate. This road is not open to traffic and is great alternative for biking and hiking. After a couple turns (apprx 1.5mi) you will see a cairn on the left where the original trail came up the hill.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Trail down from the fire watch tower is non-existent. Totally burned out and needs re-cut. Take the dirt road up instead.

Very nice! You can see everything on this trail. Various angles to see these rocks.

My wife and I hiked the trail on April 1, 2018, and we found the trail to be moderate to hard. There were a lot of areas damaged by the fire, which made it very hard to follow the trail. We had to climb over fallen trees and washed out areas. In some places, the trail was impossible to locate, and we were only navigating by GPS, but the views ARE stunning.

4 months ago

My wife and I tried hiking the trail on April 1, 2018, from the Arcadia Campground site, and we could not. The trail started out fine, but in about 1 mile, it started to narrow down especially on the side of the mountain. In about 2 miles, it was so narrow that it was impossible to hike, and then we came to a huge gap that resulted from a wash out down the mountain and into the canyon.

Nice trail. Very rocky to negotiate but worth it. Spectacular views of rock formations and trees and forest.

Amazing hike with varying environments and views. Allow for ~7 hours with stops to really appreciate it all.

I giggle when I read the trail is supposed to start from echo canyon and finishing with Ed Riggs... Oh my... We missed that memo... And this shuttle they speak of.. Lol missed that too. We did it in reverse... If you decide to go to echo canyon parking... Don't go Ed Riggs in reverse bc you'll be in awe of the scenery take lot of pictures and take breaks to snack... We started late... And took lots of pictures which murdered trail time... And yet we are rookies and went to the visitor center and got advice and it wasn't made clear to us what we were about to endure... I wouldn't take it back for the world but I would have gotten there at 9am. We started at 1115am...and sun set around 630pm. We went the extra mile round-trip loop to Inspiration Point and enjoyed our time up there probably a little bit longer than we should have... But definitely swing by Inspiration Point... You'll see lots of interesting trees that were burned from a previous fire then the breathtaking view of Inspiration Point was on point. We climbed on rocks and took lots of pictures and enjoyed the cool windy breeze. Truly an amazing trek. Back to the trail towards the Heart of Rocks trail... It had snowed a few days prior so we experienced snow patches and had actually utilized cleans snow for water bc we miscalculated... By the time we hit Sarah Deming we were getting tired and out pace wasn't super fast... Sun set on us when we hit the trail signs for Upper Rhyolite Trail which told us we'd hit Echo Canyon Trail in 1.1 miles and the Echo Canyon Parking in 2.8 miles... Pretty much in the dark. We had some sandwiches and granola bars and melted snow in our water bottles (except my Yeti decided to keep my snow frozen... Smh) so the last 2.8 miles took us a long time bc it was not long before it went pitch black... No moon... No nothing... I had a high lumens flashlight in my backpack (520 at high - - 250 at medium) mainly used medium to preserve battery life and it was challenging to say the least bc we couldn't find part of the trail where to go bc of the dark. We eventually found it and it was a serious uphill climb and the paths were challenging due to our fatigue... We found the sign for echo Park and couldn't see anything so I'm sure we missed some amazing formations... But we trekked the best we could and made it back to the Echo Canyon Parking lot Round 850pm. Yep. 2.5 hours after sundown. I had a great and patient hiking buddy and we laugh about surviving but if we didn't have that flashlight and trekking poles... We'd probably stayed the night... Learned a great lesson. Understand the map and the times it'll take to each trail and also incorporate time you're planning on taking in the views and photography and exploration... So awesome...just pissed we missed out on echo canyon... But i know about the shuttle now... What a difference that would make... Lol. Oh and the bathrooms at the Echo Canyon parking lot are the cleanest indoor outhouses Ive ever experienced. Time management is essential if you are going to go big (or you won't go home... Til Sunrise...) enjoyed it regardless... And thankful for the safe return. Definitely challenging for newbies especially now that I know we should have gone in reverse... Hmmph... The more you know. Can't wait to do it again soon!

