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Fun trail to hike or run! Beautiful views in all directions. Lots of elevation changes to keep your heart pumping. Gorgeous desert vegetation and landscapes and lots of reptiles if you look closely.

My son-in-law and I go there almost every Sunday morning. It is pretty easy with just enough rocks, turns and elevation changes to make it fun.

16 hours ago

Really enjoyed our hike! Very easy and nice views. Not a lot of shade but enough for us to cool down when needed

Lucked out on cloudy weather in the middle of summer. Came down Bright Angel Trail at 6pm and managed to get to Bright Angel Campgrounds around 11pm to stay the night.
Started hiking back up at 6am with an awesome overcast and slight drizzle. Kept a good pace until Indian Gardens...then the climb began. Great views as I climbed higher and getting a clear view from where I started that morning.
So glad about the change in weather, especially when it was in the 100's in Phantom Ranch a day before.

NOT DOG FRIENDLY. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Overall a fantastic trail but I would highly recommend leaving your pets at home for this one. Bell Rock is much more pet friendly.

This was an excellent hike. The trail is flat after a short walk down from Signal Hill. There was a lot of cactus debris on the trail, so we spent a good amount of time with our eyes on the trail. The views are fantastic and we did see some wildlife; lizards, rabbits and a diamondback right in the middle of the trail! There is no shade on this hike, so go early to beat the heat.

22 hours ago

Loved it! I recorded 8mi RT somehow. Didn’t realize this is the hike to “the crack” great cliff jumping at the end! The water feels great!!!
The hike itself I would say is pretty moderate. Has some incline, but nothing strenuous. My dog did it just fine. It was “monsoon” weekend. It drizzled the whole day with humidity in the mid to low 80s-ish. I would definitely do it again!

Go before 9am to beat the heat and the crowds. Expect to do some climbing, so shoes with a good tread are needed.
Views at the top are very worth the effort of the short climb/hike!!!

The bridge is an awesome site to behold! Breath taking view!

We were able to park in the main lot and started our hike on the Dry Creek Rd. trail, which adds to the overall length of the hike.

Dry Creek Rd has an off shoot trail that joins the Devil's Bridge trail about 2/3 the way down the unpaved, rocky road that leads to the trail head.

As others have posted, majority of the hike is in the sun, so hydration is critical.

Once you near the top, you must ascend rock formation stairs up to the bridge area.

Our wait to go on the bridge was short, but we past a lot amount of hikers on the way back down.

Plan your hike early in the AM, to avoid the large groups and the heat of the day!

This hike is definitely hard and for people who are pretty fit and limber. It’s very steep and parts and you need to go down on feet and hands. The view is gorgeous at the top. We’re in our thirties and it took us a little over an hour with a few breaks on the way up. Make sure to walk across the top of the trail head and come down on “the female side”. Really fun and you’re standing the middle with the red rocks all around you. Stunning. We got there at 6:45am and there were already five cars in the lot. It was far more crowded on our way down. Recommend getting there bright and early!

Loved this hike. We got there a little before 7am and it was perfect. Only one other couple at the top. The view is spectacular. With some breaks, it took us about 2.5 hours and is a little over four miles here and back. Truly wonderful!

1 day ago

The creek is beautiful, and the trails are marked really good. My husband and I took our 8 year old on Eagles Nest Trail, then finished with Kisva Trail. The views are beautiful from below the cliffs, but Kisva seemed to be very short, definitely easy.

mountain biking
1 day ago

We took the recommendations of other reviewers and rode this clockwise, glad we did! Had a blast on a long rocky downhill which I can't imagine going up. We chose to take the shortcut which was a long steady uphill which had us huffing and puffing since we weren't use to the elevation. Strava said our ride was 7.5 miles. Saw a lone coyote out there.

Beautiful setting and the trails were well maintained. Plenty of filtered shade on a warm day!

I’ve been doing this trail for 10 years never disappoints. Easy and great to take friends on.

2 days ago

We went in the evening when it was cooler. Amazing colors as sun went down with beautiful panoramic vistas. Definitely worth the challenge. Follow white trail markers to stay on trail. Wear good shoes for hiking on rocks.

ended up going almost 9 miles. very pretty, uphill battle at some points

my dog did great

will do again

Still closed as of 06/19/18
I live across the street and see people getting turned away.

