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Pretty easy hike. The only “challenging” part of it is the final 1/4mile or so, which has some stairs to climb. The first 3 miles are used regularly by off-roading vehicles (generally pink Jeep tours). We started the hike early at about 6-615 and on our way back there were floods of people making there way up. Early bird catches the worm on this hike.

Chuck Wagon has great views with an easy hike on the way to hitting Devil’s Bridge Trail, but the very last section to climb up to the bridge is tough. Less experienced hikers will struggle on a couple passes, but persevere to get the views and the photo op!

please take a water pack I seen tons of people with a water bottle you'll need more, Dont take your babies I seen a few parents with tiny babies in the heat!! and dogs trying to look for shade, there hardly isnt any shade until your near the top. This trail quickly becomes ADVANCED when your at the last 15 min to the bridge. Overall the best experience was meeting people throughout the world encouraging each others THIS IS US!!

Stunning hike! We started at 7 AM, which made for a pleasant hike up. Wouldn't start too much later than that as the trail was getting hot and crowded on our way down. There were stunning views throughout, and some welcome shade on trail.

Loved this hike. We got there a little before 7am and it was perfect. Only one other couple at the top. The view is spectacular. With some breaks, it took us about 2.5 hours and is a little over four miles here and back. Truly wonderful!

Easy trail. Neat Ruins

Beautiful scenery.

Hot and dusty, but absolutely worthwhile. The Chuckwagon trail offers plenty of shade, and gives you some solitude away from the 4x4 traffic. The bridge is very cool.

If you’ve done a lot of hiking this is easy and short once you reach the trailhead. Loved the bridge at the end but hike unremarkable except for that.

Great view throughout the hike. We like it!

Great alternative to the road if you have an extra hour to spare for the longer journey.

3 months ago

great views from the top. getting to the top of the hill takes some scrambling. the last few hundred yards of the trail are not easy to follow.

Incredibly popular for a reason, the views are great. For the life of me I cannot figure out why anyone would rather walk up a dusty 4x4 road vs coming in this route on an actual trail.

Chuck wagon is flatter but interesting landscape with no crowds and no jeeps with great finale of devils bridge! Great for active families!

4 months ago

We rolled into the trailhead to find the parking lot empty at 5:00 pm. Easy hike out to the foot of the Cockscomb, but we missed the fork for the summit spur thanks to sticks, logs and rocks obviously placed across the spur to obscure it. Not sure who would do that...

The hiker trail to the summit is steep, but easily followed. To the last step below the summit, that is. Might have been able to climb one of the few cracks, but with no rope or gear, didn't bother. Follow the shelf counterclockwise around the north end for an awesome view of the sunset.

100% better to take chuck wagon trail over the off road dirt road. We started back on the road thinking it would be faster, but it was so dusty and not scenic that we cir led back to take the stunning chuck wagon trail again on the way back.

Great little hike and the end view and pictures are worth it!

Beautiful. You need a 4x4 to get to the devil’s bridge trailhead. The road is super rocky and unpaved—I do not recommend you try it. Instead, drive to the trailhead devils bridge trailhead as far as you can go. I put it into my GPS. you will see when the road becomes unpaved. Stop there and immediately to your left you’ll see a parking lot. Park there. Do the Chuck Wagon trail (marked as 3-strenuous on the trail map). Note it is NOT strenuous. I would classify it as easy. And the hike was gorgeous with beautiful views. Once you get to devil’s bridge trail, the views aren’t great until you get to the end. devil’s bridge trail is moderate, and the rock scramble to the top is moderate to strenuous. It took us 2.5 hours round trip including stopping for pix at the top. I note that to get back to the car, we did the route 1–easy. It was dusty and had jeeps on it and no views. We saw a lot of people walking along it instead of taking chuck wagon. I totally recommend taking chuck wagon!!! That was the best part of the hike. I recommend this hike. Not my favorite but fun and not too long.

Pretty flat, more like a walk, although it’s a tad technical in places.. They weren’t kidding about lots of Mtn bikers. 80% of who we encountered were bikers and on a Tuesday. Definitely not on my list to do again.

This is a fun trail, and although it is popular, the traffic didn’t cause us any problems. Other than a couple of steeper points close to the end that might require you to use your hands, it is easy. The view up by Devil’s Bridge is fantastic and the bridge itself is fun to go out on, and not as scary as it looks - it is deceptively wide. Just be careful as the slope doesn’t flatten out much on the area around the bridge and it is a long drop if you lose your footing.

Bring your sunscreen. Lovely hike with lots of sun. I was glad it had rained recently - was great to see water on the trail, and also kept the dust down. Elevation change was good - up and down through the entire hike. Plenty of mountain bikers enjoy this trail as well.

Great hike with beautiful views. Challenging for some near the top (steep rock steps). Quite a few people walking across bridge, but I was not one of them. Crowded due to Spring Break but well worth it!

Great hike for just about anyone, however, the very end may be too steep for some. Beautiful views from beginning to end! Keep a look out for the wild pigs, they don't bother you if you don't bother them, and they are fun to watch.

We parked at Long Canyon TH, then hiked over to Mescal TH and then on Devil's Bridge. Lots of mountain bikers, but they were really polite. Trail was quiet, until we got to Devil's Bridge...that was very crowded with a lot of families. Went on a Sunday morning in early March.

This is a great trail that starts with some beautiful views on the initial 2/3 - Chuck Wagon Trail. Once the trail crosses the atv trail, it becomes Devils Bridge Trail and it ascends very quickly to the Bridge, the Payoff at the bridge is spectacular.

5 months ago

This trail is very easy but the ruins are fascinating. I recommend this for all ages. Look for some of the markings on the cliff when you go. I really enjoy this hike and I would definitely go back.

5 months ago

We really enjoyed this trail, lots to see.

Nice trail. I like that half of it you are walking on the shelf instead of in a canyon or valley like most other trails. A number of intersections, bring a map.

super easy and great ruins and hieroglyphics

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