I read a review about the shuttle that takes you up to Echo Canyon parking lot. There were many a surprised folks to learn that 1) even if you arrive at opening (8:30am) they are usually already full 2) you must sign up in person and cannot call ahead to reserve a spot. Confusing? Fortunately, We had not planned on the shuttle, but others had. It wasn’t just that this was the case, but the visitor center staff seemed disgusted by the questions about it. I felt awful for an older woman who simply didn’t know the area and had hoped to use the shuttle. She wasn’t given too many options for a nice plan B either. Again surprised that the staff wasn’t more helpful. Take home message? The shuttle is free, entry to park is free— perhaps the life of the shuttle is drawing to an end. Plan on a nice sustained hike out to Heart if Rocks via Ed Riggs, then back via Echo Canyon for spectacular sights. Took 5 hours to see all at a leisurely pace. Will never forget the unusual landscape. Amazing!

Highly recommend this hike! Absolutely the best way to spend your day. A very well maintained trail the whole way.

great hike with amazing views of mother nature in all her majesty.

7 months ago

Most scenic trail we’ve done in AZ

Nice hike y'all

Awesome trial! It’s hidden a little in the beginning, but about 5 minutes into it, you’ll know you are on the trial. Amazing sunrise trail. The trail is not marked on the road, so gps is how you find it. It is a off roasting trail that turns into a horse trail.

Great moderate hike to see the hoodoos and balanced rocks. You can still see the effects from a fire in 2011. We did extra mile to Inspiration Point and it was worth it. Highly recommended

This was a beautiful hike with great vistas. Unfortunately it is CURRENTLY CLOSED DUE TO THE FRYE FIRE. If/when it opens again it won’t be the same.

9 months ago

This was one of the more popular hikes on Mount Graham. I did it several times from top to bottom and bottom to top by spotting a vehicle at the other end. Unfortunately, THE TRAIL IS CLOSED DUE TO THE FRYE FIRE. the fire burned through this area with great intensity leaving many hazardous snags and lots of erosion. Who knows when it will open again.

9 months ago

This trail has beautiful views. It also has options if you want to make a shorter hike by cutting off at the junction to Turkey Flat. Of course you will either have to spot a car or hike back on the road to make a loop. You can also extend the hike by going to Bear Canyon on the south side of the summit. Again, this involves spotting a car or you have to go out and back which is a long and intense hike. It can get confusing on the top near Ladybug Peak because the trail isn’t marked well. The trail goes all the way from oak to ponderosa pine forest. It is well worth your time.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

My wife and I along with my two teenage daughters hiked the 11.6 mile Ladybug Peak trail on August 13. We started around 7 am and after taking our time enjoying the scenery along with a lunch break, we finished around 3 pm.

If you are a decent hiker in pretty good shape you will be fine. It is a steady climb of over 4,000 feet from the beginning of the lower trailhead near Angle Orchard to the peak summit. You need good hiking shoes, 3 liters of water per person, sun screen, and my wife found her hiking poles to be a necessity for her.

The views throughout the trail were beautiful. At the peak you can see for miles in all directions. We are avid hikers that have hiked all over North America including Half Dome in Yosemite and we felt Ladybug Peak trail was well worth it. And yes, we did see ladybugs at the top.

Take your time and use common sense because at places the trail is obscure. A few areas have fallen trees over the trail and heavy over growth in other areas. At about 5.7 miles you will come to a split in the trail and go left. You will not be sure but right takes you to a parking lot at Swift Trail Road. I would not have known without this app.

All in all a great trail that we enjoyed. Don't be fooled however because although rated moderate, it is a pretty challenging hike.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Fun hike! my hubby and I had a blast & it was not for little kids. awesome views of both sides of the mountain period! Don't recommend for people with knee issues! Trail was a little grown up, so be careful to not lose your trail! However, overall was beautiful & reviving!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Not the best, not a lot of plant diversity and density and only one decent viewpoint along the way about 3 mi in. There are a couple cute creeks at the very start of the hike but other than that nothing to get excited about. The path is rocky and overgrown with several fallen trees across it so be careful of losing the trail.

One of the most beautiful area that I have hiked. The loop is a must and heart of the rocks must be taken. Hiked on 3 April 2016

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The road to the trail head had snow on the shoulder. The trail had snow and ice on the north side. The views are worth the two hour drive and the cooler weather. Late January. Great area.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

I have only ridden the bottom half. I rate it as extreme since most of it is loose rocks. The huge storm that hit the nearby town of Safford washed away some of the dirt exposing more rocks.

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