Hiked Solider’s Pass to the sink hole to 7 Pools and went on to find the caves. My only complaint is that the trail is not very well marked. At times I felt a little lost but relied on the downloaded map to get me along. I had to ask fellow hikers for directions a time or two as well. Compared to other popular trails in Sedona, this trail was very clean (free of trash, not a lot of dog droppings). It was lightly trafficked- there were a few other cars parked in the dirt lot when I arrived at 8:00am and I only passed a few groups of hikers the whole day (I got back to my car around 5:00pm). I would definitely hike it again. Bring water and sun screen, as there is not a lot of tree shade.

Amazing trails biking with the wife

Tons of hikers as good alternative to Mt Humphreys that was closed due to fire restrictions. Views from top are great in all directions. Fire tower was manned and he gave great info on whole area. Constant up hill for entire hike.

Trail closes at five pm. So that was sad.

We did this trail once as a family, we have 2 kids, 9 & 11 and really enjoyed it. My husband and I did it a second time after some rain. It will be even better once the creek starts running.

made it to the mile 3 rest stop and turned around(with our 30 lb daughter in a backpack carrier). went in the worst time to go so it was super hot still awesome though. Definitely a good idea to start the trip early morning if you want to do the whole thing. going to try again another time but camp at the bottom next time!

BE WARNED: THIS DOES NOT DIRECT TO EASY ROAD. If you click 'directions' above, it will route you to the Dugas Road exit off of the I-17. This is the road that will take you to the ranch/hotel side of the Verde River. it is extremely rocky and not advised for anyone in a regular vehicle. if you are looking to rock crawl, this is the road for you. In my lifted Jeep it was awesome, but if not, take the route that leads you to Child Power Rd. it is way safer and the river crossing is easy most months of the year. I actually saw an old car crashed down the ravene that clearly should not have been on this road.
Looking for intense 4x4? Take Dugas Rd to 68G
Looking for friendly dirt road? Take FR260 to Child Power Rd.

Helluva walk! Be sure to sign the trail log & follow the instructions from the Phantom Hiker!
Bring a bag and help pick up some of the trash on your way down - please and thank you!

This trail was really great, and offered many beautiful views of the canyon walls and rock formations. It was an easy-to-moderate trail, in my opinion, which makes it accessible to folks of many ages and fitness levels. My wife and I, newcomers to hiking, thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it.

This past weekend was my second visit to this location. My amazing dude was my escort both times.
First trip: about this time last year on a Saturday into Sunday (we recollect). There were about a dozen people enjoying the creek from where we could see at our campsite. He swam, I didn’t - too cold for me. There was trash around the campsite (and scattered all around really) including a tampon and an applicator which was really phocking disgusting, people are awful. Once we got to the actual hot spring it had no other guests. We enjoyed it and decided to head back to camp. Almost at that moment, a group of hikers showed up to the tub. Perfect timing.
Second visit: not a single car or voice that we noticed in the area of what we now consider our campsite. We awoke to the sound of a helicopter landing in the clearing, literally next to our tent and vehicle hidden by the cover of trees. The chopper was so close, sand blew in our tent. We greeted the pilot and occupant happily - they commented that they didn’t even see us! They fished a bit and left. We both went swimming but I abandoned the activity after my love was bitten in the butt by a fish! No thank you, good-bye creek swimming on this trip for this gal. I can hang but I have my limits. We sat by the water chatting, snacking, & watching the fish jump. They too must have seen the fisherman in the hilo depart. We found ourselves ready to nap on the shore in some shade, the two guys playing on inner tubes on the other side were the only other company to be seen or heard. A pair showed up on quads and moved on. We thought this day was too good to be true. This really was OUR spot.
Suddenly disaster struck when one of the tube guys experienced a less than graceful expulsion from the rope swing and badly broke a leg. My guy, the helpful & conscientious person that he is, was able to fetch the quad guys whom just happened to have experience in this type of thing. It was a much more refreshing experience of humans than the beach tampon issue of last summer.
Five stars. Check it out. Bring your own rope. See you out there trail folk!

2 days ago

Interesting trail that was much more of an adventure than I expected!
Warning: This trail is more remote than most other trails in the area. It is a combination of regular trails, a few dirt roads and several washes.
Pay close attention to your map! There are a few well placed cairns, but it is not obvious which way to go on several occasions and it is quite easy to get off track.
I am in decent shape and have done a fair amount of hiking, but I went off trail twice, had my phone down to 10% battery, ran out of water, and ended up quite dehydrated on a “cool” June morning with only 90F.
Be smarter than me! Bring at least 2 liters of water if you go when it is hot, and make sure you have enough battery power if that is your only way to navigate.
I saw a dead horse in a wash and not a single person during the hike...and was happy when I made it back to my car. Be safe in the heat.

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